Fall-Winter 2017-2017 Main Fashion Trends

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Fashion plays an important role in the life of every modern woman. Some of them may not follow any fashion trends, opting only for those clothes, they like the most. Others on the contrary, strive in every way to respect all that is fashionable, following every year offered novelties, trends, and guidelines. It’s time to get acquainted with the autumn-winter 2017-2017 main fashion trends.

Fashion trends 2018

Trend No. 1: Bared Shoulders and Arms

Even though outside it is winter, this does not mean that we should not bare our wonderful shoulders and hands. After we have carefully studied the new designer collections, it is clear that the main trends in fashion for autumn-winter 2017-2017 will garments who supose complete lack of sleeves or bared shoulders to the fullest. That includes all types of clothing without exception – blouses, shirts, dresses, sweaters and even outdoor clothing.

Women fashion trends Fall 2017 Winter 2018: Bared shoulders and arms

What clothes to wear in fall 2017



Latest fashion trends


Trend No. 2: Retro Style

We all know the famous phrase: everything new, it is nothing more than the old forgotten. And it is virtually impossible to challenge it. Nor must we do because this is the pure truth. At the moment it is very difficult to find even a designer who hasn’t used in his lines the retro style. Every year and every season we witness brands efforts to endow retro looks with modern options so that they fit in harmoniously in everyday life of women. And makes them great! For example, Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood Red Label blended in a look an easy fit retro plaid coat and modern accessories (hats, bags) and men’s style pointed shoes that have enormous popularity in past few years.

Fashion fall winter 2017 2018 trends: retro style

Brunello Cucinelli and Michael Kors have recalled the large mesh knit that gives the piece of clothing a special charm and a feeling of comfort and warmth. Such items look great on easy fit and classical midi skirts.

Knitted garment

Feminine and incredibly beautiful high-waisted flared skirts can be found in collections of Gucci and Brock Collection. Retro skirts are often decorated with baroque prints, making them more demanding. According to brand opinion, such skirts can be perfectly combined with monochrome blouses, shirts and turtlenecks.

Skirts midi girls

Gucci, Michael Kors have delighted the fans of retro style with exquisite coats that resembled coats worn by fashionistas in the 60s of last century. Ellery and Beaufille included in their collections flared pants, Dries Van Noten and Michael Kors – fur boas.

 Fall 2017 latest fashion trends


Fur boa

Trend No. 3: Asymetric cut

The disproportionate lines and original cut are things that characterize recent fashion seasons. Designers have resorted to various style tricks to give that distinctive note to thwir creations. Asymmetric lines can be seen on various clothing: one shoulder blouses with original sleeves, asymmetrical hems of skirts, collar with unusual proportions, etc.

Women’s fashion trends 2017 2018

Fashion 2018 asymetric cut

Long fashion dresses



Trend No. 4: Fur

As always, fur became the guest of honor of most fashion shows. This was most often used to create fur coats. A great popularity among designers has colored fur. Clothing made of colorful fur look particularly interesting and original. Colored fur was used most often by Vera Wang, Fendi, Burberry.

What clothes to wear in winter 2018

Womens fur coats designs 2018

Oscar de la Renta and Osman opted for monochromatic.


Besides classic long fur coats on the catwalk were demonstrated midi fur clothes and designs that resemble the poncho. In addition, Valentino proposes to wear fur capes, which looks more like a bolero.





In Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton collections, appeared fur board slippers and hats with ears, while Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Versace, Alexander Wang shows us wonderful fur bags.

Fur accessories



If you also like fur, but prefer to see it in combination with other fabrics, we recommend to draw attention to Valentin Yudashkin and VFiles collections, when brands show us how we can use fur as stylish trimming.

Winter 2018 latest fashion trends

Trend No. 5: Long Sleeves

Another unusual trend is wearing clothes with extremely long sleeves. And Alexander Lewis, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo and many other fashion gurus advise us to follow this trend. Characteristic is the fact that in general, the sleeves are also present in oversize clothes style. It is difficult to say whether such clothing is comfortable or not, but no doubt this trend will find its fans.

Fall Winter 2017 2018 fashion trends: long sleeves

Fashion jackets



Trend No. 6: Grunge Style

Grunge style is nothing more than denying forms and proportions generally accepted, the most incredible combinations. It is this fashion trend that allows women to look the way they want. From now on, there is nothing wrong if a woman can afford to go out wearing a pair of ripped jeans or a dress with timber edges. If you want to dress a short puffed bolero and a long jacket over, you have only to do! Or maybe you want to wear a denim shirt back in front, wonderful. Try as the grunge style allows the most daring experiments with the look.

Fashion Trends 2018 grunge style

grunge stylish clothes



Trend No. 7: Lightweight, Volatile and Vaporous Fabrics

If you watched movies with elves at least once, then surely you noticed what clothes prefer this wonderland. Light and transparent fabrics, creases and multiple layers, soft colors, brilliance precious stones and metals, fringes, ruffles and lace are what characterize the so-called elves style, which apparently entered safely in the hearts of modern designers. And fashionistas do not oppose this trend because clothes from elves era look really attractive, mystical and fairytale. In addition, such outfits are very sexy demonstrated by Elie Saab, Reem Acra, Marchesa, etc.

Fall winter 2017 2018 fashion trends: light fabrics




Elegant festive dresses designs


Trend No. 8: Metallic Lush

Fabrics with metallic sheen also have entered the top 10 season trends. Leaders have become gold and silver garments, although other colors can be noted (burgundy, purple and red). The metallic sheen gives fabric a touch of glamour and festivity. Thanks to the sheen, they attract all the attention and as a result, owners are in the spotlight. This will be taken into account when you decide to buy one item. It seems that the best decision will become the use of such outfits at parties and other festive events.

Shining clothes trend fall winter 2017 2018


What clothes to wear in 2018





Trend No. 9: Predatory Animals and Reptiles Print

Fans of all that is predator and seductive can enjoy to the fullest! One of the main trends of the season autumn-winter 2017-2017 became predatory animal print. Of course, it was met in previous seasons, but this time, it became the indisputable leader. Most commonly leopard print is seen on outdoor clothing and handbags. In addition, predatory animal colors are present on dresses, pants, skirts, shoes and blouses.

Leopard print

Main fashion trends 2018 predatory animals and reptiles print




fashion bags

fashion footwear


reptile skin

Trends No. 10: Pastel Shades

In the new cold season, in the top ten key trends are pastel colors. Certainly there is room for more expressive and intense shades, but the pastel range proved to be dominating.

Fall winter 2017 2018 latest fashion trends: pastel shades





Women fashion trends 2018

Behold reached the final description of the main fashion trends for fall-winter 2017-2017. Unlike the previous season, the new cold season is distinguished by softer color palettes and the triumphant return of leopard imprint. Like last season, grunge style, oversize style, transparent fabrics and retro style are the most actual!

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