Trendy Shorts Spring-Summer 2021

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Such a detail of the women’s wardrobe, such as shorts, is no longer considered a summer fashion item. Modern fashionists wear shorts all year round, combining them with tops, blouses, down jackets and boots. But most of the time shorts are worn in the warm season, because spring and summer you want to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible and this clothing can help you. See below what shorts will be fashionable in the spring and summer of 2021.

Women shorts 2021

Bermuda shorts

The shorts design called “Bermuda” is again on fashion podiums, and now they are firmly in position. A distinctive feature of these shorts is the sleek cut and the length that reaches almost to the knees. Initially, Bermuda were considered exclusively male designs, but today the elegant shorts have become popular in the women’s wardrobe. This time designers, including Ace & Jig, Beyond Closet, Emma Mulholland, Escada, Tod’s, decided that these shorts would be made from thin knitwear, denim, trench cloth, velvet and even deer skin leather, you decide on to choose it.

Bermuda shorts spring summer 2021


What shorts to wear in spring 2021

Mini shorts

Despite some changes, so-called mini-shorts are still in fashion. And if earlier designers have recommended paying attention to ultra short shorts with a low waist, today everything has changed dramatically, the waist is very high, sometimes even turning into a semi-corset. Such shorts can become part of many styles: from sporty and casual to elegant and even business. Such variations of this design offered in their Spring-Summer fashion collections 2021 Anna Sui, Baja East, Carven, Dries Van Noten, Moschino, Prada.

Shorts spring summer 2021 mini length

mini with high waist

Shorts 2021 ladies

Cuffed shorts

Distinctive feature of shorts for women in the spring-summer season 2021 are the cuffs of different widths. Their style can be very diverse – wide and narrow, short and long, the main thing is this fashionable detail. I have to say that the cuff offers the design a certain rigor and elegance and even makes shorts denim look unusual and elegant. You can make sure of this by considering models from fashion connoisseurs such as Adam Selman, Tom Ford, Trussardi.

Office style shorts 2021


Best women shorts

Knee length shorts

If a few seasons ago in fashion were shorts, today, despite the warm season, variations that just reach or fully reach the knee line are more popular. Such shorts, in completely different styles, from elegant and restrained to sportive and creative, have been presented in their new collections by many designers, among which we highlight the patterns proposed by Aalto, And Re Walker, Atlein, Chanel, Tibi, Véronique Leroy, Y Project, Y-3.

Knee high shorts 2021 spring summer



festive knee length

Classic shorts

Every season, despite the variety of designs and designer’s imagination, the classic shorts for women remain fashionable. Nothing unnecessary – medium length, moderate width, the absence of excessive amounts of detail and decorations, faded colors and traditional textures characterize classic pants. These shorts, which have long been a part of the business look, are well combined with blouses, jackets and sweaters, are also suited for various receptions and holidays. We admire the options presented by Alice+Olivia, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Tod’s.

Classic shorts spring summer 2021

classic with high waist

Summer classic shorts 2021 for women

Pajama style

Appearing a few seasons ago, the pajamas style has come to this wardrobe element such as shorts. Shorts, made of cotton or satin, traditional colors for pajamas, lack of cuts and complex details have become a real hit in spring-summer 2021. Such shorts are not so comfortable and practical, but it is worthwhile your attention because they have a certain charm. Similar patterns were seen in collections from Adam Selman, Akira, Elisabetta Franchi, Versace.

What shorts to wear in 2021


Unusual cut

Unusual clothes are regularly present in all categories, and shorts are not an exception. Atlein, Au Jour Le Jour, David Koma, Elisabetta Franchi, Valentino have made enormous efforts to create truly wonderful masterpieces. Thanks to this fashion, the world has seen plenty of original creative variations of shorts.

Summer shorts 2021 with high waist



Evening designs

Women’s shorts have long been on par with dresses, skirts, pants and blouses and are considered a full base for evening outfits. This is the reason why designers do not cease to surprise us with unique evening shorts in every new fashion season. Patterns from Alessandra Rich, Elisabetta Franchi, Ashish amaze us by simplicity, elegance, refinement and originality.

Evening shorts spring summer 2021




The denim shorts certainly do not have to miss our wardrobe this season. Such shorts, like jeans, are considered a universal popular garment because they fit perfectly with many elements of the women’s closet and can always help when the eternal woman’s question is “What to wear?”. The denim shorts can have very different styles, and this is proven by the patterns presented on the spring-summer 2021 fashion catwalk by Anna Sui, Coach 1941, Elisabetta Franchi, Au Jour Le Jour, Baja East, Frame Denim, Versace.

Denim shorts spring summer 2021


What shorts to wear in summer 2021

Denim shorts with embroidery

Leather shorts

A huge popularity in the warm season of 2021 has leather shorts. And I have to say that the designs presented by many designers, including Christian Dior, Diesel Black Gold, Emporio Armani, Ganni, Trussardi, Zadig & Voltaire look very elegant, stylish, refined and feminine.

Ladies leather shorts 2021


leather with high waist

The spring-summer season 2021 comes not only with warm and beautiful weather, but also interesting and original patterns of shorts. The diversity shown is a very large one and will certainly be useful when choosing the right pair of shorts.

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