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Blazer jackets are an important detail of the female wardrobe. Despite what profession you have, how old are you what size of clothes you have, a jacket must be certainly present in your collection. Besides other advantages, a jacket is capable to correct the body shape with the condition that it is selected appropriately. Follow our simple recommendations and find your suitable model with no trouble.

How to wear a blazer jacket

How to wear a jacket if you have a hourglass body shape?

The best way to accentuate the hourglass body shape is to wear a fitted jacket with a thin strap or a belt on a slim waist. Fitting shape jackets will be appropriate for you if they will end in the hips area. Jackets with large pockets on the hips are undesirable because it would violate the harmony of proportions.

How to wear jackets: Selena Gomez; Duchess Kate

Selena Gomez — Duchess Kate

How to wear a jacket if you have a pear shaped body?

Representatives of this body type should opt for  fitted silhouette jackets, hiding the hips. Choose elongated models of jackets that reach mid-thigh and cover the buttocks. Appropriate for you are also jackets that emphasize the shoulder line, with shoulder pads, with ruffles on the collar or with shoulder straps.

What to wear with a blazer jacket: Jessica Alba; Winona Ryder

Jessica Alba — Winona Ryder

How to wear a jacket if you have a rectangular body shape?

The proportions of the rectangular shape will make more feminine long jackets with an emphasized waist. Appropriate for you will be jackets with vertical strip or with any vertical details. If you can not find such, use a blouse with a contrast edge piping or with a long pendant. Shortened jackets and jackets with the folds should no be avoided.

H ow to wear a jacket like Brooklyn Decker and Kate Mara

Kate Mara — Brooklyn Decker

How to wear a jacket if you have an upside down triangle body shape?

Wide slip pockets in the hips area will help balance the proportions of the upper and lower body. You absolutely do not fit models with bulky collars and shoulder pads, because they extend the already voluminous line of shoulders and chest. The perfect for you  jacket should be a short-cut, hip-length, V-neck or with a deep oval cut.

Should i wear a jacket: Nicky Reed; Lindsay Lohan

Nicky Reed — Lindsay Lohan

How to wear a jacket if you have an apple-shaped body?

Owners of apple-shaped body should opt for jackets with a long straight cut bottom. Shoulders should be dense and crisp, but not too voluminous. Instead of double-breasted jacket it is better to choose a jacket with one button clasp. The jacket should sit more or less freely in the abdominal area, not stretching this area. The length of the jacket should be not above or below the hips, that is mid-thigh.

Reese Witherspoon wearing a jacket with jeans; Solange Knowles with skirt

Reese Witherspoon — Solange Knowles

General tips on how to choose jackets for different body shapes:

  • The overweight will help disguise jackets in dark colors or vertical stripes.
How wear a jakets Cate Blanchett; Kim Kardashian

Cate Blanchett — Kim Kardashian

  • Thinness will hide jackets in men’s cut with a stand-up collar. And the size of this model must accurately be chosen. Not tall ladies should not choose long jackets that can visually shorten the leg.
How wear a jaket Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

  • Do not get shapeless jackets, if in doubt of your body shape. These tend to emphasize only the imperfections and do not a female figure graceful.
How wear a jaket Emma Stone; Nicole Richie

Emma Stone — Nicole Richie

  • Blazer jackets with three quarters sleeves, as well as with a large trim with galloons, slip pockets, big buttons are suitable only for tall skinny girls.
Ways to wear a blazer jacket Gwyneth Paltrow; Miranda Kerr

Gwyneth Paltrow — Miranda Kerr

  • The color also have an important role. Light shades will visually add the body a few kilos while dark on contrary, will make it neat.

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