Wedding nails 2016

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The wedding is the most awaited and joyful moment in the life of every lady. Therefore, it has to be perfect and unforgettable. On this day, the bride is the most beautiful, delicate and unrepeatable. Her image is enchanting, broken from fairytale, and consists of many small stuffs. The bride must take care of every detail: the hair, the wedding dress, the makeup and of various accessories to form eventually an absolutely perfect image. Important details of the bride are the nails. Bride’s hands are always in the spotlight of guests and cameras, therefore, the manicure must be not only impeccable, but also to accentuate bride’s sensitivity and delicacy. It is impossible to not draw the attention to bride’s hands at the civil registry when signatures are put, or when the bride and groom exchange rings, greets guests or raises a glass with champagne. The manicure must a special one and at the same time not too imposing and vulgar. The aim is to complete the perfect picture of the bride.

Wedding nails 2016 design

First, you need to get acquainted with wedding nails designs. If you have decided to do it in a beauty salon, then show the master pictures of your wedding dress and bouquet, so as the manicures combine with your image. Any manicure can be decorated with additional paintings, stones, abstract elements, piercing. Also, the shape of the nail can be different, so it is important to get acquainted with any nail design.

Wedding nail designs 2016

Choosing the shape of the nail

Several consecutive seasons, one of the most fashionable nail shapes are oval and almond and wedding nails are no exception. In the 2016 wedding season, stylists are betting on naturalness and finesse. Therefore, medium oval nails are the main trend of the season. Their length must be only a few millimeters and apply nail polish, even the lightest color, so they look neat and romantic. It is also allowed the square shapes, but it should have slightly rounded corners. Instead very long or sharp nails, which look vulgar and unnatural, were driven away from the summer season.

Wedding nail designs 2016

Do not overdo it! Not every manicure trend is suitable for wedding. Choose its style according to the theme of the event. Metallic colors nail polishes would be suitable for ar-deco celebrations, nails with geometric patterns for wedding in retro style, artistic patterns with nail polishes of different colors are ideal for weddings in boho chic style. We recommend fashionista brides to draw attention to vertical French nails. It is important that your manicure look very stylish and neat, and not vulgar and tasteless…

Wedding nails

Pastel nail colors

Pastel nail polishes are universal and semi-translucent white and beige colors will never fail. Nail polishes in delicate colors of pink, blue, pale orange, pale violet will be ideal for wedding! If you want to do such manicure, combine pastel shades nail polishes with metal shades or with nail polish of the same color, but with a few darker shades (e.g. light blue with dark blue). Of course the nails must also match the wedding dress, and the makeup!

Wedding pastel shades nails

French manicure

The French manicure has become a classic used both in everyday life and at special events. This kind of manicure leaves your nails natural, only beautifying them slightly. The French manicure is ideal for any wedding look. At the moment, there are many methods of creating such a manicure. On the nail can be applied lace, drawings, gems and glitter. The color range can also be varied.

French wedding nails

Gel nail polish

Appeared recently, the gel nail polishes became a novelty in the art of manicure. This quality product has strengthening effect, can give your nails a healthy and beautiful aspect. It is not necessary nail surface biting before application. Nails are processed only with a dehydrating agent and then the gel nail polish is applied. Experts use this kind of nail polish to get an even better result. Gel nail polishes have a wide range of colors, a beautiful sheen and last more on the nail surface.

Wedding nails 2016 with gel nail polish

Shellac nails

The Shellac is also used by manicure experts. It is similar to the gel nail polish and thanks to the contained ingredients, the manicure lasts a month in an immaculate condition. You will never see scratches and other damages and they will not allow ruining your good mood even during the honeymoon.

Shellac wedding nails 2016

Stamping nail art

The execution of manicure using the stamping technique allows even beginners to create impressive nail designs, both on long nails, as well as on short nails. For the creation of such a manicure, you will need a template image and a silicone stamp for the application of the image on the nail. First, degrease the nails and apply the base gel nail polish. Then, remove the protective film from the metal disc. Place the silicone stamp on the disc with the pattern and hold for some seconds. Then, set the stamp on nails and press well, so that the image be transfers to the nail. You can apply the stamp only on the tip of the nail or on the entire nail. You need to remove the remains of the nail polish from the stamp before applying the pattern on other nail.

Stamping nail art for wedding 2016


Named the color of the year, Marsala shade reached the components of bride’s look. Wedding nails are no exception. Classic colors from red to dark burgundy can beautify brides nails this year as well. Of course, in such shades nail polishes must associate harmoniously with other details of the image (for example, a wine-color lipstick, the ribbon on the bouquet or burgundy stone earrings).

2015 marsala wedding nails

Short nails

If you didn’t managed to grow your nails until this important event, then use the current and interesting designs that we have prepared especially for you.

Short wedding nails 2016

Nude nails

Simplicity and the classic style are in fashion this year. Thus, nude nails are leaders in the fashion world. What color will you choose: pastel, vanilla, ivory or white? Such harmonious color range can be associated with even the most sophisticated wedding dress design.

Nude wedding nails 2016

Lace nails

In order to create such wedding manicure on short nails it is necessary to use pastel colors: light pink as well as beige and transparent. Such nails will give a touch of femininity and aristocratism. The lace pattern is applied with a brush or the prepared lace is glued on the nail applying on top a fixing coat.

Wedding lace nails 2016

What manicure to avoid?

Stones, leopard print, piercing, feathers, letters, stars, hearts, decorative flowers… All this will be unnecessary for this romantic holiday. The nails must look impeccable! False nails and those with a vulgar form are also considered to be a bad taste.

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