What shoes are most fashionable?

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Did you ask such a question? If yes, then you should definitely pay attention to the new collection of pumps from the well liked brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Shoes 2016

The shoes from “Kate” collection look incredibly feminine. Despite the high heel, the model visually creates a feeling of comfort, so having tried them, we are sure many will be able to feel like a queen of the catwalk.

Sharpened toe and classic stud are a traditional component of shoes for this Italian fashion house. Perhaps there is something magical in this model, because it manages to stay on top for so many years. And it is still hard to imagine something more feminine. Of course there is a huge variety of other models – wide heel, hidden platform, straps as decoration and other unusual items, but classics will live forever.


The designers of the collections worked wonderfully and took into consideration the wishes of many ladies, offering footwear in various materials. There is patent leather shoes, matte leather shoes, and also shoes covered with soft lace.



The color palette is more varied than the texture. The line of “Kate” shoes originates in pastel shades and glides toward bright and rich colors. By the way, in the spring-summer 2016 season, it is fashionable to choose contrasting shoes that is if wearing a pastel dress, be sure to wear blue or orange shoes. Alternatively, a juicy dress is best to be worn with shoes in a neutral color, preferably in beige shade in the color of your skin tone. Designers did not forget about prints as well, presenting leopard print models.

Kate shoes


A special feature of style can be called the perfect match of the shoes and heel color. The authors have refused any contrasting colors, assuming that all items of footwear must be unique. The color is what makes them interesting.

In general, wear heeled shoes, pamper your feet with quality models and then problems associated with uncomfortable shoes will never overtake you!