Shoes named in honor of celebrities

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We have compiled the most famous shoe models, the creation of which inspired famous fashion designers and style icons.

BB, Manolo Blahnik

In 2009, the designer Manolo Blahnik decided to turn to classics. While all were buying shoes on incredible platforms by YSL and Christian Louboutin, Blahnik created an entirely conventional pumps on sustainable stilettos, which are called BB – the initials of the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot. This model has 25 different variations and each season the designer comes up with a new color you never have to miss!

Brigitte Bardot celebrities Shoes

Brigitte Bardot — BB shoes, Manolo Blahnik

Blake, Christian Louboutin

In 2010, Christian Louboutin named a pair of sandals on a thin stiletto with a variety of multi-colored straps in the honor of the popular actress Blake Lively, which declared love to the works of the fashion designer not only ones. Several years ago, Blake visited Christian Louboutin’s shop where maestro showed her the models on which he was working lately. The actress admitted that she would sleep keeping these shoes under her pillow every night. And the designer said: “Then we’ll call them” Blake.” This is how legends are born!

Blake Lively celebrities Shoes

Blake Lively — Blake shoes, Christian Louboutin

Fame, Brian Atwood

In 2012, one of the most famous and popular shoe designers, Brian Atwood, created the Fame ankle boots for Lady Gaga. Black leather short boots on an impressive platform and heel with gold trim reminding of a bottle of perfume, released in the same year by the star.

Lady Gaga celebrities Shoes

Lady Gaga — Fame ankle boots, Brian Atwood

Lady Brera, Fratelli Rossetti

In September 2012, the Italian fashion house Fratelli Rossetti released a pair of Lady Brera court shoes in the honor of one of the most prominent style icons of the XX century – Marylin Monroe. Court shoes made of alligator leather in the shade of Marylin Red, repeating the color of the favorite red lipstick, actress resemble intricate stiletto loafers.

Marylin Monroe celebrities Shoes

Marylin Monroe — Lady Brera court shoes, Fratelli Rossetti

Tracy, Manolo Blahnik

Ever since Victoria Beckham began to create podium collections, every image of her line was complemented by a pair of shoes from Manolo Blahnik. And in 2013, together with Vicki, Blahnik released shoes dedicated in her honor. Black and aubergine color models received a classical form and an unusual design.

Victoria Beckham celebrities Shoes

Victoria Beckham — Tracy shoes, Manolo Blahnik

Daffodile, Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin created the Daffodile model especially for the outrageous Lady Gaga. As expected, the pair immediately broke all sales records! The first batch of court shoes on a high platform and thin heel were “sold out” so quickly that the designer has decided to add a line in several colors and finishes. The classical leather model (on the image) costs a little more than one thousand dollars, and the price increases depending on the color and design.

Lady Gaga celebrities Shoes

Lady Gaga — Daffodile shoes, Christian Louboutin

Lou-BOOT-ins, Christian Louboutin

This is the second pair of shoes, created by Louboutin specifically for Dita Von Teese and her show Strip Hooray. Short boots, studded with Swarovski rhinestones, made ​​in cowboy style: they even have spurs. The ankle boots fit perfectly into one of the divas concert image.

Dita von Teese celebrities Shoes

Dita von Teese in Lou-BOOT-ins, Christian Louboutin