Evening Dresses Spring-Summer 2019

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We can endless talk about evening dresses, but what do trendy trends say in the spring-summer season 2019? Spring is always dominated by lightweight fabrics such as silk, chiffon, mesh and lace that make you feel as comfortable and lighter as possible.

Evening gowns 2019

Floral Compositions

Due to the vegetal prints and bulky applications, fashionable evening gowns in the spring-summer 2019 turn into real flower gardens which are quite natural because the word that characterizes the season is the lightness. No weight, just pastel colors and translucent fabrics. To complement, accessories such as miniature flower hair clips, pearl jeans and nude shades can be used.

What evening dresses to wear in 2019

best with flowers



The basic color of the Baby Doll style is back in trend! And not without other features such as tutu skirts, big ruffles and frills. Pay special attention to the most relevant shades of the season – blooming pink dahlia and pink lavender. A sweet palette of sherbet shades mix with purple, creating an unusual combination. What the look can be complemented with? Golden and silver shine or this spring trend – transparent accessories.

Pink evening dresses 2019

What evening dresses to wear in summer 2019

pink dress design

Delicate fabrics

Perhaps the first association that appears at the thought of an evening gown is light silk fabrics. Now designers refuse to hide anything: translucent materials look like a subtle hint of the presence of a dress. In terms of accessories – choose necklaces, bracelets and wide belts with multicolored crystals.

Spring summer evening dresses 2019 delicate fabrics

long transparent

elegant summer

Deep neckline

Among the designers’ favorites are still the V-neckline, but they are not limited to them. The trapezoidal, oval and asymmetrical cuts reach the waist – and this is not the limit! There they are welcomed by colorful belts and contrasting drapes. The classic style will dilute the diagonal cut from the hip, and light fabrics can be replaced with sequins and even leather.

Black evening dresses with neckline

Elegant evening dresses 2019


Underwear style: thin straps

The star of any party is the night dress! The characteristic signs are thin straps, V neckline, lace decoration and light fabrics. This season adds prints and even shines in the form of satin and hologram sparkles. The images on the fabric can be abstract, vegetal (which are particularly relevant this spring) or classic polka dots. This dress suggests tightening hair in a stylish bun or French babette and putting long earrings on your shoulders. Because the night dress does not betray the real destination, take care of the accessories, choosing stiletto shoes and a minaudiere purse (an indelible part of the evening toilet).

Evening dresses with thin straps spring-summer 2019

underwear style

What evening dresses to wear in spring 2019

High slits

Usually, for evening outings we choose the maxi length; however, sometimes we want to show our slender and beautiful legs, especially when we have what to demonstrate. If the dress code imposes certain rules, then there is a solution, the diagonal slit that totally reveals the leg in the thigh. Such patterns look beautiful on the move, and there is also a great way to show you new sandals.

Black evening gowns with slit

Evening dresses 2019 bright colors

stylish women patterns


Contrast Inserts

One of the innovations in the spring / summer season 2019, which many designers have implemented, is the contrast insertion that appears to interfere with the main color of the dress. It can be made of different material according to the texture, it can have a bright print (the idea on the podium is a handkerchief ornament) or it can even be in the opposite color scheme. So black is combined with blue sky, delicate yellow peach, and silver – with the waves of the sea.


Long evening dresses 2019 pleated


Geometry of cutouts

No general idea: like someone took a scissors and secretly cut a silk dress! Asymmetry in the spring-summer season 2019 is only welcome, so the dresses get very strange shapes, mysteriously disfiguring the body. Cuts and slits, original braided straps and guipure inserts – the more they are, the more interesting and original it seems even the simplest design.

Modern evening dress 2019

Evening dress 2019 with bare shoulders


Transparent Dresses

In the spring-summer season of 2019, modesty obviously has no place! And this rule really works – tissues become lighter, the texture is more delicate, and the darker parts of the body become less and less. Reasonably, of course. Do you have an enviable body? Do not hesitate to demonstrate this by using translucent chiffon dresses and vintage style underwear – shorts and bustier. Pleated skirts, lurex-like decorations, a large number of frills, and many ruffles are loyal comrades of such designs!

Transparent evening dresses spring summer 2019

black transparent

Transparent mermaid evening dress

Evening dresses trends 2019

Puffy Skirts

Such dresses have not stayed in the past centuries, but have kept popularity in the new season as well. After all, since childhood, we were dreaming of the fluffiest dress, like the famous cartoon princesses and bigger bows. Now dreams can be translated into reality! Impressive fluffy skirts and infinite trains, corset and strapless bra are the perfect outfit for a trip in the fairytale.

Princess evening dresses spring summer 2019

Long impressive dress


Halter Design

And again we go back to the “halter” style corset from the swimsuit with neck ties. The trapezoidal shape of the bodice and the skirt to the floor are practically the most popular evening gown. To dilute the monotony, add interesting prints and textures of fabrics, leather and glitter inserts. This style will always be appropriate, especially if you prepare for an official reception with a black tie dress code: act in favor of conservative colors, but opt for the highest heel!

Evening dresses 2019 spring summer halter design

stylish halter

red coral


Another part of the underwear style is the bodice, which looks like a bustier in combination with a tutu skirt in the same shade (according to the examples in the Dior collection). This outfit may be appropriate not only for an evening out but for any cocktail party. Such a dress requires really feminine accessories: miniature evening clutch and thinnest heels.

Bustier evening dresses spring summer 2019

Women bustier evening dress 2019


Choosing an evening dress is a very responsible mission. It depends on what accessories you have to wear and most importantly, how you will feel yourself wearing it.

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