Emma Stone beauty secrets

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“The best beauty secret is to be yourself”, states today’s birthday girl, Emma Stone. Miniature, smiling owner of delectable almond eyes, porcelain skin and freckles flirtatious, the 26-year-old Emma can confidently say that. On the birthday of the actress, we remember her main beauty-secrets.

Emma Stone beauty secrets

The career of Emma Stone soared after starring in the movie “Easy A”. Then followed the first new plans – here Ryan Gosling’s beloved in the movie “This foolish love,” and superhero’s girlfriend in the “New Spider-Man” (by the way, the screen romance with Andrew Garfield flowed from the “fiction” into the real life), and Skeeter in the Oscar-winning “The help”.

Emma Stone

Parallel to movie awards, the young actress has established herself as a rising icon of style. She quickly picks up the latest trends in fashion and in the beauty-area. Changing the hair color from a fiery red to platinum blond? Easy! Cut the wavy hair that looked so impressive in a high ponytail or an intricated hairstyle? Why not!

Emma Stone

Despite her love for beauty experiments, Emma always gives preference to classic and adores retro looks. Probably this is the reason why Woody Allen saw in the young actress the look of the main heroine of his new movie “Magic in the moonlight”, where Stone transformed herself in a fashionista of the 20’s.

Emma Stone

Actually, the actress herself, when answering to the questions in her own style, says: “I can wake up and apply tones of makeup, but all this will not make me more happy. Similar like in the contrary, you can not apply make up but still look perfect if you have a good mood.”

Emma Stone

The truth is Emma chooses a makeup not only by her mood: “When I am blond, then I do a more bright makeup, focusing on eyes or lips, and when I am red haired, I try to follow the nude gamma. Bright hair color is on its own an eye-catching accent”, told the actress in one of her interviews.

Emma Stone

Emma loves making a bright accent on the lips: he adores classic shades, but still does not avoid the daring fashion trends. Stone demonstrates eye-catching eye makeup, that emphasize her emerald green eyes. The loved beauty trick of the actress is smoky eyes in brown gamma.

Emma Stone loved beauty tricks

-From the nature Emma has a very sensitive skin, so she tries to use hypoallergenic cosmetics.

-For body care, the actress uses olive oil, which does not cause an allergic reaction and is a good moisturizer.

-Emma also advises to use grape oil to lubricate the face – it moisturizes the skin and has a pleasant smell.

-In the cosmetic bag of the star you can always find mascara, concealer and sunscreen.

-Several times a week, Stone washes her face with a homemade scrub consisting of baking soda, which she considers as the main helper of beauty: a teaspoon of baking soda should be added to the cleanser and with this mixture, gently massage  skin.

-Another way to use baking soda – bath for nails. An uncomplicated blend – dissolve in water the same amount of salt and soda, it will help strengthen your nails and make them healthier.

-Because of frequent experiments with the hair color, Emma must carefully monitor the health of the hair. This help her not expensive procedures or facilities, but a mask of coconut oil and honey. She applies it on her hair several times a week before washing the head.The result is shiny silky hair.

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