Best Haircuts for Women Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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The haircut is a very important element of the feminine image. A modern woman can not imagine without a modern, perfectly executed haircut. A correctly chosen haircut can not only complete a particular look and emphasize the lifestyle of its owner, but also emphasize the expressive aspects of the face. Let’s see therefore, what haircuts propose us to realize designers in autumn-winter season 2017-2017.

Women 2018 Haircuts

Haircuts for very short hair

Lately, very short haircuts or numbr zero are increasingly popular among active women. They are very easy to maintain and does not tangle when you move. If you are passionate about sport, this is the perfect haircut but you must know that such an option does not fit any lady. Only the most progressive women can appreciate all the advantages of this haircut. Others representatives still consider such looks unnatural and less feminine. Although, we must mention that this cliché is seen increasingly rare.

Short hair

Haircuts for short hair fall winter 2017 2018

Short carre with well defined lines

If in addition to comfort for a woman is also very important the appearance, then we recommend drawing attention to short carre haircut with well-defined lines, which is recommended by stylists from Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Maison Margiela, etc. Despite all the advantages of this hairstyle, it will be afforded only by those who like to make regular visits to the hairdresser. In order for the haircut to look smooth, it will be “corrected” at least once a month. In addition, in order for the lines to remain straight, you will have to use daily a hair straightening, a hair conditioner, or a hair straightening with keratin. Owners of a very curly hair will have to look for another suitable option.

Short carre

What haircuts to make in 2018

Haircuts for curly hair

Owners of a wavy hair know very well how difficult it is to choose a fashionable haircut. If the hair is not very curly, then virtually any famous haircut can be performed. But if the hair is very curly, then the problem is a little more difficult. Women who possess naughty waves can be calm because in the new cold season, designers propose not to hide the beauty of their natural hair. In their view, ladies do not have to daily damage the hair structure, stretching it with hair strengtheners. On the contrary, in the fashion shows of many brands were seen models with truly impressive hair. Most often, such hair was highlighted with the help of haircuts like bob-carre and cascade haircut.

Blonde curly hair


Haircuts for curly medium length hair

long curly

Pixie and garcon haircuts

The same popularity have also pixie and garcon haircuts, which is designed for those who do not care of template looks. If you are also a fan of modern stylistic challenges, then we say how you can arrange your hair cool in the new season. Garcon and pixie haircuts allow every lady to choose how they’ll look today. It’s about the styling methods of such haircuts. These can be both lightweight waves as well a mess in grunge style; both structured and well defined strands, as well as hair elegantly arranged back. Such haircuts can be performed both on straight hair, as well as on curly hair.

Pixie fall winter 2017 2018



What haircuts to do in fall 2017

Haircut for curly hair

Grunge Style

Grunge style is often called “antiglamour” style. This trend is an under style of alternative rock. All those who follow this fashion trend, denies the generally accepted standards of appearance. In their view, the material can not be above all that is spiritual, which means people should not pay too much attention on their look. The distinctive features of grunge style are negligence and naturalness. This refers both to the choice of clothing and hairstyle as well. Grunge style haircuts can often have uneven edges, visible asymmetry and inaccuracy. Due to this style, you can forget for a while about ideal hair strands and ideal “neat” hairstyles. All you have to do is to wash your hair, leaving it ruffled and to dry without the hair drier and you are automatically a modern lady.

Grunge style modern haircuts for long hair

medium length grunge style


Layered haircuts

Layered haircuts aren’t characteristic only to the grunge style. Such layers are the basis of the cascade and layered haircut. These two haircuts look ideal on hair of any length, although they are very suitable for long and medium length hair. Using strands of any length, you can get various results: correction of the oval face and creation of an innocent, original and playful look. These haircuts are a real salvation for ladies with rounded and squared face shape.

Layered haircuts options

Cascade haircut fall winter 2017 2018

Haircuts for women

Cascade for medium length hair with straight bangs


Haircuts for long hair 2018

Haircuts with bangs

In the new cold season, most stylists have jointly decided that bangs must exist in the hairstyles. It can be found on the hair of any length and of any structure. And if last season asymmetric and oblique bangs had an immense popularity, then in the fall-winter 2017-2017 season among the favorites proved to be straight classic bangs.

Haircuts with bangs fall winter 2017 2018

Bangs haircuts

Classic carre and bob-carre for medium length hair

Carre haircut won the hearts of women still in the 20’s of the last centuries. Since then, this hairstyle has gained many shapes: from classical to layered curls and strands of varying lengths. A variation of bob haircuts became the bob-carre haircut, which also can be made in various ways. Carre haircut can be called the most universal, because thanks to multiple interpretations, it is suitable for all women without exception. The new cold season is remarkable with the return of the classic Carre hairstyle, though other options are not excluded.

Carre 2018

Bob 2018

Haircuts for medium length hair 2018

Original haircuts

Unusual and nontrivial looks and ideas are what characterize modern fashion and this refers to virtually all areas of the fashion industry: from fashionable clothing to trendy haircuts. In the new cold season, stylists and hairdressers again enjoy us with their artistic know-how. Stylists from Givenchy, for example, propose us to cut the hair from the top of the head and leave long straight strands in the bottom. During the Maison Margiela fashion show, models could be encountered with asymmetrical haircuts and Alexis Mabille urges us play with our look by painting strands of separate contrast colors.

What haircuts to do in winter 2018

Asymmetric haircuts


Bleached hair strands

A modern haircut is key to a stylish and modern look. Thanks to the efforts of stylists in the new autumn-winter 2017-2017 season, ladies are given access to a huge variety of original and trendy haircuts, which will not only diversify the look but also it will correct it, where applicable.

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