Best Coats Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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When autumn knocks us at the door, it is time to think of a basic element in any woman’s closet, the ideal coat that will keep us warm like a warm blanket protecting us from the cold and wind. The practical aspect is also important, but we must not forget the style and the designers have already prepared a rich assortment with what will be fashionable this season. Talking about fashion coats fall-winter 2018-2018, the focus is on comfort: the patterns have a fairly free cut and do not restrict movement, and the range of colors allows the use of shades without any interference. So let’s look at the latest coat trends.

Coats 2019

The return of capes

This garment became known better few seasons ago The cape is characterized by the lack of sleeves, and this season the pattern and its elements of decoration can be absolutely different: two rows of buttons, slightly tight on the waist, with fur decoration or without. For some people, this type of coat may seem quite capricious in terms of comfort, but it also allows the creation of absolutely unrepeatable looks. The classic combination is that between the headcoat and the long leather gloves in contrast shades. In 2019, designers are proposing to wear the cape with male boots or boots over knees with rivets and massive decoration.

Women coats fall 2018 winter 2019: capes

Capes for women 2019

What coats to wear in fall 2018

Fur trimming

A major importance is given by designers to furm, fearless of using it in all sorts of interpretations. And here, on the first place is the colorful fur in the most diverse shades: blurred purple, pink sorbet, intense terracotta or golden lime. The fur is used for collar, cuffs, laces, and hood. In shades of contrast or in a range of colors with basic, natural or artificial material, fur will become an original addition to any texture.

Coats with fur collar fall winter 2018 2019

Short women coat

Winter coats 2019


knee length

bright colors


black with fur collar

Photographic prints and multicolored applications

The fall and winter trends are quite conservative, although there is a place for some contrast. In 2019 it is presented with photographic prints such as fashion collages and multicolored huge applications, the abundance of which may initially seem extravagant, but a correct approach will make you look stylish and unusual. A thick heavy cloth coat will look great if added shades of sparkles and patches.

trendy printed coat 2019

Embroidered coat for women

What are the coat trends in 2019


Cocoon Coat

The motifs of retro style in modern interpretation go out of the limits of couture collections. Hypetrophilic volume, light colors and the freedom of movement of the cocoon coat are ideally suited to life parameters in the conditions of a large city. However, this model is pretentious with regard to the perfection of the cut of each construction element, as well as the quality of the fabrics, on which many things depend: the coat does not have to hang on the body and lose shape during the movement. Care will also be taken with the volume of the coat, which will be chosen depending on the particularities of the body.

Coats for women 2018 2019 fall winter: cocoon

Fall cocoon coat


Straight floor length

In light of the latest trends, designers have been promoting for some time the maxi coats as classic English-style coats, an important part of the basic wardrobe for the fall-winter season. Noble fabrics (thick coat fabrics, tweed fabrics) in shades of blue, green, gray and the most common colors in 2019 such as camel, pale pink, ocher will blend in most casual looks. Minimal details: right cut, discrete trimming, constructive laconic elements and nothing more. We must not forget about prints and textures. The latest proposals from designers include the “Prince of Wales” stripes or coats in classic beige and gray shades on the front or on the lining, as well as the use of quilted fabrics.

Best long black coats

floor length



Long casual coat


Chanel coats fall winter 2018 2019



The notion of oversize is an indispensable part of grunge style with disordered character and oversize clothing. With no silhouette shapes, the thicker and harder the coat is, the better. This coat is universal and its presence in the closet leaves room for imagination allowing for the crafting of dozens of stylish combinations. There are no strict rules in using this detail: usually the emphasis is on the simultaneous use of elements in diametrically opposed styles and stratification. Do not be ashamed to wear an oversize coat with ripped boyfriend jeans, robe boots, jackets and white shirt inside, as well as a pencil dress and stiletto shoes.

Oversize women coats fall 2018 winter 2019


Buttoned coat


male style


Long elegant coat for women

Leather Coat Fall-Winter 2018-2018

The fashion of the ’80s is back in power. Reconsidering it in the fashion industry, brought even newer ideas: In each season we can see the reflections of the disco era on world fashion podiums. Last year, these were tall shoulders, vinyl, sparkles, neon shades, platforms shoes, overuse in everything and everything. In 2019, the trends are more discreet and the main hit is leather coats. In the top trends are the more laconic patterns, which remind us of the classic English overcoat, but made of leather. And the color range has been reinvented by designers: the expressiveness of the shades has been dampened a bit, and in their place came more sober shades of deep blue, claret, brown and classic black.

2017 2019 fall-winter coats: leather

leather sleeved




Trendy coats for fall-winter 2018-2018 allow experimenting with different accents in the shape of color spots and accessories. Taking into account the basic trends, we can immediately move on to the creative process!

2018 coats trends



What women coats to wear in winter 2019

The fall-winter season 2018-2018 can not go unnoticed, so designers recommend us to put the imagination in motion and create the most stylish and original outfits with the help of coats specially designed for each of us.

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