Best Haircuts for Women 2018

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The choice of a haircut for women is always an important step because an incorrect decision can significantly affect one’s appearance. Therefore, this chapter will take into consideration not only the fashion trends, but also certain features of your outer appearance. The correct choice of haircuts can cleverly distract the attention of those imperfections, allowing to visually diminish the nose, to hide prominent ears, to elongate the neck and alleviate some harsh facial lines. Some tips from professionals will help you put out all your advantages.

Haircuts 2018

First, you need to consider your face shape. If you have an oval face, then you can consider yourself lucky! Absolutely any length of hair suits you. For square and round face shape, cascade haircuts are ideal. Instead, we advise you to quit on bangs and straight hair length. Owners of a heart and triangle shaped face will need to add more hair volume, avoiding hairstyles with hair licked back. Secondly, an important aspect has the hair texture. Short layered haircuts with a mild mess, are most often done on straight and thin hair. While those who own a thicker, with predisposition to curl, will have to pay attention to medium length haircuts (from the chin and below).

Women’s haircuts 2018 based on the face shape



heart shaped


Haircuts Trends 2018: Cascade

Cascade haircut is the most popular for long hair, which involves layering the hair of different lengths. The advantage is that it fits absolutely any length of hair and all face shapes and that gives the hair an extra volume. There are many hairstyles based on cascade haircut. The classical option for long hair is hair layered all over the head, and the universal option (in terms of hair length) is the cascade that frames the face oval. The last option may involve the presence of oblique or asymmetrical bangs. The cascade haircut can be easily arranged: it is enough just to lift the hair from the roots with a hair dryer, a brush and a special hair mousse.
Haircuts for long hair 2018 cascade

cascade for medium length hair

Haircut options for long hair


Carre haircut probably will never go out of style. In terms of universality, this hairstyle is as popular as the cascade haircut as it can highlight the benefits of all face shapes and can elongate the neck. In every season there are more and more variations on the theme Carre. Thus, a few upgraded versions of the legendary bob-carre haircut appeared. An ideal option for straight hair is elongated Carre (classic Carre with asymmetric hair strands in the front). Those who prefer volume hairstyling, short carre is the perfect optiom. It looks like classic Carre, but with a special feature, short hair in the neck area. As an additional option for this cut can be the bang. As for the shape, this is the trend of the season, namely short bangs. But no one has canceled the classic French bang. It always looks elegant and feminine, especially on long hair. Switching to bangs can be achieved by cascading in the oval face area.

Carre Haircuts 2018 Women

Best haircuts for blonde hair

carre medium length hair



dark brown hair

Bob haircuts 2018

Haircuts Trends 2018: Garçon

Garcon, translated from French means “boy”. This fine haircut break stereotypes that only long hair can give the image femininity. Main features of Garcon hairstyle is the lack of clear hair textures, graduated layers who leaves the impression of light mess. Despite its simplicity, this hairstyle is very picky in respect of its owner’s parameters. First, it reveals the face and may hide what is wanted to be hidden. Secondly, it ideally suits for narrow faces and ladies with square or round face shape, should generally avoid to cut their hair this way. Certainly there are advantages, because this hairstyle is suitable for all ages and does not require hair to be cut very short. Garcon is ideal on medium length curly hair.

Women’s haircuts for short hair

celebrities with short hair 2018


Italian Haircut

This cut comes from the 80’s and until the moment maintains its position in the fashion world. Technique of the haircuts and the end result reminds us of cascade haircut. However, this hairstyle has a great silhouette, which is created due to the “cap” out of which are coming hairs that fall on the shoulders. Thanks to its preserved length, the Italian haircut is very handy for creating different hairstyles including: curls, twisting tips inside or experiments with bangs (if it exists).

Layered haircuts for long hair

curly hair

Asymmetric Haircuts 2018

Asymmetrical haircuts are created based on contrast length, which creates a silhouette that unusual emphasis oblique long bangs, which falls on one side. This element adds any classic haircuts (Carre, pixie) a special charm and a special individuality. In addition, oblique fringe visually lengthens the face, therefore, stylists recommend it for round shaped face. Moreover, this option is ideal for owners of a messy and curly hair. Such haircut does not require daily efforts and saves time.

Asymmetric haircut for short hair

asymmetric with long bangs

Texturized Haircuts

Thinning is used by hair stylists to give the hair certain shape and is performed on hair with different structure and length. It is ideal for thick hair and owners of fine hair must be very careful: spinning can do the hair smoother and can dispense volume, so it is better to do the thinning on separate strands so as to give them a shape. Long hair also can fail if the thinning is done in excess. In this case, the volume will be even greater, which will make more difficult hair’s care and styling.

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There are several varieties of texturized haircuts. The most commonly used is thinning the hair from roots in the neck area, in order to add volume to the hairstyle. Vertical thinning is applied with the same goal, to complement cascade, carre or garcon haircut and tips thinning represent the completion of any haircuts, especially for long hair.

Texturized haircuts for short hair




Bangs 2018

Bangs are an important part of any haircuts. A properly chosen bang can correct the face shape and distract the attention from imperfections. Favorite this season became short fringe. The peculiarity lies in its exact lines and the fact that it barely reaches the middle of the forehead. It looks ideal both with long hair and Carre haircut, it combines ideally with dark colors (brown, chocolate, black).

straight bang

Modern haircuts with bangs

Another interesting option is boho bang that came from the last century. It combines elements of the hippie style and characteristics of bohemian chic. Bangs in this style looks natural and innocent, especially on long hair. Characteristic of The main characteristics is that it has two lengths: in the sides it reach the eyebrows (sometimes below), in the middle is shorter.
Haircuts for long hair 2018 with bangs

Haircuts Trends 2018


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