New Year’s Eve Party Dresses 2018

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Each woman carefully chooses the New Year’s outfit with great care because everything has to look perfect: starting with clothes and ending with makeup and manicure. Most often, fashionistas choose for New Year’s Eve evening dresses that make them look very feminine and attractive and that can make this holiday memorable. We just have to choose the right design, which will not only be in fashion, but will also respect the traditions to meet this year. So, let’s see what to wear on New Year’s Eve 2018 in the opinion of many world-renowned designers and stylists.

New years eve outfits 2018

Mullet Dresses

The mullet design continues to occupy one of the leading positions in the fashion for the year of 2018. They have a very unusual cut: the front of the dress is much shorter than the back. These features will make you look slimmer, more feminine and even graceful. Owners of toned legs will consider this feature just right. The dress can be made of lightweight, loose or dense fabrics, that will help keep their shape well. The color palette can be very varied: you can choose black or blue, or scarlet-red, which will surely please the symbol of this year, the rooster. Wear a pair of footwear with high heels or platforms and leave the flat soles for the warm season.

Holiday Dresses 2018 mullet


Womens train dress for New Years Eve

Red Dresses

The red color will definitely become a favorite of New Year’s Eve holidays. This bright shade does not require additional jewelry or accessories. You can choose any style: from short cocktail and chic dresses to feminine dresses to the floor, with an impressive slit. If you’re afraid you will not be the only one who’s wearing a red dress at the party, then we recommend you to choose shades close to red, for example, burgundy, coral, purple. In addition, you must not forget that the shade of the outfit must match your skin tone.

Holiday dresses designs 2018 red

short red

Red gowns for New Year

Feathered Dresses for the Year of the Rooster

The use of fur in outfits for New Year 2018 is unacceptable, but a great option can be the feathers. You can choose dresses decorated with feathers creating the impression you are wearing a boa on your shoulders, an outfits with feather in the hem or a dress entirely covered with feathers. Anyway, your outfit will be very festive and expressive, and most importantly, it will surely be pleasing the Red Fire Rooster 2018.

Feathered dresses for New Years’ Eve celebration party


elegant with feathers

Dresses with Slits

In the cold season of the year 2018 dresses with slits are again very actual. Its height can be the most different, sometimes very spicy – the choice will depend on how bold you are. Such outfit will make you look like a real star. A stunning evening dress with a slit in front and one on the sides look very expensive and sexy. Such dress is appropriate for a New Year’s Eve dinner for two, where you can look unrepeatable beautiful.

Cocktail dress with slits


Best evening dresses for New Year’s Eve

Mini Dresses

A successful New Year outfit is not necessarily a luxury maxi dress, which limits your movement and that certainly will not appeal to those active, who like to celebrate until morning. Owners of slender legs can opt for mini dresses for the New Year evening. In such attire you’ll feel better in an atmosphere of home, and at a noisy disco. This season dresses with bare shoulders and simpler designs with sleeves are what you need. Short pencil dresses will wonderfully accentuate the shaped body and long legs of its owner. However, the mini dress for New Year’s Eve is the garment that will shine thousands of times more than the fireworks.

Short dresses for New Year celebration party

Fashion Dresses for winter holidays



Maxi Dresses

A long dress with several layers can make any lady feel a real princess. Patterns with bodice and fluffy skirt will emphasize the wasp waist and you will certainly not remain unnoticed on the New Year’s party. Complete the look with a tiara and a right hairstyle and you will be queen of the evening. Certainly, we must not forget that such dresses are suitable only for most festive events. Such design is not the right decision if you plan to celebrate the New Year at home or in a nightclub.

Maxi Dresses for New Year's eve 2018


Holiday party evening dresses 2018

Velvet Dresses

If you dream to really look like a queen at New Year’s Eve party, then you can opt for a beautiful velvet dress. This will highlight your refined taste and the social status that you have. Long and short velvet dresses are ideal for New Year’s. This season, designers propose us velvet dresses with lace sleeves, decorated with flower designs and laconic and sober designs.

Velvet Dresses for New Year 2018

black velvet


Dresses with sequins and rhinestones

Luxurious dresses made of bright fabrics or designs decorated with many sequins are wonderful for the creation of a spectacular outfit. There is an opinion that sequins look cheap and are suitable for ladies with a bad behavior. But the dresses from the collections of renowned designers convince us to the contrary: these dresses are distinguished by luxury, beauty and unusual texture and the glossy effect dictates the minimum use of simple designs and decor elements.

Sparkling dresses for New Year 2018


What dresses to wear in the New Year’s Eve





The lace dress will help you become a true queen on New Year’s Eve. The peculiarity of this fabric is that the more simple the chosen design is, the greater emphasis is put on lace trim. You can also choose bolder options, such as a dress made of bright lace or embroidery made of bright yarn.

Colored Dresses

A dress with purple and variegated Print can be also a perfect choice for 2018 New Year’s Eve. The rooster, the symbol of the year, who loves everything that is colorful and expressive, will appreciate your choice. Opt for fresh floral prints or original color animals. Wearing such a dress you will definitely be the most attractive and exciting.

Printed dresses 2018 New Year Holiday


The year of the rooster 2018 is full of color and originality, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to wear a beautiful and stylish dress. Choose from the many designs and you will certainly not fail!

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