Trendy handbags Spring-Summer 2016: Paris Fashion Week

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Trendy handbags

Recently, fashionistas are not so interested in the new dresses presented on catwalks more than in accessories, among which are off course the bags.

A lot of persons believe that the correct form of bags and the memorable color will help make the look more stylish and attractive. And the issue with the main emphasis will be solved by itself, because we often spend hours scratching our heads over what to do the main part of the image: belt, shoes, or maybe without bright accents?

Miu Miu handbag

Our today’s review will describe the handbags from Paris Fashion Week for Spring-Summer 2016 where the majority of presented brands are the main experts in the design of accessories.

Chloe handbag Chloe handbag

Spring-Summer is radically different from what it was in the past, when many fashion designers have converged on the view that the bag with long strap is a must have of a real fashionista. Now designers offer us a wide variety of shapes and colors, we have only to choose one model and not buy up all presented models.

Acne Studios Hermes handbag

The main features of handbags presented at Paris Fashion Week are:

  • Trapeze bags;
  • Bags with short handles,
  • Envelope clutch;
  • Clutch with a handle in the middle of the front side;
  • Small ladder;
  • Reptile print;
  • Floral prit;
  • Metallic rings;
  • Unusual shape (fruits, globe, book, etc.)

Issey Miyake Nina Ricci Handbag 2016 Handbag Spring

Valentino handbags

Now let’s analyze more detailed various collections. For example, on the Italian brand Valentino bags were folk prints. And if, having acquired such an accessory, you do not know how to combine, look more closely to the other participants in the Valentino for spring-summer 2016 show.

Valentino Valentino2015

Carven handbags

Short handles and reptile print – one of the options of Carven fashionable bags.

Carven 2016

Kenzo handbags

At Kenzo appeared mesh shopping bags with lace perforation, which was a much unexpected turn of events, as before, designers were not such enthusiastic in textures.


Lanvin handbags

During the Lanvin show, the audience tirelessly followed models of bags, demonstrated at the podium, as they almost never repeated.

Lanvin Lanvin2015

Undercover and Olympia Le-Tan handbags

A Undercover and Olympia Le-Tan Brands decided that accessories should be memorable, that is why they I did not change their and Fashion House traditions, creating several comical collection of accessories.

Fashion handbags New handbags Handbags Paris PFW handbags

Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton handbags

Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton remain true to its classic models, although they have tried to diversify them. We think changes in the shape, the length of the strap will only be beneficial for the brand.

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton2015 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton2015 Christian Dior Christian Dior2015

Chanel handbags

Chanel collection of bags is a different story, it seems that the author has put his heart and soul into the creation of them. So on the podium were presented knitted shoulder bags, suitcases in the form retro receivers, school bags, etc. (the collection can be found here)

Chanel Chanel2015