Spring-Summer 2016: beauty images from Gucci, Fendi, Prada shows

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We follow the events from Milan Fashion Week and chose not only the most impressive designers collections but also the most beautiful hairstyles and makeup, that complemented the outfits of the models. Let’s analyze the beauty images from Prada, Fendi, Gucci shows.


Prada Make Up 2016

The talented Pat McGrath has the unique ability to turn a bad taste into a rage. In the makeup that she created at Pradas show, it is hard not to notice the irony that Pat directs on how many girls literally understand the fashion of thick underlined eyebrows. The models from the podium had such eyebrows – naturally thick. But the makeup artist decided on eyebrows to additionally draw with a dark brown pencil a clear line, repeating its bend. This reminded us of thread eyebrows that according to Pat, is a reference to the days of rough glamor, when the world of beauty has not reigned the cult of naturalness. However, all the other make up parts preserve the classics style. With sharp wings drawn up to the middle of the eyelid, Pat has created the cat eye effect, and with shining colors and pearl-pink lip gloss, added tenderness to the image.

Together with Pat worked the hair stylist Guido Palau and he added to the podium image even more touching charm. In order to do this he needed to shorten a few thin strands near the face and with water “fixed” them on the forehead. In combination with a careless ponytail they looked tenderly and gave a girlish innocence.

Prada Spring-Summer 2016

Prada MakeUp Prada MakeUp Prada MakeUp Prada MakeUp Prada MakeUp


Gucci Make Up 2016

Pat was still the one responsible for the show’s makeup. And if before the heroine of Gucci collection was presented as a fatal beauty with impressive fake eyelashes, delicate wings,  expressive cheekbones, now she decided to show us another side of this girl’s character. A more “homy” fragile, simple – without secular spangle. Pat focused her attention on “naturalness” and step by step applied this in her makeup. In order the face to get an even skin tone, without a mask effect, Pat mixed face foundation with moisturizing face cream and applied it on the skin. With the help of brown eyeshadows, she visually made the eyebrows slightly thicker. The lips got volume thanks to the barely visible transparent lipgloss. Only the eyes were more accentuated – the upper lid was lined with a brown eye pencil, while the lower with gold. By the way, for the creation of this makeup, Pat used products from the cosmetic Gucci line, released on sale abroad only in a month.

Orlando Pita, responsible for the show makeup, also followed this tendency. “We didn’t try to create unnatural thick ponytails, we wanted something more romantic”, said Pita. He parted the hair in a straight parting without combing them and gathered them in the back into a low ponytail, with the help of an elastic band. He did not even try to hide it with a strand of hair. All like in the daily life.

Gucci Spring-Summer 2016

Gucci Hairstyle Gucci MakeUp Gucci MakeUp Gucci MakeUp Gucci MakeUp


Fendi Make Up 2016

If you were strictly following the artistic experiments of makeup artists and hairstylists from the backstage of the show, the you certainly remember what fantastic silver paper wings Peter Phillips created on the last Dior couture show. Then the result received a lot of positive reactions and he decided to continue his experience of gluing wings, only this time, for Fendi Spring-Summer show – he created them from cornflower-blue shade leather.  But he fixed them only after lining the ciliary contour with black. This unusual accent on the eyes was enough for the whole makeup. However, why do we need something else. Eyeliner from genuine leather is a real luxury.

The leather was part of the image not only in makeup. The stylist Sam McKnight fixed careless, puffy ponytails of models with the help of leather bobby pin, having the shape of an orchid and thus presenting the new variation of flower trend in hairs.

Fendi Spring-Summer 2016

Fendi MakeUp Fendi MakeUp Fendi MakeUp Fendi MakeUp Fendi MakeUp

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