It was created the female condom, which guarantees orgasms

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Men and women from all round the world may now breathe easily – the pursuit of the female orgasm is officially discontinued. It was found the golden grail of sex. At least, if you believe in the effectiveness of the new female condom, which guarantees an orgasm during every sexual intercourse.

Over the next 12-18 months, on sale will appear condoms “VA w.o.w.”, which will protect not only from sexual infections and unwanted pregnancies, but also bring all thirty-three pleasure. All thanks to a miniature vibrator built in the heart-shaped base of the condom.

Female condom which guarantees orgasms

Preliminary studies have shown that after the first use of the new “device” to “finish” came 70 percent of women after the second – 84%, while after the third – 100%. Well, now it remains only to wait for the start of the sales!

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