Trendy Women’s Pants Spring-Summer 2018

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We present images the spring-summer 2018 pants trends straight from the catwalks. As you know, summer is the time of light fabrics, bright and pastel, floral prints and easy cut. One of the most current trends of the spring-summer season is the high waist, which is observed in pants, skirts and shorts. Pictures from prêt-a-porter fashion shows will help you learn how to wear a particular pants design.

Womens pants 2018

High Waisted Pants

The high-waist stands out not only in trousers, generally being a fashion characteristic that looks good in combination with appropriate tops, blouses and sweaters. High-waisted pants will be worn with straps or belts, crop-tops, avant-garde blouses, short oversize sweaters.

High waisted pants spring summer 2018

office with high waist


Shorten and large culottes continue to occupy top positions among other fashion trends for 2018 spring-summer season. Although the changes are obvious: designers make this pattern look more wearable and versatile, offering new options for culottes, giving up on harsh fabrics and opting for casual designs.

pants 2018 culottes

What pants to wear in summer 2018

Palazzo Pants

Spring and summer is traditionally the most ideal time to wear wide-legged pants, including stylish and feminine palazzo pants, which sometimes puts the movement in difficulty. Lately, designers propose us wide palazzo patterns to the knee, which almost always completely hide the shoes.

Wide-leg pants spring summer 2018


Leather and Vinyl

Leather pants are not so many as in previous seasons, but tend not to entirely disappear and still can not be considered obsolete. In order to make them more current, these are combined with other trends creating leather culottes pants, high-waisted leather pants, leather paterns with crocodile and snake print.

Black fashion leather pants 2018



This trend was heard very loudly last season, when daring cutouts of different lengths appeared on pants and sleeves. Today, the trend evolves even more being present on many of patterns of women’s pants with cutouts.


Elegant and feminine pants with crease

Long time ago, the crease was an indispensable feature of women’s pants, but lately, the boundaries between casual and office began to be erased. Finally, another trend emerged when those casual patterns has a crease characteristic to the office style.

Stylish pants 2018


Plaid Pants

Such patterns can definitely be called the classic of feminine style. Plaid pants look ideal in warm shades, allowing the creation of a typical British style, calm and elegant. But the current fashion is not only alive thanks to the classical style, therefore, in collections can be found plaid of absolutely any size and color.

wide plaid

Spring summer women pants 2018 plaid


Vertical stripes visually elongate the silhouette, a great advantage for ladies who are not so high and who do not own ideal body shapes. Spring-summer 2018 comes with a large variety of striped pants.

What pant’s length to wear

fashion pants 2018 with vertical stripes

Oriental style: harem pants, breeches and narrow at the bottom designs

Oriental style pants are back in fashion and conquered the catwalks by the variety of designs, which will please absolutely any fashionista. Some will opt for oversize style, others for classical carrot pants or narrow at the ankle and wide in the thighs.

pants 2018 spring summer oriental style

What pants to wear in 2018

Sport Style

The sport chic is present in more and newer clothes. Now, we are recommended to wear it also in weekdays. Wide leg pants, tight and skinny with piping are a big trend of the spring and summer season.

Women sport style pants spring summer 2018

casual designs

Shiny pants: Metalized fabrics, pearl effect, lurex

The gloss is a wonderful feature of any stylish clothes, especially if it is a fashion clothing or accessory for spring-summer 2018. In collections you can find many pants designs with pearlescent, metallic and crystal shine.

Metallic pants for woman


Embroidery, applications, inlay

The 3D decorative elements are present on spring-summer 2018 apparel and designers haven’t overlooked pants. The most famous decor is floral compositions applied to the sides of pants. Also, inlay of crystals, fringes and other accessories can be found.

Embroidery pants 2018

What pants to wear in spring 2018

Flared Pants

We adore and remember the flared pants back from the 70’s, this trend appearing and disappearing regularly on fashion catwalks. In spring-summer 2018 season the flare in very actual but not the one we used to see those times. The flare is soft and gradually, therefore, flared pants fit even those with larger proportions, which normally aren’t advised to wear such designs.


Ribbed cotton and Velvet

Not very practical, luxurious, very beautiful and pleasant to the touch are a few particularities of corduroy and velvet pants for 2018. They are certainly not intended to be worn daily, but are ideal for special events. Remember that these fabrics are rather dense and tend to add a few extra pounds.

Women velvet pants 2018


The pants designs put at our disposal are characterized by soft silky touch fabrics, in absolutely different shades and absolutely for every taste. We have only to choose what suits us the most.

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