Wedding Dresses 2017

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The fashion world in terms of weddings does not stand still and wedding dresses 2017 have already been demonstrated at New York fashion week. The event was attended by renowned fashion houses in wedding fashion industry, who unveiled the basis of fashion trends in terms of weddings 2017. Every bride should take care not only of the dress but also of the hairstyle, makeup and manicure in order to get the perfect image.

Wedding dresses for 2017

We have to note from the start that traditionally, wedding dresses keep their style with each passing season, although there are some trends, elements, details and fashion updates, that definitely worth your attention.

Long sleeves – the eternal classics

Within the Wedding Fashion Week, many designers showed dresses with long sleeves. It is said that Kate Middleton was the one who revived the fashion on long lace sleeves, elegance and simplicity of wedding dresses. Although, if the upper part of the dress, the bride’s shoulders or arms are decorated with fabrics and additional materials, this does not mean it should look simple. On most presented designs, the basque and sleeves were made as a spider web, creating the divestment effect. The closed top, decorated with lace sleeves, bright decor, pearls and beads creates an enhanced visual interest.

Long sleeved wedding dresses 2017

sleeved princess

sleeved mermaid

Bared back – the more bared, the more stylish

Although the bared back is on top of the list of most requested and most fashionable items, the 2017 wedding dresses are intensively using this trend, bringing more news and juicy details. This season, they will delight those passionate of bare outfits with indiscreet portions in various regions of bride’s body, this does not looking vulgar but rather creating the feeling that designers are playing hide-and-seek with lace. Therefore, you will see and admire beautiful dresses with bare back, daring necklines; will be fashionable also the laced back, dresses with slits and other details that spicy lay the bride’s bare body parts.

Backless wedding dresses 2017

laced back

backless designs

Transparent corset

Perhaps some brides believe that wedding dress with transparent corset is an atavism of the 90’s, but let’s look at them with the eyes of famous designers. Elegant waist designs certainly can give some form to classical fluffy dresses, prom dresses, and some 2017 wedding dresses designs combine in it a fluffy skirt with corset, executed in the style of underwear. Decorated with delicate lace, crystals, beads and pearls, this is nothing like underwear, hence it can become the ideal choice for a summer wedding.

Wedding dress 2017 with corset

corset princess

Daring neckline

Considering the current fashion for sexy backless wedding dresses, it was quite predictable that sooner or later the great popularity will enjoy wedding dress with a plunging and daring neckline, because the climax should be not only the beautiful back of the bride. Among the fashion trends in terms of wedding dresses 2017 we can see a variety of shapes, types and methods of neck execution. Some designers try to lower the gown’s neckline as much as possible, exposing the bride’s body, while others – try to hide it under lace, mesh and other interesting items. Some have managed to combine both.

Wedding dresses 2017 neckline

deep neckline

Wedding dresses 2017 with 3D effect

How beautiful and unusual can look wedding dresses 2017 with flying butterflies on the skirt or corset! The dresses decorated with wonderful flowers, made from the finest fabrics, will not leave indifferent any bride. The 3D style elements are already used by fashion designers in several consecutive seasons, but on wedding dresses, they look really mysterious. Bulky items can decorate absolutely any part of the wedding dress, starting withy the skirt and ending with the corset, straps or belt.

Wedding dresses 2017 3D effect

3D flowers


Feathers are accessories that decorated fashionistas outfits from different generations, whether ladies or fancy ladies from the Chicago musical. Designers did not stop using feathers and decorate various elements of the wedding dress: corset, skirt, and sometimes all dress – from top to bottom. The classic wedding dress skillfully decorated with feathers gets a special note of celebration and look original, stylish and airy. The designer of wedding dresses Vera Wang was always very unusual in her approach and her 2017 feathered wedding dresses can be worn not just on the wedding day. Why? She shows us a wedding dress with the skirt decorated with feathers and executed in black.

Feather wedding dresses 2017

beige feathered

Colored prints

Several consecutive seasons, the wedding fashion recommends brides colorful wedding dresses. The 2017 dresses are no exception and keep the multicolored trend, giving a touch of romance. Designers recommend us not only monochromatic dresses, but also designs decorated with various prints. Wedding dresses with colored prints look like the painter has used a brush to do the painting.

Wedding dresses 2017 with prints

long printed

Natural waist wedding dresses 2017 with additional skirt

This is an ideal option for those brides, who want to combine two dresses. On one hand, you are a romantic bride and a puffy wedding dress 2017 will give you the possibility to feel a real queen, and on the other hand – the natural waist wedding dress gives the image a touch of refinement and delicacy. Designers recommend various designs among which: with tulle or lace skirt, as well as skirts executed from organza, silk or chiffon.

Wedding dresses 2017 with additional skirt

mermaid with puffy skirt

white laced additional skirt

Short wedding dresses

Each wedding season, each designer and each collection can not be without a little white dress. The short wedding dresses 2017 are presented in different patterns: short fluffy dresses, natural waist, short dresses with long sleeves or with a covered top, with transparent corset and bared back. Some designers offer designs that can be worn not only on the wedding day, but also at a dinner in a restaurant, a celebration, at a cocktail party, etc.

Short wedding dresses 2017

Simple short

Bridal pant suit

2016 bridal pant suits will enjoy the brides who love wearing pants and comfortable outfits with novelties such as wedding overall, wedding prom trouser suit, etc. Angel Sanchez has used the finest fabrics creating bridal trouser suit, characterized by a chiffon top and guipure pants.

Bridal pant suit 2017

White womens pantsuit

Every lady wants her wedding dress to be very beautiful and fashionable. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the outfit: stores offer a wide range of products and girlfriends come with many tips. However, the wedding dress is chosen only by personal preferences and tastes as the wedding celebration is only yours. But still, do not forget to take into account the fashion trends.

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