8 Reasons Why Men Like Women Breasts

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They are soft and it is so pleasant to hold them in hands – many man exactly this way describe their sincere love for women and women breasts in particularly.

Women breasts can transform the most boring outfit into a very provocative one. Do you think your old sweater can’t make you look beautiful? Don’t even think about that, as men, most probably will not even remember the color of it!

Women breasts are multifunctional. For example, often men confuse women breast with pillow. Even scientists stated long time ago that breasts can be for men as a real anti-stress solution. This is why gift shops are full with toys having the form of women breasts.

Reasons why men like women breasts

They are a real hypnoses. You can’t be serious, even a woman can long time admire beautiful women breasts. Not speaking about men, for whom this is the real happiness! It is very interesting, how much time on average can a men look at women breasts without blinking?

They wonderfully fit in hands. There is no such notion as very big or very small breasts. If they are in men’s hands, that’s a real success! And be sure, they like them very much.

Breasts can change their form. In dependence in what position you are, standing or laying, jumping or running, all that dazzle men!

Men don’t have something like that. Yes, they do have breasts, some of them even have bigger than yours. But still, no men have such beautiful, seductive and supple breasts.

Another reason to hug more often. Do you know why men don’t really want to hug each other, but with a girl anytime? All is because of our beauties!

Simply because these are women breasts. Almost every men, when asked: “Why do you love so much women’s breasts”, will give a very simple answer: “Because!” There are no arguments anymore.

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