Trendy men’s bags Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Trendy men’s bags

Today we will speak about modern men, about those who spend more than 5 minutes to create his own look, who knows how to use hairstyling products and takes with him all necessary objects of gentlemen’s room.

Groomed and noble representatives of the fair sex will always carry a price, and that means it’s time to find out exactly how should look the one who does not want to blend in and not be left without a women’s attention.

So a nice suit, clean shoes and an ironed shirt is certainly ok, but still not original. Today in trend is the casual style, which means that it is time, dear boys, to get all necessary attributes of this style. And in addition to comfy pants and practical shoes, you can not do without accessories. Yes, about them we will discuss today.

A bag is an important and necessary part of male’s wardrobe. Gone are the days when it was fashionable to hold the keys, phone and the wallet in hands. Today, it looks much more stylish when ones hands are free and ready at any moment to hug his girlfriend, and please leave all the necessary “stuff” your bag.

Bags can be classified according to its form, rigidity and locking method.

Men’s bags

The most popular forms in the fall-winter 2015-2015 season will be the following models: rectangular, square, trapezoidal, semicircular. The bag size depends on the purpose for which it was acquired. Although recently popular are products of medium size with handles that resemble a suitcase.

As for the locking method, designers advise to give preference to models with a zipper and samples with lace (upper part is tightened with a strap or a lace).

According to the rigidity degree there are no strict limitations. You can buy a product of thick leather or a semi-rigid bags model of dense fabric.

Leather has been and remains the most popular material for bags. Why? The answer is obvious – it’s a quality, stylish and practical product. Men are used to purchase anything for a long time, so the price question arises extremely rare, especially when they get in their hands really high-quality products.

As for the color, there is a preference for the classics – black and all shades of brown. It should be noted the widespread use of red and burgundy in fall-winter 2015-2015 collections. This product can be combined with almost any casual outfit that makes the bag more and more popular.

And now we offer you a review of models of fashionable men’s bags from the autumn-winter 2015-2015 collections.

So, 3.1 Phillip Lim advice men to fashionable bags without handles made of leather and fur, as well as a midsize briefcase bag.

Men’s bags Fall

Handbags by Berluti are very diverse. Here we can see rectangular models, folder-bags, bags “over the shoulder”, as well as backpacks.


Men’s bags Winter

Bags from BOSS are different by their distinct shapes (in the collection are presented models of simple geometric shapes) and the absence of any additional decorations. Handles and zipper is that is characteristic of this brand’s handbags.


Accessories from the collection of Bottega Veneta represent small products, designed to be worn in hands, though the bags of this brand have a long handle that makes them more comfortable.

Bottega Veneta

Only Burberry Prorsum decided to experiment with the color, creating bags with abstract and tribal prints.

Burberry Prorsum

The fashionable color burgundy can be found in the collection by DKNY MEN.


“All in check” – can be described the collection of the fashion house Etro, in which not only the suit and tie are made ​​of the same material, but the pattern of clothes is also repeated in bags.


Backpacks bags from Fendi can be harmoniously combined with a coat or a leather jacket.


Giorgio Armani presented bags in two trends – mini and maxi. First differ by streamlining and can easily replace a purse, and second are for those who are going into a distant journey.

Giorgio Armani

Trendy moss green and mustard color you will find in the collection of Gucci.


Most daring representative should pay attention to rectangular bags from Hermes, where, incidentally, the form is not the main advantage of the product. Here, the color is more important.


At the end of the review I want to draw your attention to Prada collection, where you can find medium-sized bag with plenty of pockets, and a model with straps.


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