Wedding Nails 2017

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Surely every lady dreams that the most waited day of her life was perfect so even the manicure has to be an ideal one. These great nails will attract the attention of all the guests, being seen even in pictures and video. Therefore, the wedding nails will be chosen so as to match the bride’s dress, hairstyle, makeup and style. Most times, brides opt for nail polishes in shades of beige, pink and cream, because thanks to these colors the nails look more feminine.

Wedding nails for 2017

Wedding nail designs

Nail shape

The ideal rectangular shape of the nail is no longer fashionable this season. If you do not like the oval shape, then at least blunt the sharp corners. We will forget a little about the “cat” nails because they are no longer current. Although we do not have to strictly follow the fashion trends, we will first consider that the harmony in the image must be the most important. If your nail shape is round and not too big, leave 1 to 2 mm from the edge and give them a soft square shape. If your nails are very broad, round them a little and apply a nail polish in a brightest in color, leaving on both sides one millimeter to make the nail look visually thinner. But if you like long nails, then allow the master to round them a little, giving up for a time to square nail shapes.

Wedding nail shape 2017

oval shape

Thus, the following shapes entered on our improvised top:

  1. Oval shape
  2. Almond shape (for long nails)
  3. Oval-square shape
  4. Soft square shape

Long wedding nails

Short wedding nails

Wedding nails colors 2017

Every year, the wedding fashion is becoming more democratic and closer to usual lives. Thus, the use of bright nail polish shades and unusual color combinations, previously considered weird, already have become a habit.

Wedding nails 2017 colors

bright shades

The most fashionable shades of wedding nails 2017 will become the simple, yet stylish colors like – white, pink, cream, powder, coral, delicate purple, blue, nude.

simple stylish colors

What wedding nails are in style in 2017

French manicure

The French manicure is the simplest option for wedding nails, making the bride’s fingers look more groomed and delicate. The base coat will be the nail polishes in natural shades, the nail tips will be covered with white nail polish.

French wedding nails 2017

Wedding French manicure

Another type of French manicure – The Fun French, is characterized by the application of brighter nail polishes on the nail tips. This option is ideal for bold and extravagant brides.

Wedding nails 2017 fun french

Colorful French

Three-dimensional design and wedding nails drawings

The 3D nail design looks quite extravagant and deserves a chance to live. Various beads, rhinestones and whole stones construction will give the wedding nail a special note of originality and charm. Big sparkling sequins, unrepeatable lace, romantic curls and elegant strips will create an inimitable design and will give the image a touch of mystery.

3D Wedding nails 2017

Wedding nail drawings

Colored manicure

If you have short nails, you can cover them with nail polish in intense shades that will ideally fit with the colors of the wedding: purple, burgundy, claret and even green. The important is the harmony of the entire image. The 2017 fashion leaves room for experimentation, but urges us to return to natural yet refined looks.

Wedding nails 2017 colored

Wedding nails ideas

Wedding nails for thematic weddings 2017

Lately, many couples prefer a certain wedding theme. This is interesting both for themselves and for those invited to the event. In accordance with the chosen theme is also chosen the wedding dress, the wedding makeup and wedding bouquet, groom’s suit, room’s decoration, wedding invitations, and many other details. It would be ideal that nails correspond to the bride’s chosen wedding theme. The images represent wedding nails ideas for the most famous wedding themes: retro, hipsters, Chicago, Tiffany, boho, shabby chic and others.

  • For retro manicure: use red nail polish, Classic Half moon French or polka dots.
  • Hipsters style manicure: it is distinguished by bright colors and unexpected combination of colors and ornaments.
  • Tiffany style manicure: delicate shades of pink and turquoise, lace and bows.
  • Manicure in Chicago style of the 30’s: this type of manicure is characterized by black nail polish, sequins, embroidery and feathers.
  • Boho style manicure: are sophisticated and unusual nail ornaments.
  • Shabby chic manicure: manicure executed in faded pastel shades with floral ornaments.

Wedding nails 2017 polka dots

hipster style

Ideas for thematic weddings

Stylist’s tips on fashion wedding nails 2017

  • You have to choose the shape of the nail, which must match the personality, style and the wedding attire. Glamorous young ladies can opt for oval-square shape, more serious ladies – traditional style and round shapes, and stylish ladies – almond shaped nails;
  • If you decided to put artificial nails, then do it 3-4 days before the wedding, as you need to accustom to them and if you do not like the length, you will have time to modify it;
  • You must experiment with the length of the nail, the design, nail polish color at least a week before the wedding;
  • Note that the nail polish color should be in harmony with your skin color. Nail polishes in delicate shades – are suitable for ladies with light skin color: pink, blue, cream, pure white. Golden, orange hues- for owners of a peach complexion, ladies with dark complexion – unusual colors. The French manicure look perfect on tanned skin;
  • The nails decorations must be chosen in accordance with the final look of the wedding nails. For example, if you wear a pearl necklace, decorate the nails in pearly shades, if you wear a diamond necklace or diamond earrings – apply on nails a crystal powder or crystals, etc.

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