Spring 2015 fashionable prints

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Prints will always help create an impeccable sexy look. Each year, spring-summer collections burst in a large variety of different patterns, drawings and prints in the women outfits. In order to not be considered old-fashioned and to keep up with perishable trends, you need to be aware of how will look the most fashionable prints of spring and summer 2015. Right now we offer a look into this subject. Our detailed photo report is based on a thorough analysis of more than 500 collections of fashionable clothes for Spring-Summer 2015. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Among the abundance of different patterns on the fabric, the following trends are arranged in order of their decreasing popularity:


Spring classics on catwalks – 2015 floral prints pleased with romantic views and tender paints. In fashion are pastel sketches, resembling watercolors drawings. Key colors are roses and poppies.

Pastel roses

The beloved flower of fashion designers, rose, was the hit of the last spring-summer collections shows. Applying the pattern on light pastel background, predominantly white is very fashionable this summer. Among roses, pale pink shades and lemon-yellow color flowers are also a predominant floral pattern.

Floral prints

Floral print in dark colors

In addition to the popular pastel floral pattern on a white background, in vogue are more blurred tones in cold range, against black or dark blue colors.

Fashionable prints

Wild flower

Small floral pattern was noted on the shows of Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson and several opposing styles and target audience designers.

Floral print

Flowers and stripes

Eager to please the strip lovers and not leave indifferent flower patterns fans, designers decided to compromise by decorating their collections with combinations of two-tone stripes and floral images.

Spring 2015 print


Last seasons are full with stripe clothing. Spring 2015 will bring certain trends in applying this pattern for woman clothing. First of all, big two-color horizontal stripes are very fashionable this spring.

Stripes print

Colorful stripes – Fashionable print for 2015

A pretty fresh trend is colored horizontal and vertical directions stripes, different in thickness.

Stripes print

Black and white thin stripe

Last year’s hit is back again on the podium. In fashion are predominantly vertical BW strip having average thickness.

Stripes print


Fall collection prerogatives were check prints, observed also in Spring-Summer season collections. Beside the traditional “tartan” print, we could observe a two-color print in checks of same sizes, resembling a lined copybook.

Check print


Check print


Check print

Polka dots clothing

Polka dots, a long lasting print being on the top for several good years, now is back again to please our views with fresh prints and colorful flower prints combinations. Spring 2015 brings polka dots patterns in black and white and black-yellow color, combinations of red and white, as well as polka dots free arranging on the fabric. Some designers went even further giving a “volume” to this print and creating multilayered outfits with using it.

Small polka dots

This is the favorite pattern of fashionistas of past and present centuries. Small black and white dots, creating a geometrically regular pattern allows putting accents, highlighting the best parts of female figure.

Polka dots

Large caliber and colorful combinations

Most famous designers and fashion industry desperate newcomers with equal eagerness decided to transform the familiar polka dots, adding novelty by using larger dots, interspersed with small parts and fragments of additional colors, for example, a combination of red and white.

Polka dots

“Spreaded” polka dots

The print does not show correct lines and the same distance from each other. Spring 2015 brings the fashionable polka dots print consisting of fragments located on the fabric in a random order, as if someone spilled them with an awkward hand.

Polka dots


In addition to key geometric patterns on the podium was seen many macro-prints as a solid figure for a specific outfit. Among these options can be identified the following trends:


In fashion is the clothing with different beauties of nature. Hot desserts and sea shores, mysterious forests and old houses, etc. All these patterns were seen in abundance on different spring shows.


Picturesque smears

An unusual decoration of outfits with bright spots, resembling artistic brush strokes adorned Chanel collection and other French couturiers.



Unusual and bright prints, reminding patterns from kaleidoscope pleased the fans of bright colors and futuristic ornaments.



Patterns with stars filled collection of different designers. It should be noted that a similar fashionable print with stars was seen at the before last Dolce Gabbana Fall-Winter fashion show. And now, in spring 2015, drawings with «Stars» on fabric adorn multiple collections, designed for a young audience.


Funny objects

Some designers, trying to be more original, advised their customers to renew their wardrobe by adding outfits having prints with funny objects. As a key object for the print, designers chose green little men (Jeremy Scott), cherries (Charlotte Ronson), kittens (Marcus Lupfer) and other miniature objects.


These promise to be the most fashionable prints for Spring 2015. Stay with us and very soon you will find out more interesting things about fashionable objects in our wardrobes for the upcoming season.


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