Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Long, neat and healthy hair is a real pride for its owner. In addition, long hair is a wonderful prospect for creativity, imagination and inspiration on which can be don many creative and stylish hairstyles. However, in a permanent lack of time, modern fashionistas are always looking for ways to look good without spending much time. In this regard, designers have started to mention that modern hairstyles have become more multifunctional and their creation requires less time and effort. Cosmetic companies do not fall behind either, reacting quickly to any change in the lifestyle of a woman. Thanks to their efforts, on the market began to appear quick and simple setting products and all kinds of devices with which a stylish and beautiful hairstyle can be accomplished in just 5 minutes. So let’s see how these easy and modern hairstyles for long hair look like.

Easy hairstyles for long hair

Easy ponytail hairstyles for long hair

It seems it’s not difficult to find a most universal, popular and simple hairstyle like ponytail. Millions of women gather their hair in a ponytail but not all know how this ordinary and a bit boring hairstyle can be diversified giving it a touch of originality.

Rope braid ponytail

It can be done very fast, you’ll need only 2-3 minutes. To make such a hairstyle, you have to tighten up your hair in a ponytail with a simple elastic band. Then, divide it into two equal sections, twist each of the section in different direction and then twist them together so you get a rope. In order to not damage the hairstyle, backcomb the hair from the tail end and fix it well with an invisible elastic band.

Easy hairstyles for long hair rope braid ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles for long hair



Bubble ponytail

Gather your hair in a simple ponytail. Slightly backcomb the hair strands from the ponytail and apply a hairspray. Now you have only to catch other elastic bands on the entire length of the ponytail. These can be both colored and in one color. In the end you must get an original bubble ponytail. If necessary, you can arrange each “bubble”, giving the required roundness and volume.

Easy hairstyles for long hair ponytails

special occasion


Side ponytail

Besides the simple side ponytail, you can create many other romantic and feminine hairstyles, using a low ponytail and a side hair parting. If you want your ponytail to look nice and neat and your hairstyle not too smooth, you need to wash your hair before.

ponytail updo

– Apply a volume mousse or another hairstyling product on dry hair.

– Divide the slightly wet hair on side parting.

– Turn the hair on the opposite side in a cylinder fixing it with hairpins.

– When the cylinder reaches the ear on the opposite side of the parting, gather the remaining hair into a ponytail. If needed, you can sprinkle the hair with hairspray.

There is another option to implement that hairstyle. In this case, the cylinder will be replaced will a beautiful hair rope.

1-2. Pull much hair over one shoulder leaving on the opposite side only a small section, dividing it into two parts.

Step by step side ponytail

3-4. Start twisting the hair strands as a rope, adding each time another vertical hair section.


5-6. The process will continue until the rope will reach the other side of the head.


7-8. Now, with an elastic, tighten the rope ponytail. And voila, your hairstyle is ready!


Twisted ponytail

The twisted ponytail is an original daily hairstyle, which can be done by every woman in just a couple of minutes. This is a wonderful alternative to the simple ponytail.

1. First, decide where will be the ponytail located. Apply some hairstyling product on your hand to smooth the rebel hair strands. Gather the hair with an elastic band.

2. Create a hair hole just above the elastic band.

Step by step twisted ponytail

3. Twist the hair in a rope for an easier manipulation.

4. Pass the rope through the formed loop and fix it well with an elastic hair band.


The hair from the ponytail can be smoothened, backcombed or curled, it’s up to you!


Sleek ponytail

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in making a simple ponytail. However, even here there are some issues that knowing them, you can make a sleek and stylish ponytail, like those from the catwalks. You will need hairclips and elastic bands, so that it does not become loose and messy. In addition, when you gather the hair, slightly tilt the head back to thoroughly stretch your hair. In order to have an ideally sleek hairstyle, use a hairspray. And finally, take a strand below and twist it several times around the elastic fixing it with a clip or a hairpin.
Simple ponytail hairstyle

sleek evening

Easy braid hairstyles

Using simple braids, you can create in minutes a romantic, stylish and beautiful hairstyle that will be suitable for every situation. There is no point talking about intricate braids. Now we will talk about easy and simple braid hairstyles for long hair, that women can create by their selves in just a couple of minute.

Braided headband

1. Take a strand of hair from one side of the head and braid it into a tight and thin braid.

2. Braid two such braids, one on each side of the head.

3-4-5. Pass over the braids like a headband and secure them with bobby pins.

6. The romantic, simple and beautiful hairstyle is ready!

Easy hairstyles for medium length hair with braids

Here are some other options:

Simple braids for long hair



Side braid

This hairstyle is simple, but you will need patience and maximum accuracy because the braid must be smooth and accurate. Prepare in advance a small elastic silicone band.

1-2 Starting from the forehead line, braid a beautiful and smooth braid.

3-4 Braid the braid all the way and tighten it with an elastic silicone band. Let it hang freely together other hair strands.

Side braid Easy hairstyles for long hair

Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair

Curly hairstyles are very popular and demanded in recent years. A big advantage is the execution time that does not last more than 5-10 minutes. To create loops, you will need setting products, hair curlers, hair dryer or diffuser. You can have beautiful curls fast and very fast using a hair straightener. For this all you have to do is to comb your hair and apply a hair product for thermal protection. Thereafter, each strand will be twisted into a thin rope on which will be applied a hair straightener on its entire length. Arrange the curls and spray with hairspray. And that’s all, in just 5 minutes you will have beautiful and playful curls. Another option is to braid thin braids instead twisting the strands of hair.

Easy curly hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful curls

In addition, a fast and stylish hairstyle can be done by using a special hair curles. It can have different shapes and sizes, so every lady will be able to easily choose the ideal option. Do not forget to use thermal protection products for the hair!

Celebrities hairstyles for long hair

Hair buns, shell buns, bows and cylinders on long hair

All kinds of hair buns, bows, shell buns and other similar hair elements always look original and aesthetically. However, we do not see as often as we would like. And all is because ladies think that for the creation of such hairstyles they’ll need special skills and a long time of execution. In fact, if you do this for a long time, you will only need 5 minutes. The first few attempts will be difficult.

How to make a hair bow

To create such a wonderful hairdo, you will need a thin elastic and a few bobby pins, with which you will fix the ponytail end.

1. Gather all the hair into a simply ponytail on top of the head moving it a little on a side.

2. From this obtained ponytail, create a simple bun, leaving untouched a part of it. This will be your next bow. The bigger the bun will be, the more voluminous will be the bow.

Easy hair bow hairstyle

3. Divide the bun into two equal sections.

4. Gather all the ponytail ends smoothing all rebel strands.


5-6 Pull back the tail end (pass it through the middle of the bow). If the end came too long, you can twist it around the elastic under the bow. Fix the result with pins and hairspray.


The hairstyle is ready!


There is another option of making such cute and feminine hairstyle:

Easy hairstyles for blond long hair 32 33

How to easily create a simple and original hair bun

If you do not have free time at all, but very much want to look stylish and original, we recommend you to create a messy bun from a simple ponytail. To do this, fasten the hair into a high ponytail and divide it into two parts. After that, fix a part around the base of the tail, with a pin. Now move on to the second part of the tail. This will be twisted, too, but carelessly, without worrying about the smoothness of the hairstyle. If you need volume, then you can backcomb the hair or just pull out some hair strands from the bun. That’s all! Apply hairspray and enjoy a stylish look every day. Such hairbuns look beautiful if created from separate braids.

Easy long hair bun

Festive hair bun

Casual hair bun


Hair bun hairstyle step by step



Easy shell bun hairstyle

Such a quick, beautiful and universal hairstyle for long hair as shell bun can be created in only 5-7 minutes. This can be both elegant and messy, it all depends on your choice Thus, fasten your hair in a ponytail and release the elastic with about 5-7 cm from the head so as to get a loose ponytail. Turn your hair into a rope and start to twist it inward, toward the hair. In the end, the elastic used to gather the ponytail must be located within the shell bun. Fix the hairstyle with clips or hair pins and decorative clips. Spray with hairspray and the hairstyle is ready!

Elegant shell bun

Easy shell bun hairstyles for long hair



Easy hairstyles for long hair with the use of accessories

In order to look stylish and feminine, sometimes it can be enough to just put on a headband or a simple hair circle. To this end, also can be used ribbons, decorative flowers, cylinders, decorative hats, feathers, ribbons, tiaras and even simple kerchiefs.

Easy hairstyles for long hair with accessories







As you can see, there are many options for achieving easy and beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Certainly, not all can be executed quickly and ideally from the the first attempt. However, with a little patience and practice, a fast and stylish look will be guaranteed in 5 minutes! Below you can see images with step by step instructions.

Easy hairstyles for long hair: interesting options with step by step images

Step by step easy hairstyles for long hair

















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