Spring-Summer 2017 Street Style Trends

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The street style fashion is as important as the fashion shows because the street is where ladies can demonstrate their ability to dress, their fashion knowledge and the ability to use them. Most stylish and fashion street style looks, can be viewed during Fashion Week because that is where gather many fashion critics, bloggers, editors or just people who like to follow fashion trends. Let’s see how the street style fashion look like in the spring-summer 2017 season.

Street style fashion trends 2017

Office style

The office style gets increasingly popular. This trend is explained by the fact that more women strive to satisfy their own needs. The main aims of the ladies are to be independent, to educate their children as they know, to achieve their goals and enjoy the results. Considering the feminine nature this is achieved more easily if a woman wears beautiful and stylish clothes namely because this way they feel confident and this is how the ability to work faster on goal reaching increases. Fashion observers showed us how business ladies should look in the new spring-summer season.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: office style




Denim fashion

Not many people know that pants made of thick fabrics with pockets and double seams appeared yet in 1853. Since then, jeans that have undergone many transformations and changes, do not leave the hearts of fashionistas and their wardrobes. In 2017, nothing has changed in this respect, they are equally popular and requested. The only thing we have to draw attention is that modern designers have ceased to comply with strict rules regarding the style and cut of the jeans. Fashion designers allow us to wear skinny jeans, flared jeans, classic short designs and ultramodern boyfriend jeans.

Street style fashion Spring Summer 2017: Denim




What kind of street fashion without outerwear? In the new fashion season, a special attention was given to trench coats and overcoats, jackets although can be seen also jackets and furs. Moreover, fashionistas aren’t wearing dull and boring outfits anymore. Even the simplest monochromatic articles are combined with modern accessories (glasses, hats, scarves) or details with original cut. For example, a classic long gray coat looks ideal with flared sleeves and asymmetrical hem and short beige coat with a wide-brimmed hat. Most fashionistas, however, preferred to demonstrate items with prints and of different colors.

Street style fashion Spring-Summer 2017: outerwear




Dresses and skirts

It is difficult to imagine a woman who wouldn’t have in the closet at least a dress or a skirt. Despite the popularity of unisex, rock and grunge style, these garments are as requested as before, because only they can accentuate a woman’s femininity and innocence. We must mention the fact that modern dresses and skirts can express not only the innocence and gracefulness, but also the power of seduction, passion and woman’s unruly energy. To this end, ladies wear bright outfits or designs with extraordinary slits and cuts. To show their inner world fashionistas can even wear asymmetrical clothes. If we talk about the actual length, then fashionable virtually all options will be available: from ultra mini to maxi.

Street style fashion Spring Summer 2017: dresses


street style skirts




Easy fit

The street style knows well the notion of practicality and comfort. To this end, most fashionistas opted for the easy fit style. Oversize coats, skirts and flared trousers, oversize sweaters and cardigans allow ladies to feel comfortable because the easy fit enable them to move without inconveniences and even hide some imperfections of the body.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: easy fit



Accessories and jewelries

A fashion look must necessarily contain correctly chosen accessories. With their help you can change a look without changing clothes in a few seconds. For example, using a long fur scarf in bright colors you can instantly revive an uninteresting at first sight sweater; a colored fur can be perfectly accessorized with a long pendant. In addition, street fashionistas often call for the use of glasses, handbags, jewelry, watches, which plays an important role in every particular look.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: accessories







Popularity will also have all types of pants designs, in which women do not cease to parade demonstrating their street looks and the diversity of pants is truly unlimited. Among favorites are colored and black and white items; long and short; flared and skinny; monochrome and with prints; pants in minimalist style and decorated patterns; sport style pants and office pants with piping. Such items can be matched with elements of outerwear, as well as with blouses, shirts, t-shirts and blazers.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: pants




Grunge style

Grunge style represents a fast protest against glamour. This trend urges to forget all rules and stereotypes. From now on, there is no need to strictly follow certain rules. The ideology of this style focuses on the primacy of the individual rather than on fashion, on sincerity, and not on the glamour and materialism. Ladies, who choose the grunge style, can match clothing from most diverse styles, for example, a summer sundress with a waistcoat and boots; a cocktail dress with a biker jacket. This style of clothes allows the use of brutal, raw seams, unusual daring outfits. For example, a lady who works in the office can come in a sober business suit with blue hair, in a classic gray jacket and a shirt tied around his waist. If you are a fan of eclectics or of combining different styles seemingly incompatible then grunge style is definitively your style.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: grunge style



Rock style

No less popular is the rock style, which is characterized by rebel breath and defiance of all that is glamor and conservative, like the grunge style. Fashion experts have even created a special orientation that unites these two trends – grunge-rock style. This particular style began to unite the impossible – flowers with male boots, light blouses with leather pants, etc. Currently, the love for rock is manifested by the increasingly use of leather jackets, all kinds of metal accessories and decorative elements, leather, zippers, rivets, torn jeans and tights, stocking boots, bands, smokey eyes makeup, huge buckles on belts, etc.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: rock style


Stocking boots and knee high boots

Catwalks for spring and summer are full of knee high boots and stocking boots. True fashionistas could not walk in such incredibly sexy and seductive footwear. So we can track stockings that mimic boots worn over shoes or boots. Knee high boots can be best matched with short skirts, dresses and tunics.

Street style fashion Spring Summer 2017: stocking boots



Decorative elements

The shows of the street could not miss modern elements of decoration, which were presented in various execution options. A special place was awarded to fringes, which basically floods bags, dresses, jackets, coats, skirts and blouses. Equally popular were proved to be all kinds of applications, embroidery, jabots, lantern sleeves, fur fringes, frills and flounces, which can be found not only in delicate glamour looks, but also in rock outfits.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: decorative elements






If we talk about the most popular fabrics, then ladies were not limited to a particular type. Besides standard knitting, preferred proved to be also leather, vinyl, mesh, lace, fur, satin, suede and tulle. All listed fabrics can be combined with their opposites. For example, a tulle skirt can be worn with ripped jeans, a short fur coat with stiletto shoes and a mesh tunic with sport blouse. Considering the popularity of grunge style, such daring combinations do not create any objection.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: fabrics






Colors and shades

Besides the impressive diversity of fabrics, styles, designs and decorations, the fashion street style can boast with an equally varied range of colors. You can see virtually everything: classical achromatic combinations, shine of golden metals, bright saturated shades, among them a special place have green, yellow, red, orange, and burgundy. Shade of pink also has a special place in the new warm season; it will become the undisputed leader among powdery pastel shades.

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: colors








In this chapter all remains unchanged. As in previous periods of fashion, the same popularity have animal , geometric and floral motifs embellishing the surface of coats, jackets, skirts, pants, accessories, footwear, dresses and tunics

Street style fashion spring summer 2017: prints




These are the looks the streets will be filled in the new spring-summer 2017 season. Concluding from the seen, we can unequivocally say that ladies will not lack fashionable outfits. In their arsenal will appear very different items: from classic to grunge, from innocence to sexuality. All you have to do is to make the right choice.

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