Why my boyfriend doesn’t take my clothes off during sex

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Lovers, who are passionately taking off their clothes, are not only a movie scene. When your partner is hurrying to faster take  off all your clothes you feel you are desired. But, sometimes it happens that during sex, your boyfriend is not really hurrying to do that. Why?

“Isn’t he attracted by my body”, you will wander. Psychologists have another opinion: if this is the case, probably he will never make sex with you, right?

Of course, the correct way to find this out is to ask directly: “Listen, why do you prefer making sex wearing clothes?” The important thing here is that this question doesn’t sound like a blame.

Boyfriend doesn't take my clothes off during sex

He may feel excited making sex with clothes as an echo of his youthful sexual fantasies or from a past experience. Or he incredibly likes the way you look in this lace underwear, sexy dress or cool t-shirt. And then, what is hidden, tempts stronger.

Perhaps you just did not understand each other: he thinks you like that, and you think he likes that.

Well, and if he really has some kinks about your body – you have the right to demand that he either accepts the way you look or leave.

He can not unilaterally set the dress code in bed. In life there are already a lot of moments when the society dictates its terms to you or it makes you worry about the fact that in a way or another, your appearance does not meet certain standards. The bedroom should be that haven where you feel loved and cherished. Do not agree for less.

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