8 Reasons to Make Sex this Night

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If you really need a good reason to make sex this night, then we have found at least 8 arguments.

Sex is a really cool thing. Even if you will not have an orgasm this night, sex is a cool and useful thing in any case. For the majority of people, this is already a good argument to do that right now, immediately.

Sex will surely raise your mood. Did you have a tough day at work? Did you have a fight with your friend? We know one very easy and reliable way to change the situation: during sex, in women’s body actively are produces endorphins, who, by the way, are responsible for the good mood and good feeling.

Reasons to make sex this night

You are planning a vacation but are afraid of getting sick. Researches show that sex can really strengthen the immune system. So, if you are afraid of getting cold, just make sex. Of course sex can’t be as efficient as medicines, but surely a more interesting method of prophylaxis.

If today your boss behaved like a complete weirdo. We spend so much time at work, that all colleagues around sooner or later lead each of us in a frantic terror. And sex and orgasm in particular, can lower the blood pressure and reduce the stress.

You are not going to the gym but want to stay fit. Sex can be considered a great cardio or even a strength exercise, but only if you are the one who rules the process. Choose the most unconventional and difficult positions, you will check at the same time how much can you afford.

You just came out of the shower. And you’re already naked! Half task already accomplished, all you have to do is to just make sex. Then you can come back in shower together.

You want to sleep very much. Sex can take more time than the effect of a chamomile tea, but researches state that sex before sleep beneficially influences a deep and calm sleep.

This is the best method to become closer. During sex, the body produces the hormone oxytocin, a chemical that promotes affection. So if you just had a fight because of household stuffs, sex helps to reduce the conflict very quickly.

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