Fashionable leather jackets Fall 2015

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Fashionable jackets

When the first leafs fall, we have the following question: What to wear? Indeed, what to wear if outside is not cold enough but it’s not time to wear a shirt? The answer is – a leather jacket!

Its popularity is not difficult to be noted. Leather jackets are favorite both for men and women of different ages. This is a universal detail of the wardrobe that can be combined with almost every clothing. Their demand is increasing constantly from season to season and Fall 2015 is not an exception.

In the coming autumn designers advice to wear jackets mainly of matte leather, although in collections we can see insertions of fur, suede or lacquered leather. Colors are diverse although the leading colors are black and all shades of brown.

Leather jacket – leather biker jacket

The leather biker jacket is back again on leading positions among leather articles, hustling away the novelty of last season basque jacket and collarless model of jacket. In Fall 2015 leather biker jackets promise to capture the whole city because these were presented in the collections of numerous famous fashion designers.

Leather jackets

The leather biker jacket is a classic for several years and must be present in the wardrobe of not only bikers, as we are used to see. Today we can see a women leather jacket of biker style almost everywhere. These are worn during a walk in the park, at work, in the club or even at the restaurant. The distinctive feature of the traditional biker jacket is the oblique collar and the clasp in the form of zip or rivet, although today we can see a leather jacket in very unusual cuts or with an additional decor in the form of the second zip or strap on the sleeve.

Jackets Fall

Leather jackets with ¾ sleeves

Models of autumn jackets with short sleeves and bottom are back. They are incredibly feminine and can be combined with a skirt or dress.

Jackets 2015

Leather jackets with slip pockets

Leather jackets with slip pockets is a MUST HAVE of Fall 2015. Huge pockets with rivets are not only decorations, but an extra space to store keys and other small accessories.


Trendy collar of leather jackets

In Fall 2015 in trend are models of leather jackets with classic collar or a round neck instead of it. However, the leather jacket with stand-up collar fades into significance.

Trendy collar

Leather jackets with fur

We have already written about the relevance of fur in Fall-Winter 2015-2015. This fluffy stuff got to leather jackets, too. Most often fur acts as an element of decor and is present on the collar or jacket’s sleeves.


Barbara Bui

Leather jackets – oversized

Relevant in the new season will be oversized models and the asymmetric cut. This model is characterized by a T-shaped silhouette, sometimes complemented with a belt. Jacket’s sleeves of this model are slightly elongated.


It is difficult to imagine a more universal model of outerwear than the leather jacket. If you’re still wondering if to buy it or not, make a choice in favor of the first option and you will be able to save an enormous amount of time. Leather jackets can be combined with almost any clothing, which means the hours spent in front of the mirror are over!

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