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Nowadays, forgetting about their femininity, women work and wear same style of clothes as men. And that is not correct because the wardrobe of women must abound in juicy and colorful outfits. The skirt was always one of the most feminine elements of clothing that can give you confidence and a joyful feeling. The most important thing here is to find the suitable type for you. 


From season to season, skirts fashion changes. Designers are not sleeping and each year comes with an abundance of variation of skirts. So let’s see what we must buy in order to be in trend in the 2015 Spring-Summer season.

Length of skirts

The secret of stylish and elegant clothing is in its proportions and the correspondence of these proportions to a certain body shape. That is why, first you have to decide your own length because a skirt is a very fancy cloth that can not only adorn an outfit, but also show the most unwanted parts of your body. Skirts are divided into 3 length categories: mini, midi and maxi. 2015 will be remembered fashion of long A-shaped and straight skirts, retro style miniskirts (especially bell shape skirts), as well as mid length skirts.

The universal length of a skirt is no doubt the midi length. This will be actual for work, as well as for an evening walk. Most frequently, at Spring Summer 2015 fashion shows were seen models of fitted silhouette midi skirts with flounces starting from the knees. This style will give you a gentle and festive look, but will be suitable for young ladies rather than for adult lovers of fashion.

Skirts Spring

The mini skirt is men’s favorite subject of women’s wardrobe. Lady dressed in it will always be in the spotlight. In 2015 you can safely buy a short skirt, but stop your attention on the short trapeze skirt or mini skirt with straight cut. It is important not to overdo with sexuality and give an adequate assessment of your own body shape. Let’s agree, not everyone can be the owner of ideal proportions. Mini skirt must raise you on a pedestal, and not put you in ridiculous situations.

Skirts fashionable

Style of skirts

Spring-Summer season is the time when your sexuality must be released. This can be achieved with a fashionable lace skirt, executed in warm pastel shades of mint and pink colors.

Skirts 2015

Leather is not going to leave the podium. On the contrary, it will become more and more on demand. If in the past leather skirts were worn only by desperate fashion ladies, today, thanks to the hard work of designers, clothing made of this material adorn the silhouette of different ages and professions’ women.


The retro style is relevant not only in make up trends but also on the podium. In Spring 2015 will be in fashion trapezoidal shape skirts of short length, in the style of the 60’s.


Such favorite and fashionable in the 2000’s trapeze skirts appear again in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Their main advantage is the versatility. They are suitable for women of different height and build. The height of the heel plays an important role in the choice of this model. Using well-chosen shoes you can transform an office outfit into an evening look and go to a romantic dinner or movie.


Multi layered trend is evident in models of skirts. Authors of these products combine various textures of fabrics in order to impress fashionistas. Skirts can be decorated with fringe, feathers, trimmed with embroidery or special metalized threads, conferring a splendor of varying intensity.


Maxi silk skirts in various shades continue its trip across the fashion world. And if you add a high heel and a slit, you can become the owner of quite festive attire. Remember, high slits must be discrete and not disclose all your secrets.


Colors of skirts

The color range of Spring 2015 season skirts is all about pastel colors and discretion. Soft yellow, milky, blue and pink shades confer a feeling of comfort. Black and white combinations are still in fashion. Choosing this color range you will certainly be called a fashion person. The bright and complicated embroidery all over the bottom of the skirt will give you a strong and sometimes an aggressive attitude.


Please be careful when choosing an outfit because clothing reflect your inner soul and sometimes it can reveal more thank you imagine. As you have noticed, designers did not waste time in vain and created an incredibly wide style range of skirts for the coming spring-summer season. Select a suitable skirt, and spring will come today!

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