Spring-Summer 2018 Street Style Trends

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Street fashion has become a distinct compartment in the fashion industry. On the streets of fashion capitals, the most stylish fight takes place. The characters of the fight are bloggers, photographers, stylists and critics. With every season, fashion becomes more laconic, new elements appear and modern ones are being modernized. The streets dictate fashion at the same level as fashion podiums. So let’s also see what to choose to look stylish.

Street Style Trends 2018

Business-Office Style 2018

More precisely its elements. Some of them become current, others have been forgotten, instead, long jackets, banana pants and pant suits that have passed from the masculine to the feminine wardrobe, have been and will always remain classical. The new word that characterizes this season is simplicity and free cut. Short blazers and oversize shirts look stylish and sexy on a lady’s shoulder, and the flared pants are knocking on the door again. The color range is varied: from the boldest colors to the top black-bottom white, and vice versa.

Spring summer street fashion 2018: office style

Striped pants


Street style spring summer 2018




No secrets: chiffon and transparent fabrics

Siphon, lace or mesh is used this season not just as decoration. Nowadays, from these transparent cloths are sewn clothing items such as blouses, tunics and dresses. Without lining, everything has to be as unobtrusive as possible. Such items are ideally suited to combine with rough leather accessories and dense fabrics. The basic rule is that the underwear is chosen in the same shade.

Spring summer street fashion 2018: transparent fabrics


Street Style fashion: bold experiments

The combination of various styles of clothing, which apparently can not be combined, is an excellent way to do experiments. The result may be absolutely unusual. For example, dresses and thin lace tops, dressed over shirts, turtlenecks and even pants. Underwear style has reached the pinnacle of popularity in this regard.

Street style fashion 2018 spring summer




Bright colors

The explosion of colors has not yet been canceled by anyone, but it has given the place the most bright and eccentric shades of pink, fuchsia, which abound in all the specialty stores. Fresh and intense, Fuchsia does not accept competition, although it leaves room for compromise. For example, in combination with yellow or turquoise. In addition to fuchsia, an outfit can also have a raspberry accent.

Street style fashion 2018 bright colors




As popular as fuchsia is juicy yellow, the color of positive emotions and good mood. Clothes in any shade of yellow (from lemon to limonite) will be your best friend in the spring-summer season 2018.


Yellow shade clothes

The combination of textures

And again the leader is the leather! It can be combined with any texture, both with dense and lightweight fabrics. The fashion designers wear leather sundresses over office shirts, leather skirts, biker jackets and the must have this season, leather pants. The colors are different; however, the black color does not yield the positions. For the most daring there are options in the shades of red, brown and terracotta.


Street Style fashion outfits spring summer 2018






Pleated Skirt

Pleated midi skirts are an indisputable hit of the spring-summer season 2018. They are worn this season with a long oversize sweater or cardigan. The thicker the upper part, the lighter and more elegant the skirt looks. By the way, the sweater can be replaced with a denim jacket or a bomber jacket. There are plenty of pleated skirts that create different looks. If you decided to go for a walk, wear a pair of loafers or ballerinas and take a backpack on your shoulder. If instead you go to the theater to have a coffee, opt for stiletto shoes or heeled sandals.

Street style fashion trends 2018 pleated skirts


Outer Garment

Early spring, when we can not fully enjoy the warm weather, we can warm up with a hot tea, warm hugs, and of course a thick coat. This season we enjoy classic designs like long beige coats or in shades of green. This fashion item is definitely the thing that perfectly completes any look and at the same time is also very comfortable.

Street Style Fashion Coats 2018



Another hit is the wool coat, pleasant and soft to the touch, which is probably the most comfortable item (except for pajamas) and besides that, it looks very stylish, but not to mention the trench coat, ideal for the spring, which this time has an interesting length to the ground. The classic design is in the light shades: beige (in the style of the British Burberry brand), gray, faded green.





Fashion denim jackets

On a cool spring or summer day, the denim jacket will be a great addition to any outfit, regardless of the chosen style. This garment can be worn absolutely with anything: conservative midi skirts, leather pants or even cocktail dresses.


Street style spring summer 2018 denim jackets


Velvet, brocade and golden yarn – are characteristic of the 18th century, which seems to be back in modern fashion. But beware; these elements of baroque style can be very dangerous, risking looking like at the theater. It is enough to choose one fashion item that will become the main focus in your outfit. This article can be, for example, a buttonless suit or a pant suit. Another hit are the velvet thick heeled sandals.

Street style fashion spring summer 2018: tapestry







Animal print

Animal printed clothing and accessories are so famous that the world of fashion can no longer imagine their existence without them. This also concerns the street style fashion of the spring-summer street 2018. This season, the leopard, snake and tiger prints are again in demand and not just as singular clothing items, as well as the quality of decorative elements and the trimming. The wild animals once again live in the concrete jungles.

Street fashion trends 2018: print





Floral printed clothes

Fashion handbags

Small leather bags are once again amongst fashionista’s favorites. We are accustomed to seeing them with thin straps or elegant chains but not this season. Everything is absolutely different: even the smallest purse has to have a thick strap and handle.



Inscriptions and logos as decorative elements

Bold logos and inscriptions are again the main decorative elements. Sarcastic phrases, brand names or even Soviet motifs are often found, not on labels as we are used to see, but in the most visible places: on handbags, jackets, dresses and other clothing items.



Street fashion 2018 decorative elements

As we can see, the spring-summer 2018 street style fashion promises to be very bold, stylish and unusual. Certainly the enormous variety of patterns and creations will help us create our own style, in which we will feel not only stylish and modern, but also extremely comfortable.

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