What threatens women’s long abstinence – the consequences of the lack of sex

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It is not a secret that the human body is still one of the most difficult puzzles for scientists. And it’s not just that they can not completely explain its physical device. The human psychology is also a complex mechanism. Each person has an individual sexual constitution, education, values, which make him unique. It is for this reason not possible to compare people. However, according to experts, there are some things people have in common. Thus, women’s long abstinence has consequences that negatively affect their health. And not just the physical health.

Consequences lack sex

Some people believe that men need sex more often than women, but this is not entirely correct. Of course, the examples we are analyzing are confirming that. But, in our opinion, this is not associated with physiological needs, but with education, cultural environment, stereotypes imposed by society. Can a woman really want to make sex?!)

In order to maintain a normal mental and physical health, sex is necessary for all, regardless of gender. But its frequency – is an individual matter. Here should be taken into consideration the sexual constitution, the nature, features and temperament. But what if regular sex is impossible for various reasons (husband is a sailor or you simply don’t have a person with whom to do it)? Unfortunately, scientists have confirmed that long-term female abstinence is bad, and its consequences for the organism are disastrous.

“Feminine” problems, i.e. gynecological diseases, are the most common effects of prolonged absence of intimate relationships. Upon excitation and subsequent discharge, sexual organs receive an additional “recharge”, because the blood flow increases. If this does not happen for a long time, the risk of congestion in the pelvis is very high. As a result, problems such as adnexitises, painful periods, constant nagging pain in the abdomen, mastopathy can not be avoided.

Weakness of the immune system – is another consequence of the sex abstinence. With regular sex life, according to physiologists, the immune system is strengthened. It is proved that the lack of sex reduces the female body defenses to 30% because the vascular tone is not supported. It is obvious that in order to stabilize the pressure and prevent heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases, sex – is what you need.

Hormonal disruptions can not be excluded, as well. Male hormones begin to suppress female, and as a result we experience an unhealthy looking skin, appearance of prematurely wrinkles, increased growth of body hair, pimples and other unpleasant manifestations.

Side effects of sexual abstinence

And not only that. Excitement stimulates the production of “happiness hormones”. They are needed by anyone, so in the absence of sex, people tend to find a replacement, and often – food. Hence the extra pounds. In the worst case, as a replacement serve alcoholic drinks. It is clear where this may lead…

Well, the most common effects that are felt in the first weeks of abstinence are the psychological ones. A woman becomes irritable, often in a bad mood. As they say, women’s dissatisfaction can be seen from afar.

Woman sexual abstinence effects

It is impossible to say how often we need to have sex, because the regularity of an intimate relationship is a personal matter. It is necessary to trust our body, focus on its needs and in any case not to make sex as an obligation.

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