Real Stories: How to get rid of marriage boredom

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It’s not a secret that even the most passionate and delicate marriage relationship can be affected by moments when the love has to be refreshed – by adding new impressions, by falling in love again and by doing something special and unusual.

Eve, 36-year-old

“Our marriage has already 13 years and all this time, we had a lot of crisis – a tsunami of passion and also crisis moments, when all was leading to a divorce. In one of these crisis, I decided to take the initiative in my hands and try with all forces to save our union. I ask all my close friends to come on a night out and we started to analyze, what can we do so that the beloved looked at me with passionate eyes and sang again love songs. While drinking a glass of wine, we remembered again how I met my husband: those times he was a biker, wearing a leather jacket, so handsome and so brave. And I, the pure innocence, a flower girl. This is how we fell in love. So we decided: I took the bike of by best friend’s husband, wore the most airy and soft dress and I wanted to go to him to impress and remind him of those passed days. And now imagine: an adult woman, wearing a helmet and riding on a bike on the street, and on the corner, is crushing on one side. Husband in a deep shock, me in tears, hands and feet all in blood. Finally, we spent this evening in the emergency room and not made love, as I thought. My husband appreciated the efforts, but asked me to never repeat that again – a living wife is better than none. ”

How to get rid of marriage boredom

Mary, 26-year-old

“My story is very funny! I wanted to revive our passion … through role-playing games! Yes, I went to the store and bought a latex cat woman costume. I sincerely believed that this is the sexiest character. I put it on, then I sat down to wait for my husband to come back from work. But I did not notice that my phone sat down, and he sent me a message, which I obviously did not read. So I have waited for him several hours, I heard the sound of the door opening, I jumped out to meet him, but he came highly tipsy, and not alone – he has led his friends to visit. And imagine all those eyes looking at me. I even thought for a moment that they suddenly sobered up. It was very funny, but all my husband’s friends were stating that I am the best wife, about whom one can only dream.”

Pamela, 25-year-old

“We are living together with my husband only three years, of which half are legally married. The fact is that I have always had a clockwork character, and when I was overcome by boredom, I could rush off to another town and eve choose a new hobby. For example, a parachute jump. Well, not a girl, but a real gift. Here I decided to act different: to give our love a fresh breath of air, I decided to take a ticket to a sunny country. Do not think I wanted to leave the man I loved. I just wanted to see what he will do when I’m not around. He will get bored without me and will come to me. I was sleeping and seeing this joy of meeting after a separation. But my husband thought quite differently. And did not come. He did not even answer my calls. I started to panic  and I had to come back with a confession. Well, girls, don’t do that – now I was the one who wanted to see him and it took a few weeks for that, this is how much I hurt him. ”

Kristen, 30-year-old

“A year ago, I decided to get rid of marriage boredom, and eventually got rid of the marriage itself. Our relationship with my husband has long passed into the category of friends when one day we could  only say hello to one another, and then live our lives. At some point of this horror, I realized that we must take the situation into our own hands. One friend told me to call my husband to jealousy: “He will see you with another men, will become jealous and will act different!” That is what I did exactly. I agreed to have a coffee with a colleague who has long paid attention to me, but I ignored his attempts to buy me dessert. It turned out that this guy was even gorgeous – funny, caring and incredibly attractive for me. With every dates we had, we have not only dined together, but we could walk in the evening after work or go to the movie. When I realized that I don’t need the jealousy of my husband, I packed my things and now I am happy and divorced. We did not have a relationship with that men but he helped me realize that sometimes there is no need to save a marriage, especially when no one needs that. ”

Rebecca, 31-year-old

“We had a time when we were also ate by boredom. We lived in a simple Los Angeles apartment, trying from time to time to renovate it as we always dreamed of but never managed to do that – we always began to fight and argue. Of course, this had to end one day – we have to move on but were always afraid to make a step ahead. The decision came suddenly and at a very proper time – my husband’s relatives invited us to spend our vacation at their place. They were living very far, in the community, where it seems still exist the exchange in kind instead of material exchange. The first few days, we couldn’t understand how can people live this way, as we were used to the big city, were all is at hand. But after a week, we realized that this is the real heaven! Analyzing all “pros and cons”, we decided to leave LA and move to a similar small rural community. By the way, that was our first common decision, when we did not argue. After few months, we moved on and in order to not die of boredom, we engaged in farming. A common activity, real nature and honest people – what else could we need? This way we saved our relationship and even more – we became stronger.”

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