Spring 2016 fashionable boots

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This article is dedicated to those ladies who are interested in what models of boots to wear in spring 2016. Due to the efforts of fashion designers, on the catwalk can be seen many beautiful and stylish designs. And of course such a variety will cause ladies headaches in choosing the right model. Thus, analyzing many collections and recommendations of stylists, we can conclude that this spring will be fashionable socks boots above the knee and anke boots.

Suede boots

Suede has always inspired many designers. For this reason, the fashionable boots from spring 2016 collection are of different models and excuted mainly from this soft and luxurious material. Thanks to such models, ladies look very elegant and luxurious. The suede models can be seen in the collections of fashion designers such as Max Mara, Barbara Bui, Emilio Pucci. This season they recommend to not wear black boots but boots executed in light colors such as beige, ivory. These models have a large enough bootleg but nevertheless can be perfectly combined with dresses and skirts.

Suede boots for women Spring 2016

Thigh boots

One of the most adored by ladies boots are the thigh boots. Because they are tight on the foot, such models ideally emphasize the beauty and suppleness of the feet. Some models are quite long and pass right over the knee, for example models seen at Givenchy show. The designer has used a quite thin material, which sits very tight on the leg. The fashion house Jil Sander presented no less interesting models. His boots look like stockings, dressed over shoes with straps. Such pair of boots will definitely be appreciated by true fashionistas and ladies who love to be in the center of attention. We have to mention that this year, designers used to create their models not only leather or suede, but also other materials. Thigh boots are an ideal option for an evening dress or a skirt. Do not be afraid to be beautiful and sexy. This spring, you are bound to accentuate your beauty and sexuality

Fashionable Thigh boots Spring 2016


The new spring 2016 collection of boots could not miss the famous perforations that beautify the bootleg. Givenchy and Louis Vuitton use this technique in their collections with the greatest pleasure and have to say that their models look very luxurious. Original designs that had braiding and perforations could be seen in the shows of Chloe and Boss. There is no doubt that this type of footwear will be loved by many self confident and expressive girls. Such models perforated leather boots will add a special note of glamor and luxury.

Perforated leather boots Spring 2016

Be sure that in such shoes, you will look very stylish and fashionable, especially in the spring days to come.

Open toe boots

Do not be afraid to wear boots with open toe especially since such models will be in fashion this spring. After analyzing several collections, we concluded that the boots for Spring 2016 must not only have original accessories, but also a cozy open toe. Such models recommend wearing Rodarte, Givenchy and Alexander Lewis. An open toe on long boots looks very stylish and elegant. Such footwear will go perfect with both an evening dress, and with tight-fitting pants. It is important to choose the right model for your foot to no let free space in the fingers area. In addition, pay attention to the heel of boots as a too high heel will make the fingers stick out. An ideal option would be a not very open toe and a medium heel.

Open toe trendy boots Spring 2016

Patent leather boots

The patent leather does not lose its actuality. If last season it was a bit ignored, then this season many designers have decided to return its popularity. Louis Vuitton had a particular interest in this material. In his collections were present models of patent leather boots and of reptile skin.

Patent leather boots Spring 2016

Of course such boots require a special attention and it is important to create a correct image in order to not obtain a vulgar look. If you opt for such models of boots, then you have to give preference to simple colors as excessive shining and bright colors can affect the look.

Casual style

Boots executed in the casual style will be an excellent purchase for spring 2016. They can be perfectly combined with different looks and therefore should not adhere strictly to one style. The casual style promotes the combination of clothing that can not be combined, so that the obtained image becomes stylish, somehow bold, but at the same time tastefully. These boots can be seen on models of fashion designers such as: Au Jour Le Jour, Chanel, Anna Sui, KTZ. The casual style is quite interesting and will pleas confident girls who know a lot about fashion.

Casual style boots Spring 2016


This spring, designers advised not to give up the good mood and to choose bright models of footwear, with original prints. Even fashion houses had presented boots with the most incredible and colorful prints. For example, Max Mara uses in his collections tall boots with black and white leopard print, while Anna Sui and Ann Demeulemeesyer presented models with python skin imitation. We have to mention that many designers are inspired by such drawings and for several consecutive seasons, these are not leaving the fashion catwalks. Blocks of colors adorn Spring footwear from Louis Vuitton while Anna Sui, besides the blocks of bright colors, used original drawings, for example, stars and moon. For girls who love floral motifs, designers have created an incredibly romantic and delicate model. These shoes can be seen in the collection of Max Mara. The variety of prints seen in fashion shows were definitively appreciated for good reason.

Boots with trendy prints Spring 2016

This spring, in order to look elegant and expressive, you must purchase original models that have beautiful designs and stylish prints.

Color range

If we talk about the color range, then the new spring 2016 collection of fashionable boots for women consist of bright and intense color models. Of course there are collections where the classic black is present, as well as the favorite of the season – white. It is noteworthy that white boots does not lose their popularity and similar with the winter season, will be much solicited. Ann Demeulemeester provides such models for the spring season. Instead Louis Vuitton presented a collection of multi-colored models of boots. Among these, could be seen models of boots in intense shades of burgundy and emerald, and a delicate shade of azure. Such models will perfectly complement your wardrobe and will help you create a variety of different images. Shades of brown are still popular and boots in these colors were observed in Emilio Pucci’s collection. However, many designers are actively using not only rich shades but also more aggressive colors. This spring, we should not be afraid to look bold.

Boots color range Spring 2016

Ankle boots

We must not forget about ankle boots, too and this spring, this type of footwear will be very fashionable. Many designers use in their shows only short boots, which emphasize the beauty of legs. So, Louis Vuitton introduced a stable heels model while Felder Felder fashion house suggests wearing cowboy-style boots, decorated with bright and modern prints. Neat and elegant models offered Ann Demeulemeester.

Fashionable Ankle boots Spring 2016

This season’s boots are quite popular and appreciated by many ladies who love to wear dresses and skirts because these particular shoes make the look very beautiful and elegant.

He fashionable boots from spring 2016 collections are very diverse. There is a severe elegance and an easy freedom, as well as a romantic mood. This spring, even the most demanding fashionista can find a model that suits her taste, namely that pair of shoes that will perfectly complement her new outfit.

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