Best Jeans for Women Spring-Summer 2019

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Jeans were invented in the nineteenth century by Levi Strauss as work uniforms, and now they are an essential part of any wardrobe. And indeed, in the 2019 collections, designers have decided to recall their head-tail history. The skinny jeans drop on the second place being replaced by flared jeans. Pockets are getting bigger and cutouts more. The waist line is also unstable: we see patterns with both a high waist and a low waist. As for the length, then the actual remains to be short boyfriend jeans. A must-have of the spring-summer season 2019 are the jeans that cover the shoes.

Ladies jeans 2019

Prewashed Jeans

Once a symbol of youth self-expression, now an accessible and fashionable thing: “prewashed” jeans appear again in collections of brands such as Balenciaga, Givenchy and Stella McCartney. Fortunately, now you do not have to remember the technology of limited time, boiling jeans in bleach. The main advantage of the model is its unique color, obtained through special technologies. In addition to the classic indigo, the fabric can be saturated with any color. In the new season, designers urge us to wear them with bulky denim jackets and turtlenecks with animal print.

Vintage jeans spring summer 2019


Thick Cuffs

If your jeans are long, you do not have to sew anything to adjust them to your height. A main complement of any model, especially if it’s a flare, is its reverse, contrasting with the front. Now the cuff reaches unimaginable heights, reaching to the knees. A free and slightly neglected image is completed by a male shirt or a kimono jacket to the middle of the thigh.

Cuffed jeans spring summer 2019

What jeans to wear in 2019

Low waist

A kind of “hello” from the mid-2000s are flared jeans with low waist and original prints. Before buying this model, you will have to sweat quite a bit in the gym: this year you will have to show each one the result of a rough workout as a flat abdomen. The low-heeled jackets are worn with asymmetrical tops, bustier, short jackets and bolero jackets. It’s just one thing to choose the ideal sandals in metallic shades with a stinging stiletto heel!

Low waist jeans 2019 spring summer

Jeans for women 2019

Contrasting inserts

In 2019, jeans have to share the top of popularity with other materials, especially leather and textile with prints. The contrast of colors and textures is determined by the ultramodern trend of the new season: the denim stops in the knee area and passes into the leather. In addition, we do not forget about multicolor applications, embroidery and ethnic prints, if you are going to buy a pair of original jeans and in the wardrobe you have plenty of basic designs.

Jeans with applications 2019

Jeans trends 2019


Boyfriends and banana pants

In the new season, nothing should stop our moves, and all the more when fashion returns back to the 80’s. About the jeans borrowed from the beloved, a lot was said, especially in the context of the oversized style and the the male style transition into the female closet. The unique favorites of the year were “bananas” – the famous style of high-waisted pants, which offers extra volume on hips. What can we wear with in the new season? First of all, with a lightweight jacket with big shoulders. Secondly, with an asymmetrical silk tunic or a multicolored geometric top with a thin leather strap and a brutal metal buckle. And most importantly, a pair of evening sandals in basic colors (beige or black) with a high heel.

Fashionable banana pants 2019

What jeans to wear in spring 2019

Best boyfriends jeans 2019

Focus on hips

The spring-summer season 2019 has no claim to the width of the jeans and the waist height, but the shapes must necessarily be highlighted! We do this with patterns that tighten the hip area and highlight the waist. Thanks to these two lines, you can get an incredible effect, creating a contrast between them: visually narrow the waist with a wide dark leather belt with a large metal buckle. They can also be complemented with different silk chains and scarves around them. If hip flexion requires instant correction, choose an elegant waist bag.


Best jeans 2019


Stripes and piping

Thanks to some tricks, you can easily add a few centimeters to the length of the legs and to the height in general (if necessary). The simplest ways are high heels. This spring, the “wow” effect is complemented by vertical stripes on jeans. These can be stripes of fabric in contrasting colors and even glossy stripes. In addition, the jeans print can combine two shades at once: stripes open on the dark background or vice versa. Additional centimeters in the hip area can be corrected with elongated jackets and cardigans, and if we have nothing to hide – put on bold tops and seamless turtlenecks!

Jeans with piping spring summer 2019



vertical stripes design

Wide leg Jeans

A sure answer for skinny jeans that have not left the list of trendy trends for years are hip flared jeans (such as wide-palazzo trousers). Their advantages are indeed many: they hide all the imperfections of the body and make the feet infinitely long. Designers have shortened patterns that remind of culottes, however, if you are not very tall, we recommend you to choose the maximum length + sandals with the highest heels! For the best effect, choose a three-dimensional shoulder coat or an asymmetric top with puffy sleeves.

Jeans 2019 Chanel


flared high waisted

Ripped Jeans

About the relevance of ripped jeans is useless to talk about, this trend goes from season to season. But in 2019 there is something that we must definitely pay attention to. In addition to contrasting textile inserts and patch strips, the size of the tear increases. More and more, they pass away, often in addition to the piping jeans. Giant ruptures and prominent threads: we come back to grunge style theme. We take a leather jacket with confidence, an oversize shirt that will come out of the bra and in the place of the trainers and the massive boots, opt for high-heeled boots or stiletto shoes.

Ripped jeans spring summer 2019

Cutout jeans 2019



Jeans have for some time been an integral part of the basic women’s closet, and the presence of several pairs in it is a must. The “minimum” program says one of them should have a length that fits perfectly even with the highest heels. The spring-summer season makes a choice in favor of the flared knee-length jeans, which almost completely covers the shoes. You certainly did not think your feet could look that long!

What are the jeans trends in summer 2019



So in the spring-summer season 2019, designers clearly bet on jeans patterns of the era, practically without changing them in modern times. We begin to break up with the “skinny” patterns: now the sexuality and beauty of the female body is expressed by very long legs, and this effect is not achieved by tight shapes but by the easy fit cut.

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