Best Coats Spring-Summer 2018

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Here we present you fashion coats for spring-summer 2018. Among these include sleeveless, denim, romantic patterns with frills and floral prints, military-style, oversized and others. Certainly, the variety of coats presented by most famous fashion houses will help you understand what option fits you the most.

Women coats 2018

Denim Coats

Denim fabric is so famous, that it seems that worldwide women have waited anxiously until denim coats are in high demand and appear in fashion collections. And behold the miracle occurred, we are made available a wide choice of thin and thick denim coats for spring summer that will serve as lovely and comfortable outerwear to be worn daily.

Fashion denim coat

long denim

Light Summer Coats

Cool weather and desire to look more feminine impose one way or another wearing loose cotton coats with short or standard sleeves. You can opt for neutral options with minimalist cut in pastel shades or bolder designs that will become the stylish element of your look.

Light women coat

What coats to wear in summer 2018

Military Style

Military outfits of a strong woman require also stylish clothes to match. It may be a coat in military style in shades of khaki, trenchcoat shaped, with features of military uniforms or camouflage print. Pay attention to the straps with plastic buckle that may be more in number on such a design.

Best Coats 2018 military style

What coat design to wear in 2018

Asymmetric Coats

Asymmetry will certainly appeal to those who love minimalism, bold cut and unusual extravagant outfits. Asymmetrical coats can become the basis of an unusual look.

Asymmetric summer coats spring summer 2018


Belts and Waistbands

In order to emphasize the waist, some people prefer the adjusted cut, others choose more complicated options, namely a belt that fits or is in contrast shade with the shade of the coat. The last mentioned is very current at the moment, and if you choose a belt in the same shade, make sure it necessarily has a large buckle.

Coats with belts spring-summer 2018

What coats to wear in spring 2018

Double Breasted Coats

This design is adored by those who love practical and youthful style, which does not look extravagant. Coats with two rows of buttons in the style of the sailor jacket can be matched absolutely with any look, whether a comfortable casual, be it one festive.




In recent years, ladies make jokes on social networks saying why not eat cakes if God created the oversize style? If this is your case, then you will find the right coat in the outerwear collections.


Women oversize coat 2018

Colored in bright shades

Many girls are afraid to show their love for intense colors, opting for neutral base shades, going for any occasion, any clothes, are timeless and not glaring. In addition, some believe that coats in bright and juicy colors are capable of transforming a shy lady in an urban foolish. Spring and summer is great time to show our love for cheerful colors, and if you are afraid not to upload your look, choose the minimalist cut

What coat color to wear in 2018


Floral Print

Choosing to wear a floral coat is similar to that of wearing a colored one; in both cases it is important to have everything under control. In 2018 spring-summer season small flower print is in high demand and ideal for summer.

Spring summer 2018 coats with floral print

Stylish coats with floral print


Cape-coats came into force in 2018 spring-summer season, being presented in a huge variety and in combination with absolutely different clothes.

cape-coat 2018


Frilled Coats

Initially, it seemed like frills are totally unsuitable for outerwear, but looking at pictures on the catwalk, we can convince that coat with ruffles is a reality of the fashion with which we must conform, adapt and include in our outfits.



Faux Fur

Fur coats are not designed only for fall-winter season. In recent years, designers create faux fur coats not only as an element to keep you warm, but also as part of a stylish wardrobe in retro style of the 70’s.

Woman fur coats 2018


Fur Collar

Another love proof for retro style is buying a nice coat with fur collar and minimalist cut. It can be colored in a vivid color, either with an original design.



Embroidery and Applications

Embroidery and applications add texture to a simple design, and in 2018 spring and summer, the abundant decor, especially at the top, shoulders and collar is very current.

Best Coats with embroidery 2018

Woman coat with application


Plaid coats are always a great investment because plaid will never come off the list of current trends of the season. However, many of us want to give up the classic image of checkered coat and try something new. And this can be achieved without sacrificing plaid, opting instead for larger, colorful and combined plaid.

Coats for women 2018 plaid



If the plaid is typical for coats, then in recent years stripes continue to ride the waves of fashion that is turning them until unrecognizable. That means stripes remain to be stripes, but the new trends demonstrate us options that we could not previously imagine.


Coats 2018 spring summer stripes


Fringes have become another fashionable decorative element, which like capes, embroidery or frills have appeared on coats. Fringed coats are not as many as jackets, but if you want, you can find a nice spring or a dynamic pattern (thanks to playful fringes) perfect for summer.

Fashion fringed coat 2018


Short sleeved or sleeveless coats

The lack of sleeves or short sleeves is another feature that distinguishes spring-summer patterns of the autumn-winter. And if a ¾ sleeve is considered a modern fashion trend on a coat, then the complete lack of it, is a new fashion, which absolutely must attract attention.

Summer coat 2018


These are the coats designs designers recommend us to wear in 2018 spring-summer season. The variety is huge and that means each of us will be able to choose the right coat for the right occasion. Be nice regardless of the time outside.

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