Swimwear Summer 2016

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Swimwear 2016

The fashion forges ahead and always goes before the season. Designers live on their own calendar, which is required to be followed by any self-respecting fashionista.

Swimsuits 2016

You should prepare for the vacation season in a good time that is why now, in the mid summer of 2015, you can see what the trends of the future beach season are. In the most famous resort city in the world has passed the show of swimsuits for the 2016 summer season in the framework of the Miami Fashion Week. All famous designers of the world have demonstrated their skills. You must admit, it is difficult to come up with creative swimsuit with only a few centimeters of tissue.


The swimsuit is a small item of clothing that should be first of all practical and comfortable. It is important to bear in mind that in a swimming suit you will have to be in the water, so comfort should come first. Few people dare to wear a swimsuit, embroidered with stones. This decor element is inherent for dresses. What can I say, modern fashion designers are so professional that even within the beachwear fashion manage to surprise the audience. Now let’s see how they do that.

Swimsuits Summer

So, in the 2016 summer season, in trend are both separate swimwear, and also monokini and tankini. Designers worked hard on the shapes, and you can hardly see two identical pieces. Although, it should be noted that the pushup effect dominates the podium. Open neckline and wide-set straps allow the tan to be uniform, while the high waist swimming trunks-shorts successfully complete the sexy appearance.


This season’s color palette of swimwear is very diverse, although it is worth noting that monochrome models are almost never seen on the podium. A variety of prints and ethnic motifs is what should adorn your body in the summer of 2016.


One-piece swimsuits with different cuts, fringes and straps are an option for those who are used to spend their time in an indoor pool or are not afraid of extreme sunburn.


In general, the 2016 swimwear fashion is not boring. Designers in a loud voice encourage women to be sexy. Forget about boring swimsuits and give preference to those that emphasize all the charm of the figure, and then probably no one will notice its imperfections and the holiday romance may well develop into something more serious and long-lasting. Because, it is impossible to forget a lady with appetizing forms…



Swimwear Summer