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Shorts – must have of 2016 Spring-Summer Season

What types of shorts will be in fashion in Summer 2015?

Nothing will adorn a summer outfit better than a pair of good fitted shorts. These will underline your shapes, will catch one’s eye and will add femininity.


Shorts are a must-have for several seasons. Long, short, low or high waist, all colors, with or without pockets. The abundance of patterns boggles the imagination. But let’s see what are the most actual this summer.

Most of the shorts in the new Spring-Summer 2015 season have a high waist but its length depend on your modesty. As regards the color, designers advice to pay a special attention to olive, terracotta, blue and white colors, with what we will begin our fashion review.

White shorts

In Spring 2015, the absolute leaders and stylish will be those who will acquire white color shorts. Probably these are not very practical but there is no doubt that wearing them will give you a fashionable look. White will underline all your body perfections and if you just came back from sea, nothing will adorn your tanned feet than the white shorts.

Short2 2015

Classical shorts

If your boss allows you to come to work not only in pencil-skirts, classical shorts are a must for you. The Spring-Summer 2015 period is full of office style shorts. These must be combined with a blouse or tunica. Classical shorts definitively will have a well deserved place in your wardrobe and at work.


Leather shorts

Leather and denim short shorts are still in fashion. Designers advice to complement with fringe, rhinestones and bellows patch.


Denim shorts

An outfit with denim shorts looks fashionable and modern. Complement it with sunglasses, casual bags and big bracelets.



For the liberated women of fashion, designers have created a line of special short shorts. However, before you go out in this outfit, carefully read the dress code of the places that you are going to visit. If the situation allows the appearance in juicy clothing, short length hot-pants are what you need. They accentuate your shapely legs and visually lengthen them. The jacket in this case is more than appropriate.


Pinafore shorts

Pinafore shrots will be popular in Summer 2015. First of all, these are very practical and feminine, and then, they will help you decide with what to combine your beloved shorts. Designers decided for you. Now we have to choose the color and fabric of the beloved outfit.


In trend are the well known skorts of different length. Wearing them with trendy accessories and a loose cut t-shirt will make you feel very stylish.


Lace shorts

Lace is back again in fashion. Short shorts executed from this material, in combination with a light blouse and elegant high heel shoes are a perfect solution for a romantic look.

Lace shorts

Shorts with cuffs

Models with cuffs, a bit forgotten in the last season, are back again on leading positions.  Such shorts look stylish and elegant. They are appropriate for office in a hot weather and for a night city walk. These can be successfully combined with a masculine cut, a blouse made of nontransparent fabric or a bolero.


Gym shorts

Designers did not forget about those who are training. Gym shorts will be your best companion for a walk in the park or on a boat. They will be good for cycling and roller skating. They should be moderately flared and loose and assure you a free movement, but of course they must not fly in all directions make in you feel uncomfortable. In extreme situations, you should remain protected from googs and telltale tongues.


Shorts are universal clothing, an indispensable article in the wardrobe of every woman. Buy some pair of shorts appropriate for your body shape and your taste and you will always be in trend.

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