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Today we will discuss about the fashion trends of trousers for Spring-Summer 2015. Among the various details of the wardrobe, women trousers are the most wanted thing. The comfort and variety of styles, the practicability and universality are the main virtues thanks to which trousers banished feminine clothing such as dresses and skirts from the fashion pedestal.

As always we analyzed more than 500 collections of Spring-Summer 2015 and classified them in accordance with the most popular trends. There is no other overview on the internet as detailed as ours of trousers actual in this season.

Styles of women trousers for Spring – Summer 2015

Among the styles there are no key trends. Better said, it is easier to mention what went out of fashion than to list what is in trend. However, we definitively can say that the low waistline and narrow trousers with straight leg are not the favorites for Spring and Summer 2015 fashion. And the most fashionable styles of trousers in 2015 include options such as:

Flared trousers

Echoes of 70’s are still on the top of fashion trends. Long flared from the hip trousers are in fashion this spring. Designers recommend combining with a chiffon blouse of similar style, a wide belt, bustier tops and summer shirts decorated with basques.


The more successful models of flared trousers of maxi length can be named models from collections of Badgley Mischka, Zac Posen, Rosie Assoulin.

Trousers2 spring

Trousers3 women

Trousers4 2015


High-waisted trousers

Voluminous trousers, tapering towards the bottom and slightly shortened are gaining popularity due to various details. This spring, the trend is the high waistline and the style of filling blouses and tops in pants, showing the elegant strap and a beautiful waist.


Piping trousers with stripes

Narrowed and slightly shortened pants with perfect stripes will help to create an elegant and playful spring look for every day.


Capri trousers — A trend of Spring-Summer 2015

Elegant style allows focusing on thin ankles and perfect manicure. Joie and Diesel Gold recommend combining Capri with Roman-style sandals with lacing.


Spring 2015 trousers in Marlene Dietrich style

Straight pants in masculine a la Marlene Dietrich style. This is the first lady who wore a similar piece of wardrobe and set the tone of trouser fashion for decades to come. Focusing on this style, choose monochrome models of dense fabric and combine them with tunics, jackets and turtleneck in contrasting colors. A perfect accessory for such a model can be leather men’s belt, neckerchief and boat heels shoes.


Very interesting models of trousers in Marlene Dietrich style were noted in collections of Jil Sander, Catherine Malandrino and Olympia Le Tan.



Those who love to be original, I am sure they will like flared trousers of midi length reminding us a skirt. Owners of a perfect body shape, long legged and tall height, this type of trousers will allow look creative and expressive. Those who are not lucky to have the above mentioned qualities will have to choose other interesting styles of trousers.


The most successful examples of such style are the trousers of Emporio Armani, Yeohlee, Delposo.



Leggings made of thin fabrics are out of fashion in the new season. The hit of the spring fashion are leather and denim models of leggings.


Among the color range were noted black color leggings as well as khaki and intense black models.


Orient style

Trousers made of draped basque, with folds and resembling a skirt, decorated collection of Ralph Rucci, Balensiaga and many other designers.


Fashion brands advice combining similar style with short jackets, high heel sandals and high waist tops.



After discussing about the popular styles of fashion trousers for 2015, now it is time to see what the most fashionable materials of the trousers collection for this season are.





Leather models with straight cut are very fashionable this season.



Lace piping trousers are the result of Gatsby style inspiration, based on the movie with the same name.





After discussing the most popular materials used by designers to sew trousers for Spring 2015, we will begin an overview of interesting details, with which some designer decided to decorate their own trousers collections.


The hit of the last spring is still in fashion in 2015. That is why if you still have in your wardrobe a pair of trousers from last season, decorated with stripes, don’t hurry to throw them away but definitively wear them for a night out.




Beside the traditional sport style, in Spring 2015 trouser stripe can be worn for daily or office activities. Combine this model with high heel sandals and various t-shirts and tops, covering the belly.


Invasion of products from perforated materials in the near future encourages us to write a separate article on this interesting trend. In the meantime, we offer you to evaluate the creation of designers that most successfully used perforated fabric for women trousers for Spring 2015.


Fashion creators do not recommend appearing in such outfit in an office environment. However, the beach party, disco or any other incendiary event will be an excellent occasion to wear your new pair of trousers made of perforated fabric.



Flower print

In our article we already wrote about the abundance of flower prints in Spring 2015. Now we offer you to see the most beautiful styles of trousers made of fabrics with floral prints.

To decorate the nice summer weather with such an outfit is possible by means of trousers with floral prints of Just Cavalli, J. Crew, and Rebecca Minkoff collections.


Metallic colored fabrics or application of metallic shade fragments pleased stylish and contemporary views of work of Costume National, Just Cavalli and Paco Rabanne.

Bright color trousers Spring 2015

The fashionable color of trousers for Spring 2015 remain saturated shades of yellow, blue, red, turquoise, purple and orange. In some cases, the absolutely hopeless style can result in wearable outfit thanks to a bright shade fabric.

Read also: Color matching guide

This will be the fashion of women’s trousers for Spring 2015 of designers of world fashion industry. Thanks to the tireless workers of the East-Asian garment industry, very soon we will be able to purchase similar models in shops and markets. Did you like our photo report? Evaluate in the comments, we appreciate your feedback.

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