10 signs you’re living with a good man


You can have short term and stormy relationship with anyone, it’s not necessary to find an absolute angel for that. In fact, it is even more interesting to have a short romantic relationship – it certainly will imply intrigue and a dramatic outcome. But you still want to spend your life next to a good man. The question is how to find out if he’s good or if he’s just pretending being so? Or maybe you’re so in love that you ignore all his imperfections and make the most of him? No problem – here are 10 signs that prove he’s really a good men. A really good one.

Signs you are living with a good man

He loves his work

And he devotes more time to it than to you. He comes from work and does not creep up,  in the morning, he goes back to work and does not pull himself by the scruff. And it means that if he looses his job, then he will not turn into a big boy, who was five years lying on the couch waiting for a decent offer. And you will not have to babysit and sustain him.

He’s not hiding anything from you

You know how much he earns, why he needs a second phone and why he never eats baloney. You often go to his parents’ house and often takes his friends into your home. You even know what was the name of the janitor, who in ’85 pinned your sweetheart ears for a broken window with the ball.

He’s kind

Anyone can be sweet with little children, cute old ladies and puppies with sad eyes and this is not a sign of kindness at all. But to worthy behave in a conflict situation, to not humiliate people, even if they’re asking for that and to not look down upon those who have achieved less – this is not something can do. But can he? Perfectly!

He does not break your borders

Even for the simple reason that he is a man. He did not see any reason to try and break the subjugation of another person, and even more the beloved woman.

He’s appreciating his family

Mother’s call does not cause him headaches and he does not roll his eyes when you ask to meet your sister at night at the airport. If he hears the phrase “Grandma got sick!”, the first thing he asks is what medication does she need and whether the granny needs a nurse. And only after that he clarifies whose grandmother exactly. Your or his?

He shares with you domestic duties

You do not need to get the vacuum cleaner by yourself, turn it on and leave it in the middle of the room where it would stand for three more days. Your men divides the household duties not mannishly, but fair play. Shelves have to be nailed every five years, but the dishes have to be washed every day – and he understands that. He understands and washes them. And vacuum cleaner. By himself.

He looks after himself

An average man has two states: everything is fine and he is as healthy as a breeding bull, or he’s dying. The mortal agony starts at 37.2 fever and a light cold, which, of course, is ridiculous. This instead is not ridiculous at all: a man will not visit a doctor until he starts to die for real. But your boyfriend is not afraid of people in white coats, and therefore hes does not think only of himself, but also of you: if you are together, his health is your common problem. If anything happens, you’re both involved.

He’s capable of anything

Carry in house an elephant, cope with a policemen and with one left hand replace the broken sink – are of course real men tasks. But what about running to the drugstore for tampons, give you chamomile tea if you are sick, bathe your obstinate cat and change the diaper of your newborn nephew? If this is not a heroic feat for him then you have a significant reason to be proud of him.

He’s supporting you

He’s not telling you the well known phrase “As you wish, darling”, when you are trying to discuss with him the perspectives of a new job. He’s listening you carefully, when you are telling him you argued with your mother. He’s accompanying you to the dentistry, because dentists are your nightmares. He’s speaking with you, not only about how your day was, but also about your future plans, about what you feel and that those people must be crazy for paying such huge amounts for some beige pumps.

You feel good and calm with him

You do not feel that you should conform to some mysterious requirements that no one has sounded, but the implementation is clearly welcome. You’re not nervous, if you do not look well, if you do something wrong, if you say or do something wrong. You even have forgotten how is to be nervous on such trifles. Because he loves and accepts you for who you are.

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