Trendy Blouses and Shirts Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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Clothing such as blouses and shirts can be considered true discoveries for modern women. Wearing them, ladies can feel confident and stylish in any circumstance because they give the look a special note of elegance, sobriety and style. Blouses and shirts have undergone many changes over time, and at the moment are presented to us in various designs and styles. Therefore, what kind of blouses and shirts will be fashionable in the 2017-2017 fall-winter season?

Blouses 2018

Blouses and Shirts with Collar

Clothes with collar are typically characteristic to the look of a modern business woman who is interested only in her work and her presentable appearance. That is why collars are the most popular cut details of the office style. However, they have another feature. Wearing an office style shirt with collar a woman knows exactly that she will look mysterious and interesting in front of the opposite sex.

Shirts 2018

To give your business look more credibility Dries van Noten and Daks preferred to decorate shirts with neckties and bow ties. Lemaire and Pamella Roland on the contrary, created a series of black and white shirts in minimalist style. To the most progressive ladies brands propose colorful sparkling blouses and leather blouses with collar.

What are the shirts trends in 2018



Women’s blouses with collar

Long Blouses and Shirts

Long-shirts or tunic-shirts have become increasingly popular lately. This season, they are joined by long blouses that can have the most diverse cut, pattern and decoration. For example, in Alberta Ferretti lines can be found embroidered blouse-sweaters, while Elie Saab has long blouses decorated with beads. Balenciaga, Celine and Escada propose to wear collared long shirts, which will be ideal for casual fashion.

Fashion tunics fall winter 2017 2018


Long blouses for fall

Frills and Ruffles

Frills and ruffles are no longer considered to be extravagant, romantic and exaggerated. They often meet in the evening fashion and are used in casual office looks. Blouses with ruffles will adorn any workplace environment because the possessor will look feminine and attractive even in the office. Ruffles will become the icing on the cake in casual and grunge looks. Blouses with ruffles look very interesting in combination with leather pants and jackets.

elegant blouses

What blouses to wear in 2018

Blouse with skirt

Peplum Blouses

Basque is a wide frill in the waist area of a blouse, dress or top. Initially, it was present only in Spanish costumes, but with time, this element was used for cutting by designers from other countries. Blouses with peplum always look stylish and unusual. Basque is able to embellish even the most sober and conservative look, giving it a touch of charm and femininity. In addition, it is an ideal choice for ladies with extra pounds because under the folds a not too big tummy can be easily masked.

What shirts to wear in fall 2017


Blouses with Bared Shoulders

In autumn-winter season, blouses that bare all or part of the female shoulders will become very popular. Particularly current will be looks consisting of blouse with high-waisted pencil skirts, classic trousers and short leather articles. Bare shoulders are a great way to highlight the beauty without leaving the allowable limits. Ladies, who are accustomed to be sexy but at the same time decent, can opt namely for this blouse design.

Office blouses fall 2017 winter 2018



Sleeveless Blouses and Shirts

Bare shoulders are not the only distinctive feature of winter fashion. Although this trend fits over the summer season, designers have started to actively use it in cold weather, too. These are sleeveless blouses. Considering modern technical progress, such clothes will not seem anything out of the ordinary. If you spend all day in a warm office, I see no problem why you could not show your beautiful arms to others. The same opinion have famous brands such as Creatures of the Wind, Daks, Boss, etc.

Elegant women blouse



black stylish

Translucent Blouses and Shirts

Daring looks, consisting of transparent blouses will be ideal for those who do not care for others. If previously these clothing items could be found only in casual and evening looks, then today, a transparent blouse can be dressed even at work. Of course, everything will depend on how transparent it is because not every director will agree to have at the workplace too much “nakedness”. See how transparent and sexy blouses can be worn at Daks, Milly, Nina Ricci and other brands.

Transparent blouses designs 2018

What blouses to wear in fall 2017

fashion transparent

Easy Fit

The easy fit cut again dominates the catwalks. Easy fit blouses and shirts are seen virtually in any collection, which explains the universality and practicality of these articles. Such clothes fit more ladies and can be matched with other garments creating lightweight and stylish looks.


What blouses to wear in winter 2018


Focus on Sleeves

The sleeves with original cut came into fashion for some time. Since then, designers do not allow the diversification of this part of the blouse. In the new cold season, the focus was made on long and oversized sleeves. In addition, often can be seen lantern sleeves and laced sleeves.

Long sleeved blouse for woman

white long sleeved




Asymmetry is another trend of the season. Asymmetric lines have become a commonplace in the fashion world. Based on distortions can be created a lot of original and stylish looks. Asymmetrical blouses and shirts propose us to wear Lanvin, Moschino and many other fashion houses.

Asymmetric blouses fall winter 2017 2018

black asymmetric

elegant asymmetric designs

Blouses and Shirts with Embroideries

Embroidery, inlaid designs and applications are methods of decoration that still enjoy a great popularity in the fashion world. With their help can be embellished even the most trivial blouses or shirts. Embroidery gives a special charm to your look, which explains their popularity.

Black transparent blouse

embroidered blouse

elegant women blouse


Printed blouses will also be fashionable and brands used again stripes, stars, animal and vegetal motifs. Most designers believe that blouses and shirts with drawings must be matched with monochromatic clothes, although meet bold combinations made up of several different prints. For example, it’s no longer a novelty combining a leopard-printed blouse with dark blue striped trousers or a striped blouse with a flowered skirt. Try it yourself!

Trendy blouses fall winter 2017 2018: prints

lateral stripes



Color Range

The range of colors also delights us. Fashionistas who are accustomed to look impressive and strident any time of the year, will appreciate tops in shades of pink, purple, red, yellow and gold. Instead those who prefer calmer shades can purchase items in shades of blue, black and beige.

Womens blouses 2017 2018 fall winter: colors

bright colors


elegant evening



The variety of fashion blouses and shirts in 2017-2017 fall-winter season again will give women “time for meditation” as the assortment is really very rich. To not think to much, be sure to purchase several blouse designs because for sure that will not be enough!

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