Spring-Summer 2021 Color Trends

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It looks like the spring-summer 2021 season expects a true boom color in the closet! Designers apparently decided to return to the flora, gathering rare floral shades in a single palette. The dominance of pink liliac shades forms a contrast against the backdrop of shimmering yellow-red shades. For special occasions, the most relevant neutral colors have already been formed. Employees of the Pantone Institute have created their predictions in the form of a palette of four basic nuances and twelve unexpected shades. Let’s see what are the colors trends for 2021 spring-summer season!

Colors 2021

Classic Colors Spring-Summer 2021

Expression in color is a creative process, but sometimes we have to do something according to the event. For a conservative dress code, a set of shades that do not contradict its rules were drawn. Let’s see what the most current color decisions for the spring wardrobe are!

Marine Blue

A shade that is not typical for the warm season and the darkest of the classical colors of the spring-summer palette 2021 – Marine Blue. Deep, but at the same time, a sufficiently soft shade easily forms a tandem with many others. Let’s take three colors, for example, blue, white and red, add the stripe print, a large metallic accessory (e.g., massive buttons) and we are ready for a yacht trip. And off the seashore, we go down to the shore and choose an office look: straight blue pants (or a pant suit), a white silk top in lingerie style and a clutch-map in dark red shade.

Marine Blue

What color to wear in spring 2021


Wear blue color in 2021

Coconut Milk

The tropical palm fruit inspires – the white color of coconut milk has become one of the most popular in the new season. How does it differ from pure white? Through a barely visible creamy impregnation that gives it softness. To show the magnificence of this shade to its fullest, it will surely help the texture selected properly – and this is of course the atlas, as well as the natural non-gloss fabrics, for example, cotton or linen.

Coconut milk shade


White summer dresses 2021

Harbor Mist

Under this romantic name hides a not less beautiful shade. The smoky gray looks like a rare morning mist over a seaport. In addition, it can be an excellent background material for experiments with bright accents like red, ultraviolet or yellow mustard. The ideal option is a pant suit or a long trenchcoat with a darker lining with Princess of Wales print. Do not forget the miniature over the shoulder bags in contrasting colors.

Harbor Mist color

Trendy smoky gray spring summer 2021


Warm Sand

A final accent in the classic range of colors gives it the warm shade of sand. Beige, in all its splendor and diversity, is the main attraction of designers in the next season. A basic outfit that has to be present in your wardrobe is a classic double breasted trench coat, as well as a pair of stiletto shoes or beige flats. For an evening look, you must opt for a cocktail dress with a V neckline and golden accessories.

Warm sand color

Fashion shades 2021



Main Shades for spring-summer 2021

On the agenda is the color and its depth. In focus are the shades of yellow, green, red and an unusual brown with a soft taste of bitter chocolate. Create a real bouquet of lemon punch, chili oil and pink lavender!

Yellow: Meadowlark and Lime Punch

The freshness of citrus will refresh your image! Yellow summer shades are special, and because of their brightness, it is unlikely that they will go unnoticed. These two colors can create a wonderful duo (especially in monochromatic looks), but they can also contrast with other colors, for example, red, white, pink, and also with shiny silvery textures and snake print.
Yellow: Meadowlark and Lime Punch

Summer 2021 Color Trends


Yellow color spring-summer 2021


This deep green shade with an undertone of light blue makes its own adaptations to the era style, giving it a modern sound. When choosing a dress in arcadia shade, your task is to match it with a pair of laconic shoes in natural shades and some discreet accessories. It is best to prioritize matte textures, patent leather, thick fabrics.

Arcadia green color

Spring color trends 2021


Red: Chili Oil and Cherry Tomato

A spicy blend of cherry tomatoes and peppermint oil is found in almost all 2021 spring-summer collections. And this season the red really masters the ground, so what you have to do is make a challenge in the form of a red monolook (image based on one color and shade). If you really want to add contrast, then you do not need to invent anything – use the classic options – black and white.

Red: Chili Oil and Cherry Tomato


Clothes in trendy colors spring-summer 2021


Pink: Pink Lavender and Blooming Dahlia

As we have already seen, pink can not be missed during the spring and summer season. And judging by the fashion trends of the last seasons, the pink color claims to be the top spot of the black! The current shades are lilac (pink lavender) and peach (blooming daisy). Such color combinations can provide an excellent idea for a gentle evening image and even for a wedding (if you do not know what to wear as a bridesmaid). As casual look we use them on cullotes, fluffy dresses, baby doll-style skirts and lingerie-style clothing.

Pink Lavander and Blooming Dahlia

Stylish colors spring-summer 2021

Women pink pants 2021


Almost Mauve

The main neutral shade of the spring-summer season 2021 is the Almost Mauve. The delicacy of each of the two combined colors in their faded form will be revealed with fair contrast as well as close shades (for example, fuchsia or ultraviolet) and other bright shades (emerald or ocher). By the way, this is the more correct answer to the question of what can be replaced with white color in business dress code.

Almost Mauve color

Color of the year 2021 dresses

Pastel shades dresses 2021


The intense shade of bitter chocolate with a slight claret reflection also makes reference to the fashion of the era of the past years: plaid midi skirts, large shoulder jackets, flare pants. It can be combined with other colors such as black, ocher yellow, and, for example, Little Boy Blue, which we will talk about below.

Emperador color

Casual mauve outfits


Little Boy Blue

This shade of blue resembles the shade of the clear sky. In the new season, this color has clearly attracted the attention of designers and, from now on, it’s not just for kids! Fresh and shiny, this shade perfectly fits any casual image.

Little Boy Blue color



What colors to wear in summer 2021


This non-conformist and mystical shade does not remain unnoticed. It looks good alone, without being combined with other shades. According to the Pantone Institute, ultraviolet, the color of the cosmos, is just as mysterious and intriguing. The best investment, we believe, would be the purchase of a pant suit or a silk night dress.

Ultraviolet color of 2021

Color of the year 2021

What colors to wear in 2021

Spring Crocus

This shade has become one of the most important shades in the spring-summer season 2021. It reminds us of the violet color of a neon lamp and can be matched with vegetal prints, atlas and can become the basis of a stylish monochromatic look.

Spring Crocus color

Color Trends 2021


The spring-summer palette 2021 gathered shades for all occasions, taking into consideration the subtleties of choosing a basic wardrobe, a smart-casual image, and an evening or casual look. Many of them, moreover, combine quite harmoniously with each other: from eccentric lemon and vintage arcadia, to the warm sand and brown chocolate.

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