Sex on the road: Have you tried it?

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Sexual desires can find you anywhere but it’s up to you to let them free or not. If you want to leave the comfort of the bedroom and add some spices in your erotic life, say YES to new sexual experiences. No matter if you have a certain destination or not, you and your partner should prepare your sex knowledge before getting on the road. This is what you need to know about such erotic adventure and how can you transform it into a memorable getaway (in a good way)!

Couple on the road

Sex on the road: pros and cons

Sex on the road has for a couple both advantages and disadvantages, so you have to take them into account and decide if you’re willing to venture or not.


  • seasoning and diversification of erotic life are elements necessary for get rid off the monotony in a couple;
  • increase of sexual desire and adrenaline;
  • stimulating the imagination in terms of sex;
  • creation of a special connection with your partner and certainty he will always consider you a spontaneous and passionate woman ;
  • experimentation of new feelings;
  • increasing the circle of information in the erotica area.


  • chances to loose the privacy are big;
  • impossibility to try certain sexual positions;
  • the risk of Penis captivus experience (partner’s genitals remain stuck in the vagina because of the muscles that contract);
  • loosing the sexual desire if the environment is not appropriate;
  • the personal hygiene has to suffer;
  • there are greater chances of injury than in bedroom.

Places where you can make sex on the road

If your desire to have sex on the road has not lost its momentum, find yourself information about places where you can fulfill your fantasy.

Sex in the car: it is one of the most popular erotic methods practiced outside the bedroom. One way or another, the partners feel they do not lose all privacy so that they feel comfortable. Unfortunately, in this place can not be put in practice a large number of sexual positions, but this inconvenience should not affect you too much. You can try woman on top, oral sex, missionary, spoon, reinterpreted lotus and other derived from them. Did you know that there are people who can boast having sex on a motorcycle?

Sex in a car

Sex in the forest: in on the first place among outdoor escapades. Provides a certain privacy, but the comfort level is not too high. Eventually, you can not have everything. Even if you do not experience the orgasm, you will feel accomplished because you added in your list new erotic experiences. You can practice sex standing or come with blankets and try other positions. It is important to find a place where you can act freely, otherwise you will have to face some unpleasant moments.

Sex near the lake: it is one of the most romantic places to have sex. The privacy of the couple is not prominently, but the sensations will be interesting and explosive. You just have to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away. If in the above location the trees were couple witnesses, now you must come prepared with a blanket or put your clothes on the ground.

Sex in a mountain meadow: brings additional health benefits. The bad news is that you can’t enjoy this experience whenever you want, but only in warm periods of the year. You can start the afternoon with a car ride followed by a picnic on the grass, then finish the evening with a hot erotic game.

Sex during the road break: is liberating and increases your adrenaline as you never expected. If you need to stop on the way to buy something in a shop, go to the bathroom or eat at a restaurant, why not take the opportunity for a quickie time in one of those places?

The right moment for erotic games on the road

When is the right time for sex on the road? Not during the day! Exceptions are the resting places! To add a touch of romance or memorable landscape, do that at the sunrise or sunset. The darkness of the night is your best ally for such erotic experiences. Maybe you can not look in the eyes, but others can not do this either. However, if you want to do make sex on the road during the day, venture in less traveled places, far away from prying eyes.

Have you tried sex on the road? If yes, do you have some other advices for women who would like to try this erotic experience?

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