Best Jeans for Women Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Our love for jeans is an ambiguous one, while the love of those who simply adore jeans is infinite: they are ready to buy a pair of jeans to feel complete, even though they have several pairs in the closet. Business women prefer jeans only on weekends because of the dress code, they adopt the so-called smart casual style, where jeans are combined with shirts, vests, jackets and stylish accessories.

In the 2018-2018 fall-winter season, denim goes on the second place. Moreover, some jeans patterns are consistent with all current jeans fashion trends: high and medium waist, floor length and 7/8, loose or skinny cut. So let’s take a look at the most important features of fashion jeans in the 2018-2018 fall-winter season.

Jeans for women 2019

Decorated trendy jeans

Decorated jeans are back in fashion, and these are not just rhinestones. Famous models decorated with thousands of metal buttons of various colors and sizes, as well as small and large images and applications from multiple denim pieces of different colors applied across the length of the trouser.

Fashionable are the motives of ethnic style: characteristic embroideries that repeat on denim trousers and denim jackets, as well as unusual accessories such as chain links. An original novelty is the side stripes or the bottoms of the jeans from the materials that enter are in contrast to the denim, such as artificial fur or tulle.

In the evening looks, actual are the rhinestones and pearls, with which the pants are sprinkled.

Jeans fall 2018 winter 2019: decorative elements

Jeans trends 2019

wide with decorative elements


Cropped Jeans

A novelty in denim pants are the cropped and unfinished bottom. Cutting is revealed either with fringes or with hanging threads. The classic designs are remarkable by the asymmetrical cut at the front of the trouser. The relaxed (narrow cut) designs, which are at the bottom, are characterized by cut cuffs. Besides the classic designs, the rough jeans can be boot cut and slim cut. The current colors of the denim are blue, indigo, brick, dark blue.

What jeans to wear in fall 2018


conic for woman

Ripped Jeans

The huge knee holes are hidden with equally large patches sewn on the inside of the pants. Also fashionable are patches of colored leather, as many as possible, even dozens of patches applied to top-down pants. The smartest holes in jeans have zippers or are just knee-high and the edges are fringed.

If you want the jeans to be part of a festive look, wear a skinny ripped pair and a royal jacuard jacket. Another option would be ripped jeans with sequins patches in combination with a sweater with a glowing inscription and long Swarovski earrings.

Ripped jeans still in style 2019


Ripped jeans designs

The flare, from futurism to minimalism

Flared jeans have again become very famous for several seasons ago. The flare from hip area usually meets rarely in combination with jacket or sweater patterns and bell-type sleeves. In the coming season, the flare tends to minimalism, the most renowned designs are knee flared jeans. Flared jeans with wide frills are only suitable for creating unusual and futuristic looks. Genuine combined jeans look great if they are matched with sweaters and unusual shirts. Not very large denim pants are universal and fit both in casual sets and in the composition of memorable nightwear.

Flared women jeans fall 2018 winter 2019

best women

wide bottom

stylish with mid waist


Wide cut

The trend of the wide leg pants with confidence is ending on trendy jeans for fall-winter 2018-2018. And we’re not just talking about loose fit. The variations in the wide silhouette are: jeans wide across the length, completed with side cuffs, banana jeans, long pants from light and dark-colored denim, very flared from the hips, and Marlene style designs. Very popular are indigo jeans, without thorns, with a high waist, the length above the ankle. In evening looks, to highlight the suppleness of the feminine body, such jeans are matched with shorts or sweaters, with exposed body parts.

Oversize jeans fall winter 2018 2019


mom fit jeans 2019


Skinny Jeans

This time, the slim and skinny jeans do not remain in the shade either. The young and slender ladies will certainly not want to hide their beauties in a pair of wide jeans. This means that the skinny and slim patterns continue to be worn with wider clothing. In the new season, skinny jeans must necessarily be worn in combination with a jacket of the same color and texture, or as an indispensable part of a set, for example, in combination with knee-high boots and brown-mustard leather jacket or patent leather boots and a red-dark cape.

skinny jeans 2019 ladies

What jeans to wear in 2019


The classical 501 Levi’s and not only

There are no major changes to this chapter. The classic style is primarily the 501 Levi’s, the standards of which are regular and straight (classic, full-length, five-pocket silhouette). In addition, traditional jeans are mostly presented by relaxed patterns, looser cuts, the length of the trousers can even cover the shoes, which will be chosen according to their own desire. Interesting will be the look with men’s shoes on the sole, the pointed toe boots, and high-heeled boots. It does not matter whether or not the bottom of the jeans is rolled. A great advantage of traditional jeans is their ability to fit with virtually any fashion item. The color of classic jeans is indigo, black, blue, light blue, dark gray.

classic jeans design

What jeans to wear in winter 2019

branded for women


The cold season of the year could not miss the velvet jeans. These are universal, in them you feel warm and comfortable. In fall-winter 2018-2018 velvet pants are presented in the same patterns as denim pants. The most up-to-date patterns are flared from the knee, floor length, skinny and straight, up to the ankle or 7/8. The trendy colors are red, brick, red-brown, chocolate, black and indigo. The current is a total-look trend, where velvet jeans are matched with jackets, blouses, sweaters or blazers in the same shade.

Best jeans 2018 2019 fall winter: velvet

fashion velvet


Stylists urge us to get two or three pairs of jeans of different designs and colors to create original designs. Choose fashionable and comfortable jeans for fall-winter 2018-2018, guided by the examples in this article.

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