8 Facts You Didn’t Think About Breasts

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Who actually pays attention to breasts: men or women? Why girls often buy underwear of a bigger size and what type of breasts successful men prefer? We have found some interesting facts about breasts that may surprise you.

There is a myth, saying that a special attention to breasts is given only by men. But scientists have gladly dispelled this mistake, carrying an ingenuous research. It turned out that women are also looking with pleasure at their breasts, and sometimes give this part of the body even more attention than to the face.

Facts about breasts

All of us have repeatedly heard that women often buy their own underwear with a wrong size. But what was our surprise to see that the girls are doing that not often but very very often: according to statistics, 8 out of 10 women actually leave the store with the wrong size bra. What is this? Tribute to fashion, power of complexes, or the desire to have breasts of different size?

Breasts and nipples in particular are your guide to the wonderful world of orgasms. Yes, many women claim that their breasts are a “dead zone” for any sexual stimulation and the most ridiculous waste of time. But the reality is not quite so: under the influence (pleasant, of course) on the female breast, the body produces the hormone oxytocin, which in turn coordinates with the other members of preludes (uterus, for example) to achieve a bright orgasm.

Breasts are most susceptible to dry skin. The fact is that the skin of the breasts is thin and delicate, that is why the first signs of aging or of a wrong body care appear especially in those areas. Forewarned is forearmed. Now you will not neglect the body cream after a shower, right?

Six per cent of people in the world have a third nipple. Can you imagine? Maybe the jokes over Chandler and his particularities in the TV series “Friends” is not a joke, but a personal pain of one of the writers?

Fact of the day: every day the world produces more than 4 million bras. Incredible but true. Especially considering the fact that on average, a woman has in her arsenal not more than 15 bra designs. And they are not updated every day.

Scientists have identified a new interesting observation: men who prefer women with large breasts, in life suffer from the complex of inferiority and achieve less success in their careers. Apparently, guys associate large breasts with large amounts that they will never see. But we certainly think that even this new rule has its pleasant exceptions..

Did you know that breasts weight can reach about 20 pounds? We wondered if the manufacturers of underwear often position their products as being supportive, then how a piece of fabric can hold 20 pounds, maintaining at the same time its shape? A real mysticism.

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