7 reasons that make sex better after marriage

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Indeed, sex with the beloved is the most wonderful act of love. We have thought about why sex can be better after marriage. The answers are below.

You can do it whenever and wherever you want. One distinctive feature of marriage life is the access to the male body 24 hours/7 days a week (of course if your partner is not a sailor). When you’re in a marriage, sex is like a diner always available on the corner of the street— open whenever you want and it comes in handy when you need it the most.

Morning sex – not a fairy tale anymore. Yes, that’s right, a fast sex as a start of a new productive day, why not? You can pull it in the bed right after he’s been waken up and we hope has been prepared a perfect breakfast, or you can get a portion of happiness in the shower, for example.

Reasons that make sex better after marriage

He knows how to give you a unforgettable orgasm. Once you’ve tried a lot of the most of what you wanted, and know each other in the most intimate details, giving your partner something pleasant becomes so easy. He knows where to pat and where to kiss – your orgasm is almost there!

Sometimes you can relax a little. Yes, we, girls, understand what means to “relax.” This allows us not to be so perfect and smooth in the most intimate places constantly. He knows you all – happy, sad, drunk, angry … and unshaven. Well, you can’t go against nature, though it is still not worth to be perverted in this respect.

You can disprove the myth of marital sex. More precisely, the lack of sex in a marriage. Yes, you have been married for more than a decade, but you can still make a really hot night!

After sex you can do whatever you want. At the beginning of a romantic relationship would be desirable, of course, to soak up in the arms of your husband, but after years you can not just lie down and enjoy in silence the orgasm after each sex! Yes, he can answer the message of a colleague, and you – can turn to the other side and just fall asleep. This does not seems silly or rude anymore.

In order to get it, just ask for it. You no longer have to invent all kinds of tricks when you’re willing to have sex, but the rules of decency in the head insist on “five dates before sex.” You can just send him a hot message: “Come home soon! The sooner you come, the hotter your dinner will be.” Everything is clear, isn’t it?

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