Trendy Shoes Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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Shoes play a very important role in a woman’s life. This type of highly demanded and loved footwear is currently able to change the image, transforming a simple office worker in an irresistible charm, and a simple housewife in a romantic and uninhibited person. Not to mention the shoes influence on the mind and heart of men. We know that no man will overlook a well groomed lady wearing a pair of shoes with stiletto heels. Namely about best shoes for the 2017-2017 autumn-winter season we will talk in this material. It’s time to find out what shoe designs will be worn in the new fashion season.

Shoes 2018

Mary Jane Shoes

Female shoes with round toe and a strap are called Mary Jane. And if previously they were only on flat soles, then now, fashionistas are provided various options: stiletto heels, massive high platforms, tread, etc. It also refers to the round toe. Some designers advice us to abandon the outdated rules and opt for most democratic ones.

Women’s shoes 2018 Mary Jane

Mary Jane comfortable heel

What shoes to wear in fall 2017

A special joy give us brands like Altuzarra, Bottega Veneta and Mary Katrantzou in whose collections can be seen Mary Jane shoes with pointed toe and the presence of several straps simultaneously.

Pointy toe designs

high heel

Stilettos Fall-Winter 2017-2017

Classic stiletto shoes are very popular for several consecutive seasons. Well how else can it be? This stylish and universal design fits every woman, without exception because wearing a pair of shoes every woman will look at height both literally and figuratively. But of course there were deviations from generally accepted canons. Some designers chose to decorate shoes with rhinestones; others with strange heels and the rest have seen fit to leave classic shoes without any modification. You decide what stiletto design to wear.

Stiletto shoes fall winter 2017 2018

fashion elegant

leather stilettos

Combined Materials

Combining what can not be combined is one of the main trends of the season and several other previous seasons. If before fashionistas were thinking how will look the combination of materials, colors and different textures, then now, experiments and daring looks are only welcomed. If you prefer, you can opt for textiles and shoes fur, or if you like different textures and contrast color combinations, it’s your choice. Experience as your soul wants!

women thick heel

Shoes Fall 2017 winter 2018: combined materials

Massive Heels and Wedges

The taller, the better! And we are not just talking about stilettos and platforms but about massive and high heels, so adored by modern designers. Looking at these shoes, one thought comes in head: how extravagant and unusual they look. Although, brands were not limited to heel enormous height and thickness. They decided to blur the minds of all their admirers. For example, Maison Margiela and Mary Katrantzou decorated their shoes with leopard prints, while Prada and Michael Kors brutal buckles and metal inserts.

Womens shoes 2017 2018 fall winter: massive heels and platforms

best thick heel and platform

casual designs

What shoes to wear in winter 2018

Original Heel

“Strange” heels have left fashion catwalks and with their help brands have put the icing on the cake even in the most simple and boring looks. Even if you wear a gray office style suit for sure you will not look monotonous also wearing a pair of shoes with unusual heels. If you opt for such shoes, even in a simple environment you will look interesting, unusual and mysterious.

Festive medium heeled womens shoes



Flat Sole

If you have always preferred fashionable shoes which at the same time are comfortable, then take out of the closet your derby, oxford, loafers, ballet, broggy and top-sider shoes, better said, any shoes on flat soles. If it will be sporty and masculine, do not worry, it’s just your advantage. We must mention that these shoes designs became very unusual. For example, loafers can be decorated with a large buckle and a pointed toe, and instead of flats, brands urges us to wear ballet shoes.

Shoes 2018 flat sole

Womens office designs

casual flat sole


Stylish boots


genuine leather comfortable

Shoes with Cutout Sides

The new cold season comes with many designs of shoes with cutouts, which have only the front and heel covered. But in conditions of heavy rain and cold, they will not be in high demand, instead for a festive evening or to go to work, cutout shoes can be the right decision.

Fall 2017 best shoes


black evening

Rich Décor

Shoes decorated in abundance again conquered all worlds’ podiums. Leaders in this direction became the renowned brand Dolce & Gabbana, where can be found many shoes designs with an original and expensive decor. The question arises: do we have to wear these shoes? Or maybe their place is on a shelf next to souvenirs?

 shoes fall winter 2017 2018: decor

festive with thick heel

If instead a woman welcomes a less pathetic décor, we recommend the shoes with leather frills, metal rivets, straps, rhinestones and beads, which also deserve a special attention. Ladies can opt for more modest designs with small monochrome ribbons (Giambattista Valli, Jason Wu).

What shoes to wear in 2018

Fashion shoes for woman



Actual Prints

Printed shoes are the one that dominates all the catwalks. In this chapter, the new season does not differ in any of the foregoing. Like in the past, leopard, reptiles and other animal motifs, floral compositions, stripes and dots are the most actual prints. The only thing we want to mention is that everything should be in moderation. If you decide to wear yellow shoes with black dots or, for example, shoes that mimic the skin of a mythical red python, then we recommend that other details of the look to be less extravagant.

Women shoes fall winter 2017 2018: print

Stylish womens shoes

animal print

What shoes color to wear in 2018


Here comes to an end this material about trendy shoes for fall-winter 2017-2017 season. As you’ve already convinced, the new line of shoes proved to be again very varied and interesting. You will just have to understand what exactly you want.

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