What men want at 20, 35 and 45 years old

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Where does men midlife crisis come from, and what they really want? We decided to look into the needs of men of different ages and make our own Maslow pyramid.

With age, our relationship with our close person is changing. Talking to bachelors, we have come to believe that all they want completely different things. Unchanged remains only one thing – all men are looking for love.

What men want at a certain age

20 years: How beautiful she is! I wish she was mine. Please, wrap also her girlfriend

When the hormone testosterone flows almost from ears, a young man cares only about one thing – to satisfy his sexual appetite. Twenty years is a period when the oath of eternal fidelity evaporates very quickly. For guys, this is the time of shocks, disappointments and countless attempts to know a woman a little better.

At the age of twenty, men see a woman as a textbook on geography: young girls are unknown countries of Central Asia, the pristine beautiful forests, access to which is very difficult. With a beautiful girl is nice to go out, and it is likely that she is just beginning to gain experience. With a girl of this age, you will never be compared with another men as she does not know that it can be different. However, when dealing with such beauty, they often scald, feel melancholy and realize that beauty is not the most important. Although, they don’t want to go till the end. In such cases, of course, women hold all the levers of control: in the girls’ hands is the most necessary for young and warm hearts – the beauty and sex.

20 – 30 years: “Tell me more about you or the Time of a real sex”

When the period of crazy youth ends, men mind begins to think about women’s reasonableness as a human species. Men begin to realize that the beloved can be a pleasant companion with a seductive appearance and life experience. Communication with a woman can not develop according to the idea “I’m handsome, and you are too.” Such thoughts are faced with a cold contempt of visionary women – what we need is not only a handsome man, but also an intelligent, loyal and strong man. Such life values ​​given some pain and fear to some male representatives. After this period, some of them become absolute bachelors, others – real adult and reasonable men.

Intimacy cease to be an outstanding event, it turns into an act of mutual enjoyment. Sex with a first counter girl is not so interesting, they need psychological setting and emotional stimulation. Women also learned some tricks and realized their sexuality, being able to articulate the expectations from a partner. You will never make a fool of us! Therefore, the investment of men in the form of money and time is becoming more conscious – after all, the ambition of the two sexes grow with their needs.

Why men marry at this age: first of all, he is looking for stability and comfort.The first reason to marriage is always love and the desire to always have a sexual partner. There are so many things to do further: career development, the improvement of the financial status and family support – all this require a lot of time and forces, that is why there is no time for one night relationships.

35 – 45 years: “Let’s try something else”

Unfortunately, many men confess that at this age, home becomes something boring, the wife loses the status of the most wanted women on earth and becomes family, the one who will be around forever. There is nothing to fight with, they have to achieve their goals somewhere else.

In this same period, in men minds come several thoughts – starting with a break in relation and ending with the imposure (at best, the voluntary desire) of any sexual experiments in bed. And ideally, not in bed because “bed sex” becomes something like a mark in the protocol, without shocks, and fireworks of joy.

By this age, the hormone levels are steadily going downhill, and with them, the sexual desire, too. From women are generally expected a few things – more tolerance and less requirements.

45 – 55 years: “Next time it’ll be better, I promise”

This is the critical age, when men are looking for new emotions, asserting their social status, which is independent of hormonal decline. Perhaps, at this point, they have a quite legitimate concern for their “virility” – the desire to have sex is still there, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to realize it, they have to put some effort and monitor their health. Excuses such as “age – it’s just a number,” lose their power, after all, there are many factors that can adversely affect potency. In women, they often want to see a better friend and an ally with elements of sex. Men tend to be with someone who already understand everything: their humor, frustration, and their desire to be alone and to reflect on their successes.

If a man divorced at this age, he often realizes that this was a wrong decision, and can return to his wife with a confession: I was wrong, something like, I did not want to. But few people are capable of this desperate move  – a quiet and measured life is above all things.

After 55: “Let’s do everything like you want to”

Some men are enjoying their 55 years-old with a careless ease until they experience a terrifying reality – they’re not a boy anymore and they’re not sixteen. They can see in front a path of a new decade, an inhospitable and sinister one. Now, they can get all the things they always wanted – attention, caring, romantic gestures and a joint vacation. At this age, men begin to experience a real pleasure when they feel that they can give joy to their woman. In the foreground, there is a kind of “atonement” for the sins of their youth: I hurt, I was jealous, I let you down for nothing. It seems that they want to receive an absolution in advance and get into men’s paradise. However, the fear of old age begins to run amok, and their eyes are looking hard for young and inexperienced body in their environment. God knows what they will do with these bodies as they are not young anymore. If in a restaurant we see an adult man with a young nymphet who looks like his daughter, all is not so simple as it seems. But at least, these girls are not swearing terrible words: atherosclerosis or benign prostatic hyperplasia – they are still unfamiliar with them.

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