Accessories Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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It’s hard to imagine a modern woman without accessories. Jewelry is a symbol of prosperity, refinement and style, so these must be chosen with the utmost care.

Someone gives preference to products made ​​of precious metals, but today let’s talk about those who prefer to supplement their own image with modern and stylish jewelry.

In Fall 2015, in fashion are big jewelries, however, these should be not in access. If you decide to add to your look a massive bracelet, leave the neck open or do the opposite. Fall accessories are special by their intricate shapes. In trend are silver and gold metal breadings, jewelry with colored stones, leather and fur bracelets, knuckle-rings and beads with pendants.

The Fall-Winter season designers associate with huge accessories of diverse shapes. Stone and metal are the favorite among materials for creating necklaces and bracelets.

Accessories Fall

Jewelries by Chanel are real iron weapons, which on a fragile and delicate neck will look sexy and alluring. A padlock used as a pendant can be interpreted in different ways, but, be sure, its main purpose is only to attract attention. And he handles this function exactly.


Christian Dior bracelets are characterized by the combination of several colors with metal.

Christian Dior

Designers from Nina Ricci presented various impressive lace accessories. From a distance it may seem this is the continuation of an outfit but in reality this is nothing more than a bracelet having inserted on it the décor of the dress.

Nina Ricci

Many designers agreed that in Fall 2015 women should definitively decorate the neck with massive metal necklaces.

Metal necklaces

Vivienne Westwood offered products from beads. In this collection you can find classic long beads decorated by designers with small brushes and a necklace under the neck.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Apart from Vivienne Westwood, Versace also suggested wearing long jewelries in Fall 2015 however, in their execution, these looked more elegant. Stones and large pendants with the brand logo could be seen on the neck of the models of this fashion house.


Massive bracelets repeating necklace décor elements offered Versace and Lanvin.

Accessories Winter

Big earrings of different geometric shapes are perfect for stylish and business ladies. These can be perfectly combined with a coat, a pencil dress, a pencil-skirt, a leather biker jacket, etc. And earrings that combine several stylistic decisions are a very bright innerwear that can be worn mateless.

Accessories 2015

Bracelets of multicolored stones by Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Céline have a rightful place on the podium during the shows presenting Fall-Winter collections.

Accessories 2016

Giorgio Armani

The trendy tandem – leather and fur, were relevant not only in clothing, but also in jewelry. Fendi designers decided to create large leather bracelets, decorating them with colorful fur.


“Chivalry” pendants from Lanvin will be a worthy addition to a dress with a simple and elegant cut, while the model with feathers will lengthen the neck sky high.


Elegant knuckles with stones showed the public models of Nina Ricci during autumn hits. Chloé, Fendi and others opted for rings with large stones and elongated ornaments for fingers.

Elegant knuckles

Elegant knuckles

Roberto Cavalli, Reed Krakoff option offered women jewelry with pendants, which are mainly stones and leather brushes.

Roberto Cavalli, Reed Krakoff

Choose accessories that will show your individuality because only this way your look will be complete.


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