Wedding hairstyles 2016

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Nowadays, the wedding hairstyles are no longer as they were a few decades ago. It still remained one of the most important details in the image of a bride. Therefore, special attention will be given to its creation. Remember that in your wedding day, you will be in the spotlight and only on you depend on whether your wedding hairstyle will harmoniously complete the image or on the contrary, will simplify it. That is why, the wedding hairstyle will be chosen long before the big event. To do this, you need to describe the wedding outfit and accessories to the hairdresser and make a trial hairstyle. Otherwise, you will face an unpleasant situation when the hairdresser creates a completely different hairstyle than the one you wanted, and until the wedding remained less than an hour.

Wedding hairstyles for 2016

In addition, when choosing a wedding hairstyle, take into consideration also the hair length as the hairstyle for short hair and the one for medium or long hair look completely different. We will give you advice on how to choose the right wedding hairstyle and we will show examples of wedding hairstyles so that you could easily choose what you prefer.

Wedding hairstyles pictures 2016

Consider also the simple tips that will help you choose the wedding hairstyles the images of which can be found on the internet or in magazines from beauty salons.

Tips on choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle:

  • Ideally, would be to make appointments to few hairdressers, to elect the one that will be comfortable to work with. The specialist must be able to give you the right advice, not just to agree with you.
  • The hairstyle will be chosen not only by style, or for example only from magazines that show wedding hairstyles long hair. You can try and see different options. It is important to match it with your face shape and wedding dress. For example, if the dress is pretty simple in classic style, then the hairstyle must only emphasize the outfit, but to not draw attention to it.
  • It is very important for you to choose what you will put on your head in the wedding day because wedding hairstyles with veil do not look the same as those with tiara or crown.
  • Before going to the hairdresser, choose those wedding hairstyles that you like, then choose the ideal option for you with the specialist.
  • You have to do a sample wedding hairstyle. You must not only like it, but also feel good with it. Try to take a picture with the hairstyle and wearing the wedding dress. In this way you can see from one side if the hairstyle matches the image or if you have to choose something else. In addition, you will be able to show your hairdresser the small defects, because in the wedding day, everything must be perfect.
  • Watch how long the trial hairstyle is made. This way you can easily schedule other tasks on your wedding day.
  • Choose carefully the accessories for the wedding hairstyle. These can be various clips, beads and flowers. However, the accessories must not be many in order to not take the attention out of the hairstyle.
  • Don’t let the hairdresser use very much hairspray with glitter. It looks tasteless. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy and smooth hair. So, take care in advance of you hair by applying nourishing hair masks or other procedures recommended by your hairdresser.
  • Don’t experiment with hair dying before the wedding. If you intend to do this, then do in advance in order to correct in case the expected result will not be the one you expected. Few days before your wedding, you can paint only the grown roots so that the hair looks fresh and neat.
  • There are hairdressers, who may insist that you do a hairstyle advised by them. This will give proof only of their lack of professionalism. For example, hairstyles for medium hair can be executed in several variants proposed by your hairdresser, but the choice is only yours.

Wedding hairstyle 2016

Wedding hairstyle trends 2016

Wedding hairstyles 2016 are characterized by aristocratism, finesse, femininity. It is very important that your hairstyle have a nice sheen and is accurately executed to create a special luxury and style. Wedding hairstyle with long curls remains actual this season as well: you can leave them free, execute them in small or large waves, or weave them into a beautiful romantic braid.

Wedding hairstyles for long and medium hair 2016

Wedding hairstyles for long and medium hair


The minimalist style is very suitable for the occasion: an airy and simple hairstyle, with minimum setting products, complemented by a big accessory will become an ideal option for a party in any style. Ideally is that the hair to be tight on the top of the head or on the forehead.

Wedding hairstyles 2016 in minimalist style

Careless negligence

Instead of exact hairstyling, where each hair stand is in his place, come magic and light hairstyles. Light braids and soft negligent ponytails look very interesting. No less interesting looks also the flowing hair, with minimal styling products. As for accessories, it is sufficient to choose a sufficiently large clip or a few small “pearls”. Such hairstyle best will be combined with a sundress or a simple cut dress being an excellent option for a summer wedding or a beach wedding.

Creative weeding hairstyles

Smooth hair bun

In the coming year, stylists recommend elegant brides to gather the hair into a low smooth hair bun. Such practical ballet hairstyle will make your image delicate, feminine and refined. By the way, the hair bun can also be decorated with flowers, ribbons and beautiful clips! As you can see, 2016 wedding hairstyles can be also in classic style.

Wedding 2016 hair bun styles

Boho chic style and bohemian hairstyles

It is the embodiment of femininity, beauty and harmony. This style emerged in the 60’s and is a mix of different cultures and eras. The lightness and simplicity combine harmoniously with complex shapes. For decoration are mainly used natural materials – silk and chiffon ribbons, flowers, lace straps, velvet clips and more.

Boho chic and bohemian wedding hairstyles 2016

Gypsophila in hair

The 2016 wedding hairstyles can also be “floral”. The flowers in bride’s hair (for example in the form of tiaras), are already a classic. Usually, large buds (big flowers look beautiful and also impressive) are used. But in 2016, designers recommend a more delicate “floral option”! Embellishing the hair with small flowers of Gypsophila, you get a romantic, feminine and fresh look. Braid the plant in braids, embellish with flowers both the gathered hair, as well as the hair left half back. Because the flowers of this plant are light and small, it’s easy to decorate your hair with them.

2015 wedding hairstyles with Gypsophyla

Creative hair buns

This kind of wedding hairstyle does not lose its actuality; a smooth and laconic hair arrangement can not just emphasize facial features, but also the beauty of the hair. The hair necessarily has to be shiny and smooth so that the hairstyle that does not lose its beauty. Such a hairstyle can be decorated with a tiara or a stylish clip. Very nice look hair buns made of braids, or hair strands left to harmoniously fall.

Creative 2016 wedding hair buns


The retro style hairstyles are very popular: if before were more actual curls for medium hair, now owners of long hair can also spoil with a similar hairstyle. Big curls are arranged in an artistic wave on a side and are secured with clips or staples. The hair is decorated with ribbons, flowers, hair needles, beads, ridges, feather clips. Also can be used long and short veils.

Wedding hairstyle with curls 2016


Make braids! Thick, thin, with or without accessories, around the head and “alongside”. You can not braid all the hair – braids created from half of hair look also beautiful (such hairstyle is ideal for ladies with hair without much volume).

Wedding hairstyles with braids 2016

With tiara

Beautifully arranged hair can be embellished with various accessories. Veil, flowers, stones, bright hairpins will make your bride image look completely and stylish. One traditional option is the tiara. There is an enormous variety of diadems of various shapes, sizes and style: thin tiaras, tall and large crowns, decorated with many shiny stones and simple diadems. You should know that a tiara not necessarily have to be decorated with gemstones and cost a fortune. Diadems decorated with stones look as beautiful as those with precious stones. For bridal tiara to decorate the bride’s really beautiful image, it must be properly braided in the hair.

Wedding tiara hairstyles 2016

With flowers

Wedding hairstyles with flowers are in fashion this year more than ever. Flowers can be applied to any hairstyle. Even if you decide to let the hair down or braid a simple braid without using stylists services, and decorate with a delicate bouquet of roses or if you put a lily on the temples – you will surely be the finest and refined bride. With flowers, the bridal image can be combined with colors of the entire wedding, which will have similar flowers as decoration.

Wedding hairstyles 2016 using flowers

Wedding hairstyles 2016 for short hair

For brides with short hair, retro style hairstyles will be suitable, that were worn in the 20’s and 30’s of last century. The hair can be arranged in curls without volume, it can be used a tiara or the hairstyle can be decorated with a flower applied to one side. The retro style is very delicate and elegant; therefore it fits perfectly with the wedding ceremony.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair 2016

Wedding hairstyles with veil pictures

The veil is an indispensable accessory for any wedding hairstyle. Many will not agree with this statement, considering that this accessory is history, although there are many hairstyles with veil, created by talented stylists. See below a collage with such wedding hairstyles.

Wedding hairstyles with veil 2016

Without veil but with accessories

And for those who do not like the veil at all, there are many options that make a bride’s hairstyle look no less luxurious look using special accessories, with the role of a veil. See the selection of images below, where we present a lot of wedding hairstyles ideas for brides who prefer to not wear a veil.

Wedding hairstyles with accessories

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