5 facts you may not know about the clitoris

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We all think we know everything there is to know about the clitoris. It is wonderful and by stimulating it, the orgasm can be achieved. What else? The answer: a lot of things!

The clitoris – is not only the small part at the top of the vulva. Even if it looks like a small button which ends in the same place where it starts. The clitoris actually extends deep into the body, until the beginning of the vagina, and also has internal structures, similar to a transverse lever. Who knew?

The stimulation of the clitoris may not always bring pleasure. Not all the girls feel pleasure when a man (or she) is stimulating the “magic button.” Everyone knows that the clitoris is one of the possible ways to orgasm, but it is not so simple. Sometimes this process can cause irritation and even pain! Well, it’s not magic, to push at any time of day or night on the clitoris, and it’ll open the door to the magical world of sex. In order to happen something “there”, you must be properly excited!

Facts about clitoris

The clitoris can vary in size. One girl’s clitoris resembles a tiny pea, while others – a large grape. The size may indeed change, and it should be understood that every size, from small to large – is perfectly normal. Of course, if you do not feel pain. In this case, you need to see a doctor!

The size of the clitoris does not mean the degree of sensitivity. Just because you have a large (as you think) clitoris, it is impossible to think that you are more or less sensitive to stimulation. It simply means that your clitoris is big, but there is no relationship between size and feeling.

The clitoris also has a temperament. Yes, your clitoris can also choose what it likes. More precisely, what you like. But we are not talking about this. When you get an orgasm during stimulation of the clitoris in one method, it does not mean that you can do that again. For example, in oral sex: at first, you like when a man “works” there slowly and gently, but six months later you will want to have a rhythmic movement. By the way, this is a big mistake many men do: when they make a woman feel the orgasm, some sincerely believe that working in the same mode will bring the orgasm to any other woman. Each clitoris is different, as a snowflake.

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