Best Makeup Fall-Winter 2016-2016

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Every season, the fashion world amazes us with new fashion trends, reviving forgotten tendencies or continuing to maintain certain trends of the previous period, and this can be seen not only in terms of clothes and accessories – the world of makeup is no exception – as evidence cam serve the latest current trends for Fall-Winter 2016/2016 season.

Blush and a little color  (the nude-minimalist style)

This is the style that virtually did not suffer any change last season: little blush and minimum cosmetic products. In fashion is the delicate and discreet woman, with a natural beauty, who knows how to emphasize the natural features of the face.

Makeup 2017

Smokey eyes and Cat eye makeup

Smokey eyes and cat eye makeup are the leaders in terms of eye makeup. This is the makeup that can put a maximum artistic accent. Similarly with the bright lip makeup, these options require a flawless skin otherwise, even the best executed and touched up makeup will look untidy.

Smokey eyes makeup 2017

The most important moment in the smokey eyes makeup is the gradual transition from one shade to another, namely the lack of precise boundaries. Smokey eyes makeup is not limited to the range of black and gray colors. Such makeup can be made in other colors, chosen depending on the color of your eyes. It also refers to the graphic makeup, eye makeup as presented extensively in various color palettes.

Graphic makeup

Makeup Fall 2016

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Double wings

Makeup Winter 2017

Brown Smokey

Day makeup 2017

Eyeliner on the whole eye area

Best evening makeup 2017

Metallic eyeshadows

Best eyeshadows 2017


The undeniable trend in lip makeup is either colorless lips or the bright accent on the lips. And the matte lipstick! If you choose juicy lips, then before you apply the lipstick in fashionable autumn-winter season 2016/2016 shades, you must thoroughly take care of the whole face area, camouflage the reddish spots and buff the skin imperfections.

Lip makeup fall 2016 winter 2017

In order for the lipstick to “lie” better, before its application, we recommend you to moisturize the lips with a lip balm. It will nourish the lip area to ensure an ideal coverage of the lipstick. Along with brightly colored and ideal contoured lips, very modern is considered the makeup with little blurred boundaries, making it look more natural and thus more juicy. And another makeup trend is the lip gloss, which is coming back!

What kind of makeup should I wear in 2017


We should not forget about eyebrows either. Fashionable remain dense and fluffy eyebrows, carefully arranged and shaped. A properly chosen shape will make your face look even more beautiful. Even the most complicated and beautiful makeup will not look perfect if you don’t have your eyebrows neat and arranged.

For a day eyebrows makeup, provided they have the correct shape, color and thickness, it will be enough to just have them dressed and carefully arranged with a special eyebrow gel, which like mascara, will visually thicken each thread, making them look more fluffy and with a perfect shape.

Simple 2017 makeup

Each of us is an artist, and when it comes to makeup, the fashion for the coming cold season gives us an unlimited opportunity to put our creativity and imagination in motion. Stylists from fashion houses give us important and new tips, we have to just expertly apply them to our modern wardrobe and personal appearance.

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