Cardigan – clothing for every age and body shapes

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In the cold season it is especially difficult to stay fashionable, because in the first place, when choosing clothes, worth the comfort and warmth. But soon comes the long-awaited spring and we should be ready for it. An excellent solution for this time of year can be a cardigan, which came to us from England, from experts in the fashion industry because they know how to brighten up gray days with the help of bright colors and nice fabrics.

Cardigans by body shapes

A bit of history: where did the cardigan came from?

For almost two centuries, the cardigan has been on podiums and does not leave women’s and men’s wardrobes. What is the secret of his success? Maybe because it perfectly complements an outfit and at the same time, do not attempt to be an indispensable part of an outfit.

The history of cardigans started relatively recently. It was originally created as an element of men’s underwear and was worn only under uniform. Named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell, a British military commander during the Crimean War, the cardigan sweater is normally manufactured by machine or hand knitted from wool.

Cardigans became popular in 17th century in France as well as the British Isles, where fishermen adopted this heavy, hand-knitted wool apparel to stay warm on glum days.

Now there is a vast variety of cardigans. These are different by color, texture, size, length, and price. As a rule, this detail of wardrobe reminds us a jacket with pockets, but with collar. A cardigan can be an accessory for a dress, can be combined with a denim outfit or can be used to change a boring office outfit. The model of simple cardigan in pastel shades and simple cut can be successfully combined with a blouse or a pencil-skirt.

Cardigans nowadays

This season, designers offer different variations of cardigans, so each lady will find something suitable for her tastes. When choosing a cardigan, it is important not to confuse it with a sweater. The model should follow the strict line of a jacket. Not only traditional large buttons can serve as buttonholes, but also belts, zippers, and rivets. Pockets will be absent, but imitation of lapels is allowed.

Woman's cardigan


This season more than ever, the length of fashion products is very various. Some designers offer to wear cardigans of knees length, others advise to choose a shorter model with large buttons.

Cardigan length

The collar

The collar of the cardigan also experienced some changes. Instead of the usual V-shape collar, now it became larger. Some designers advice to accessorize it with fur.

Cardigan with collar


There are no restrictions when speaking about colors. Fashionable cardigans of 2015 can be executed in pastel shades, as well as diluted with bright colors. The only thing that designers advise is to not overdo it and limit colorful ornament somewhere in the middle of the cardigans. This will add versatility and the idea of ​​different ethnic motives. Cardigans in vertical stripes emphasize the dignity of body shapes and models in polka dots will certainly create you a good mood.

Fashionable cardigans


In 2015, designers have preferred large knitting, which gives the model a vintage look. Combining this style of cardigan should be with a skirt. Cardigans can be even tucked inside if the selected length of the skirt is midi.

Knitted cardigans

How to wear?

Don’t forget that the trend of combining bulky vests and mini-skirts or medium length skirts would be suitable only for slender girls. Ladies with a tighter physique should select a comfortable pair of trousers and an elongated cardigan. This will help hide the alluring shape. You can emphasize the silhouette using a belt, which has different variations for each woman, who is striving to be in trend.

How to wear cardigan

Thin jersey

This season in fashion is not only the loose knitting, but also the thin jersey. It is recommended to combine it with boyfriend jeans, fashionable in 2015. The cardigans should be shortened, since the model of the trousers has been selected to be wide.

Trendy cardigans

Knitted cardigan was and will always be in fashion. Experiment, try on fashionable cardigans of various length, cut and color and you will certainly fall in love in one of the models.

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